A Mingling Fantasy

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The day had been long and exhausting, yet when I sat down at the computer I found myself drawn to the website where I knew you’d be. Your name appeared on the screen; I clicked it and immediately the message appeared as did another link to another picture.

I was greeted with the delectable sight of your long cock, extended fully for my viewing pleasure. Your balls hung as if they were waiting for my fingers to brush across them. The velvet sack, beckoned my lips and tongue, willing them to explore.

I bit down on my lower lip, gnawed on it gently, while imaging lowering myself to my knees and beginning a slow journey across the soft flesh. My mouth watered and my pulse raced. I remembered the other links you’d shared with me.

Instantly the one with your hand on her breast popped into my mind. I wondered what it would have been like to be her. The other photo of your cock, it too was something that had sat on the edges of my subconscious and made my thoughts take me down a dirty path.

The photos and my desire, forced me to abandon the notion of ever getting anything done — well besides myself, that is. I downloaded the images, printed them out, and opened a file that contained one of the stories you’d sent me to edit. Once that was printed, I shut the computer down and headed to my bedroom.

The house was silent and I was alone, yet I always feel self-conscious about fucking myself. It’s a challenge to keep the lights on, the door open, the curtains spread wide – allowing anyone passing by the opportunity to see me playing. But today, I did.

I felt wicked and dirty. I had taken your pictures, printed them out, and now you were lying on my bed with me. Your cock was; your balls were. Even your words were spread across my covers, much like I was about to be.

Slowly I peeled off my sweater dress and gave you an opportunity to drink in what you desired. My nails skirted along the hem of the material and as it rose up you saw my creamy thighs, and the promising curve of my ass.

Wickedly I grinned. I turned so you could see me lift the dress over my ass and hips. You gazed upon the round cheeks of my ass, smiling at the knowledge you wouldn’t have to waste time removing my panties. I’d gone all day without wearing any.

Would you be surprised to learn that the reason I had gone without panties that day was because of you. Before I left the house, I told myself I was going to touch my cunt whenever I isveçbahis thought of you.

I thought of you a lot.

By the time I was done running errands my panties were soaked. I took them off once I got back into the car and slowly fucked myself. I came hard, but not hard enough. That’s why I was in my bedroom slowly peeling away the layers for my naughty fantasy.

I saw you were still there playing at the edge of my mind. I lifted the sweater dress higher, exposing my rib cage and my back. You could see the promising swell of my breasts as I turned and glanced back. I smiled and pulled the dress completely off, allowing my red hair to become mussed by the discarded clothing.

The soft whisper of approval coming from your lips made me turn, and face you. You watched me glide my hands down my sides, and across my belly. One hand moved upward, cupping my right breast, the other slid down to tease the soft-trimmed curls of my sex. I dipped one finger into the apex of my outer labia and hooked the soft flesh. I pushed deeper, forcing the hood of my pussy to reveal the hardened nub of my clit.

As I toyed with the hard jewel, my other hand slowly began to massage my nipple. You watched as my palm danced across the ridged aureole and brought the pink pearl to a taut point. I flicked the tiny button, and whimpered when the sensation skated through the round globe of my tit.

I could have continued taunting myself, but I knew this wasn’t what you’d come for. You wanted to watch me, to see me getting off on you — your words, your images, and your persona. My breath quickened as I crossed the room and opened the top drawer of my dresser.

Lying under the neatly folded articles of lingerie, I pulled out my favorite toys. The beating of my heart increased by leaps and bounds as I placed them on the table by my bed: the vibrator, the bullet, the anal wand, and lastly the warming lubricant that would ease one of my toys into my tight puckered hole.

I crawled on the bed, my ass faced the chair. I sat on my legs, covered the purple wand with the goo and pushed it into the deep recesses of my channel. A low grunt of desire spilled past my lips. I moaned and turned the wand’s handle. A light vibration began to rub against the overly sensitized flesh.

You watched me roll over and lie on my back. I picked up one of the pictures, saw your hand and imagined my tit in place of the one in the photo. You teased my nipple, isveçbahis giriş pulling and lifting the soft skin, until I was begging you to suck it. The sound of your laughter tickled my ears, and I smiled warmly.

