A Love Unleashed

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“This is written in British English. British word forms and spellings used throughout. If this bothers you please do not read.

My second submission. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback on the story always welcome.

This deals with mother/son incest, if this isn’t your thing, then please do not read.”


The Story

I walked into my son’s bedroom to collect his dirty washing. Jake’s room was an absolute mess. You would have thought that a 22 year old could at least keep his own room clean and tidy, but no. Jake was one of the most untidy young men I had known.

Looking around the room I started picking up clothes. I assumed that all discarded clothes were dirty and took them to put them in the wash. As I got back to the bedroom door I took a final look around and noticed a pair of Jake’s boxers on the floor half under the top of his bed. As I bent to pick them up I noticed the corner of a piece of paper sticking out from underneath the mattress, and wondered whether this was part of Jake’s ‘stash’.

Now divorced for more than 10 years and aged 45 I wasn’t a prude and although I wasn’t averse to a little pornography from time to time and, on the rare occasions these days, sex my instinct was to leave things be. But this little bit of paper was calling to me and after a short debate in my own head my curiosity got the better of me. So dropping the clothes I lifted the mattress and pulled out five pieces of printed A4 paper.

Expecting to find either a magazine, or pages from one, I was surprised to find what appeared to be a simple printed document, which Jake must have printed from our computer.

The pages were numbered, but out of order, so sorting them I finally read the title at the top of the first page. As I read ‘Debs and Jake get it together’ I sank onto the mattress and continued to read on.

The first few paragraphs described me and Jake and our lives together. It described my work, hobbies and pastimes and then described me:


Mum, Deborah, is 45 years old with shoulder length wavy dark brown hair, her deep green eyes were piercing at times, especially when she was excited or annoyed. She is 5’8″ tall and although not slim, she was by no means fat. She could best be described as curvy. Her breasts are only slightly larger than average, at a guess a 36D, with her waist perhaps 26″, and her hips a curvy 38″. Her legs are long and retain their tone due to Mum’s continuing love of tennis, and golf, giving her an overall athletic shape.

Mum’s rear is to die for. It’s best shown off in a pair of tight fitting jeans….


At this point I stopped reading; put my hand to my mouth in complete and utter shock and just whispered, “Oh my god,” to myself. Suddenly giggling and walking over to the wall mirror I tried to look at my rear. I was wearing jeans.

I looked at my watch and realised Jake would be home in about half an hour so I took the pieces of paper to the study and copied them on our printer/copier. I thought that I’d better read this later and avoid any awkward moments with Jake tonight.

Going back to Jake’s bedroom I put the pages back underneath the mattress, grabbed all the washing then with a quick detour to put the copies in the drawer of my bedside table I went downstairs and tried to carry on with the washing and cleaning as if nothing had happened.

I busied myself getting the clothes into the washing machine and got it turned on. After about 15 minutes I was finished. I made myself a coffee and sat at the breakfast bar pondering what Jake’s story might behold. Did my son really find me sexually attractive? Was it just a harmless fantasy, that Jake happened to put onto paper, or did he really wish to commit incest with me, if the opportunity arose?

Contemplating how tall Jake was and his athletic build I thought about how we often played tennis together. I suddenly found myself thinking about him in a tennis shirt and shorts, considering his strong arms and muscular legs, and his wonderfully tight rear. I also contemplated how big his cock was and tried to picture him standing in front of me stark naked sporting a strong erection. I was thinking how attractive he was and what it would be like to have him fill my mostly vacant cunt with his long stiff cock.

Returning to reality I heard the front door go and I was surprised to realise that I was a little aroused at the thought of having sex with my son. I quickly tried to restore my normal controlled and motherly appearance as Jake walked into the kitchen.

“Hi Mum,” he said as he walked towards me, and putting his arm around my shoulder he gave me a peck on the cheek.

My throat suddenly went dry, but after clearing it I quietly replied, “Hello Love. How’s your day been?”

“Not too bad. It was good and busy at the garage today and I managed two sales, so I should be getting a good bonus this month. How’s your day been?”

“I went shopping this morning, and did a bit of a clean halkalı escort up this afternoon.”

“Did you buy anything nice?” Jake asked.