My nails dragged up to both of my tits; each one was twisted and tugged. The darkened flesh ached to be suckled and bitten. I angled my head and slowly began to sup on the right bead. I pulled it between my lips, and flicked the soft point with my tongue. My hips rose in compliance to the need building in my belly. If I concentrated hard enough I could feel your mouth and your tongue bathing the twin I had left unattended.

Eventually the lust became too much and I needed more. My hands abandoned the freckled globes of my chest. I grabbed the bullet and pushed it against my clit. The photo of your cock was in my hand. My eyes locked on the swollen head, and the extended shaft. I whimpered, opened my mouth and imagined your dick sliding over my tongue and slapping against my cheeks.

The bullet drummed a steady rhythm of sin across my clit. Beads of moisture slipped along the edge of my vaginal opening. The inner labia, slick and wet, gave a path for the nectar to follow. It pooled along the sides of my pussy and snaked down to settle against the toy in my ass. I hissed as I felt your cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

Your hands held my head. I felt the pull of your fingers as they tangled in my red curls. I moaned in pleasure and begged you to fuck me. You chuckled, promised you would, but I had to learn your cock, to memorize the taste, texture, and feel of it with my lips and tongue. There was no hesitation; I hurriedly moved to please you.

As I snaked my tongue across the head of your cock, and teased the slit, a bead of moisture painted my lips. I grinned and tasted them — tasted you. The toy on my clit was wedged tight, held in place by the suction of my soaked sex.

Its tormenting song continued to roll through me, mingling with the drumming of the anal wand. I reached for the vibrator as my tongue moved down your cock, around the base and back up again.

I followed each vein, lapped at your flesh and lifted one testicle with my tongue. I bathed it, tasting your skin, and breathing in your scent. The faux dick was shoved into my pussy, and the speed was set into motion. I felt the plastic beads roll over my walls, caressing and biting at the flesh.

Your hands pushed my head against isveçbahis yeni giriş your balls. I grinned, slowly dragged my tongue back across and began to play with them, learning the feel of them against the flat of my wet muscle. In time you urged me to familiarize myself with your shaft. Every side of your dick was welcomed and embraced by the lapping of my tongue across your swollen flesh.

I reached the top, angled my head, and lowered myself onto the spongy tip of your penis. I hummed in pleasure at finally having your cock in my mouth. A flutter in my stomach, pitched downward, and spread across my sex. I continued guiding your long, thick, tool across my tongue.

At the same time that the vibrator sank deeper and deeper into my pussy, your cock slid further down my throat.

My lips formed a tight seal around the base of your shaft. I allowed you to rest in the warmth of my throat and to feel my tongue gently massage the skin that sat on the firm, teasing muscle. My pussy tightened around the faux dick in my cunt. I squeezed it and held tight while dragging it from my vaginal cavity.

You pulled my head back pulling your cock from my throat. Without thought or hesitation you pushed it back in, harder and faster than before. Over and over you used my mouth and the force in which you took me, made me groan and gasp in pleasure.

The toy was like a piston, pumping in and out, making me thrash and want nothing more than to crawl out of my skin. I felt the promising wave of my climax threaten to consume me. I wanted to wait. I needed to suck your cock, to feel your hot milk coat my throat and warm my belly.

Faster and faster you fucked me, mindful of nothing more than the need to use the orifice offered to you.

I felt my release erupt and cascade over the vibrator; your cum showered my throat and bubbled over my tongue and your shaft. Vigorously I swallowed, fighting for the right to keep you anchored to me. The violent shot of a second climax exploded from both of us.

Hungrily I lapped at you, as you pulled your dick from the tight confines of my throat. A gasp of longing echoed around your member as you allowed your dick to rest against my lips. I kissed the slick flesh and slowly washed the evidence of your release.

My hands moved to ease the various toys from my most sensitive regions. When I was able, I looked back at you. You were grinning, your cock dripped juice. I crawled over, opened my mouth and waited for your cum to drop onto my hungry tongue. Though it was only my imagination that placed you in the room, I could almost feel that last drop splash against my taste-buds.

I knew that this was only the beginning…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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