“Only a few bits and pieces for me, you know ladies things.” Putting on a stern look I continued, “What’s going on in your room, young man? It’s an absolute mess.”

“Sorry Mum, I’ll tidy it up on the weekend.”

“No you won’t,” I said firmly. “You’re going to clean it this evening. I’ll help you if you want, but I’ll only help and not do it for you. You’re old enough to know better.”

Jake looked downcast and replied, “Aw Mum, I was going to go out tonight.”

“Well you’re not going out until your room is in a state where I could bring a visitor to it without being embarrassed. I shouldn’t need to go around your room picking up your dirty clothes. You know where the laundry basket is, so please use it.

“You’ve got books, papers and magazines all over the place, why can’t you keep them tidy and in order on your shelves and in your bookcase? You’ve also got CDs all over the place. I’m amazed I didn’t stand on one and break a case or something.”

Jake blushed and avoided my stare, “I’m sorry Mum, I do try, but I just get side-tracked.”

“Well tonight, mister, you’re going to be side-tracked into missing a night out with your mates and I want you to tidy your room please. I want you to also vacuum the carpet and dust all the furniture. You’re 22 and old enough to be able to do this without being asked. If you get it tidied and cleaned to my satisfaction you can go out later, but only if I’m happy with the state of your room.”

Jake realised he was unlikely to persuade Mum out of this one, so he decided that he could hopefully get his room tidied before 8:00pm, and still be able to meet up with his mates before they moved on from the pub. So off he went, grabbing dusters, polish and vacuum cleaner on the way to his room.

Jake must have really wanted to go out this evening and therefore managed to get his room tidied, cleaned and dusted in just under an hour and a half. He eventually came downstairs just before 8:00pm, not only having cleaned his room, but also having showered, changed and cleaned himself.

I was in the lounge with a glass of wine, watching the TV when Jake came in.

“Hi Mum, I’ve finished cleaning my room and I’m off out.”

Jumping up quickly I said, “Not so fast young man. Let me see what kind of job you’ve done.”

“C’mon Mum, it’s spotless.”

Walking past Jake I grabbed his hand and tugging him behind me I climbed the stairs and opened his bedroom door. First impressions were that it was a good thorough job. Then I thought, I’ll catch him out, and opened the wardrobe. I expected to see piles of rubbish just picked up and dumped there; but no.

Then I looked into a couple of his drawers, all neat and tidy, then finally into his cupboard and again not only no rubbish crammed in from the rest of the room, but it also looked like the normal cupboard contents had been sorted and tidily stacked. His CDs and DVDs were in the racks and looking at the surface of the furniture and shelves they appeared to be cleaned and polished.

I finally walked over to the bed, where I found the printed document and even here the bed was made and no sign of paper sticking out from the mattress.

“Well, is it tidy enough?” Jake asked with a broad grin on his face.

“I’m amazed. Thank you, Sweetie. I just wish you would do this regularly so I don’t have to look at your mess every time I come in here.”

“I’ll try to give my room a good clean once a week,” Jake pledged.

“Ok and thank you for tidying up. I just wish I didn’t have to nag you all the time to do this.”

“It’s not your fault, Mum. I’ll try to keep my room clean from now on.”

Changing the subject I then asked, “Where are you off to tonight, looking so smart?”

“Dan suggested we go to Dino’s Wine Bar and Disco, down town. He said the women were more sophisticated. James just said the place would be full of MILFs.”

I laughed and walked over to him and gave him a quick peck on the cheek, which he returned. As he turned to leave I patted his rear and said, “Catch a lively one.”

“Thanks Mum, don’t wait up,” he shouted as he descended the stairs.

I couldn’t help myself, but I walked back over to Jake’s bed and lifted the mattress. Nothing; he really has tidied up, I thought to myself.

I went back downstairs and got some more wine and watched the TV. I’m glad I didn’t accept the offer of going out with my office mates, Jean and Rosie. Thinking about them I suddenly remembered that they had mentioned about going to Dino’s. I just giggled. What would happen if one of them ended up with Jake or one of his mates? Jean and Rosie are both unattached, and then I thought, what if I’d ended up with a horny 20 year-old?

This turned my thoughts back to Jake’s story taksim escort so I grabbed the opened bottle of wine from the kitchen and decided to go to bed for a read.

I changed and got into my pyjamas, they were light blue and loose fitting. I settled down on the bed with a little background music, then finally reached for the drawer and on opening it retrieved the five pages.

Scanning down page one I started reading again:


…highlighting it’s pear shape and when she bends over, all I can do is picture her rear naked with her pussy on display framed by the tops of her gorgeous legs and her firm buttocks.

Today was a warm summer’s day and I was in the garden by the pool, just sunning myself and catching up on the weekend’s sport in the Sunday papers. I was only wearing swimming trunks. It was mid afternoon when Mum came back from shopping and she greeted me and asked if I minded if she joined me. I said that was fine. She went to get changed and when she returned she was in a very skimpy two-piece swimsuit. I was stunned as Mum approached with her swimsuit leaving very little to the imagination.

My jaw must have been on the floor, as Mum said that I must like her new swimsuit. She said she wanted to make an impression and my reaction was just the impression she wanted to make.

I told her she looked gorgeous and she asked me if I’d like her to do a twirl. All I could do was nod like a little kid, about to be given the sweet jar.

After the twirl, Mum came and sat on the lounger opposite me but she sat with her legs either side of the base, forcing her legs wide open. After a couple of minutes looking at Mum’s tits then her crotch the inevitable happened and Mum noticed.

She got up and walked over to me, and then kneeling next to my lounger, she leaned into my ear and after a quick peck on the cheek she whispered in my ear. She asked me if this was for her, then I jumped as I felt her fingers grasp my now raging hard on. I gasped again as I felt her fingers start to run up and down my eight inch shaft.


I was horny. I could feel the little fluttering sensations around my pussy and I was wet. I couldn’t believe how aroused I was, particularly thinking about Jake and his eight inch cock. Was it really eight inches, or was that an exaggeration? Why the hell am I being turned on by my own son?

I continued reading:


Suddenly Mum kissed me. Her mouth was open, and as I opened mine it was immediately invaded by her tongue. We kissed hotly as I also felt her hand very gently pump my cock through my trunks.

Mum pulled away and held her hand out for me to take and follow her. I got up and she led me back into the house. Once inside she closed the door and then with me pinned to the wall she pushed the full length of her body up against mine. My hard cock was squashed up against her stomach and we kissed hotly again.

She pulled away from me slightly and placed my left hand on her right tit and held it there. I began to squeeze her tit and ran my fingers across her nipple. Mum groaned and before I knew what was going on her bikini top was hitting the floor with me now holding her bare tit and pinching her now bare and erect nipple. The next thing that happened was that Mum took my right hand and guided it between her legs. Again with her hand on top of mine she got me rubbing her pussy through her bikini bottoms. She was very wet and began pushing her pussy back into my hand.

Having already released my left hand I suddenly felt her fingers push into the waist of my trunks and collide with the head of my cock. My cock was oozing pre-cum by this time and I was seriously aroused. Her fingers spread my juice over the head of my cock and she kept running her fingers around my cock head. This was too much and with Mum doing this I knew I would shoot my load soon. I told Mum I would cum soon and without hesitation she knelt in front of me, pulled my trunks down, freeing my cock and then sucked it into her mouth.


By now I was really turned on and the thought of having my son rubbing my tits and pussy was a real turn on. However I only now realised that I had my hand inside my pyjama bottoms and I had been masturbating for the last few minutes.

Going back to the story again:


Mum’s head began bobbing up and down on my cock. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock and because of the situation and being highly aroused myself, I was going to cum any minute.

I gasped to Mum that I was about to cum and she seemed to eagerly increase her sucking and swirling then the pressure seemed to be overpowering as I began to pump my cum into Mum’s mouth. Mum swallowed and swallowed making sure that she didn’t miss a drop.


I now had two fingers inside my pussy and was frigging myself off. The tingling started and began to increase and increase as I continued to think about Jake’s şişli escort cock pumping in and out of my cunt, then all of a sudden my muscles tensed up and along with a trembling around my cunt the tingling went down to my toes then it was almost like an explosion of heat that started at my cunt and just spread out to all parts of my body.

I was breathless as the tingling continued but slowly subsided. I slowly calmed down with the beautiful warm afterglow of a fairly intense orgasm. I couldn’t believe that the thought of having sex with Jake was such a turn on.

I read the rest of the story which had Jake eventually fucking me and pumping his cum into my cunt. Although I didn’t masturbate any more it was still arousing to think that my son had written this and could possibly want to fuck me. What a completely delicious thought.

I couldn’t stop wondering whether he had a cock that was a full eight inches long. If he did I’d love to see it and would love to have it stretching my severely under-used vagina and spraying his jizz all over my cervix, and even into my womb.

I thought about the implications of wanting to fuck my son, and actually doing so and considered for a while whether the risks and the emotional implications could be justified. Eventually it seemed to me that I needed a cock in my life, and my cunt, and it seemed my son wanted to use his on me. I decided I would think of a way to get a look at Jake’s cock and check out whether this story has an element of artistic licence, or not.

I finished the wine and decided I would get a good night’s sleep and would set about satisfying my curiosity tomorrow.

The Tease

It was Saturday morning and the weather was fine, the sun was out and I felt so lusciously naughty. I decided I would start the tease today. It was 8:45am and as usual on a Saturday I needed to get most of the housework and grocery shopping done so that I can hopefully enjoy most of Sunday, at least.

I had showered and was back in my bedroom looking into my wardrobes and drawers to find something suitably naughty for today. After a bit of a search I found an old pair of cut-off jeans and a tight stretchy yellow top. I decided, I’d better wear panties, as the cut-offs were cut very high and I didn’t want to show off my treasure box too soon. So with an appropriately lacy bra, almost thong-like panties, the top, cut-offs and bottomed off with a pair of heeled shoes I was ready to play.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought to myself, “If my son doesn’t get a hard on looking at this baby, he should become a monk.” The cut-offs were tight and accentuated my pear-shaped rear. I tried a few poses using my hand mirror to look into my full length mirror and even I thought it was hot. To be honest I’d never thought it was that good until today, but my son is ight.

Now fully dressed, I thought about what I would do today, but first breakfast. I went downstairs into the kitchen, opened the blinds and put some water on for a coffee. I went into the lounge to find Jake’s shoes in front of the sofa, meaning he got home from last night’s adventures. I wondered if he got off with a MILF. I wondered if he did, was she like me? Did he look for a substitute for his incestuous desires? Just contemplating this caused my nipples to harden slightly and my pussy to heat up. It was only mild but just thinking about him was turning me on. I decided to concentrate on the housework and opened the curtains in the lounge and went back to the kitchen. After a coffee and some toast I set about cleaning the house. I popped upstairs to the main bathroom to get the rest of the dirty washing from the laundry basket. On opening the basket there was a pair of my panties on top. I couldn’t remember when I last wore these so was puzzled by their presence on the top of the pile.

I picked them up and immediately noticed that the crotch was damp. I raised them to my nose and caught the unmistakable aroma of semen. “The dirty bastard,” I thought with a smile, “he’s even bold enough to masturbate into my panties.” At this thought I got horny. I ran my finger over the semi dry patch of material and then brought it to my lips. Sucking my finger I got a hint of the slightly salty tasted of his semen. That had made my mind up. I was going to fuck my son before the weekend was out. Eight inch cock or not, I needed to feel his cock in my cunt. In response my cunt got seriously hot and I could feel the dampness start as it began to prepare for the incestuous invasion I craved.

I turned my mind back to the housework and concentrated on getting everything finished, which I had mostly achieved by about 11:30. With only one more load of washing to finish and just the food shopping to do I decided to have an early lunch. I made a quick chicken salad, a coffee and was sat at the breakfast bar eating when I heard Jake’s bedroom door open. This was followed by the bathroom door opening and closing. After a few minutes the bathroom door opened again and I heard his soft footsteps descending the stairs. I gathered myself, knowing that I needed to stay in control and waited for him to enter the kitchen.

Jake appeared through the door and into view. “God he was hot,” I thought. He was only wearing a pair of loose fitting shorts and was still wiping the sleep from his eyes.

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