A Long Weekend in Vegas: Rachel

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This piece is based on a true story of a long weekend I spent in Las Vegas with an old girlfriend and her best friend. Names have been changed, of course, and the dialogue has been imagined but the scenes have not been. This weekend was easily my craziest sexual experience that continue to look back on in my own masturbatory frenzy.

This is also my first submission, I hope you all enjoy it. I may or may not serialize this story and write out the whole weekend in a few different parts. Depends on this post’s reception, I suppose.


It was perfect how this trip had lined up. My girlfriend Rachel and her best friend Ally had planned a long weekend in Vegas for Ally’s bachelorette party. It was a party that was initially exclusive to Ally’s bridesmaids, no boys allowed. However, a couple of months leading up to this weekend I had an opportunity to also go to conference in Vegas for work. It wasn’t very hard to change Rachel’s room reservation to include me and I even got my work to comp the whole thing, which was nice! At first Ally was upset that I was going to be coming along too but it took no time in explaining the simple fact that even though we’ll be sharing a room we’ll be having completely separate schedules for most of the weekend. To be honest, it seemed like she was just a little bit jealous that Rachel would be getting laid throughout the weekend and she wouldn’t be.

And well, there was certainly some of that. I’d get to the room well before Rachel would each night. She would drunkenly struggle to get the room key to scan correctly, stumble in while trying to take her clothes off and wake me up for a nice little quickie. I had no complaints but just like most quickies, they functioned more as a temporary relief valve then they did the complete satisfaction we both yearned for. This is where the story begins.

It was a Saturday morning and was our last full day and night together before we needed to head home and get ready for the work week on Monday. As usual I was the first to wake up and I laid there for a bit admiring the incredible body of the naked woman laying next to me. With her back facing me her fiery red hair fell down half way her back and my eyes followed her spine further down to her naked, heart shaped ass. Her pale, freckled skin reflected the sunlight that had managed to come in through the cracks in the blackout curtains. I was so surprised she hadn’t gotten really sunburnt like she usually does when spending copious amounts of time in the sun at the pool. As she laid there my morning erection was at full mast and in desperate need of attention. It was just a few hours ago when I was going crazy at the sight of her pouty little lips wrapped around the head of my cock and swallowing every drop that gushed out. I appreciated that gift and I wanted to do something special in return. Then a very naughty idea came to me. I kissed her softly on the shoulder to gently rouse her from her dreams and got up and went to the restroom. isveçbahis

In there were are incredibly comfortable robes and I grabbed the waist ties that came with them. I then found one of our sleep masks that we packed and my ipod. I came back to the bed (still fully erect) and Rachel was there laying on her back with a quizzical look on her face. I put each of the items on the edge of the bed and very quickly crawled up to her to give her a very passionate kiss on her lips. We made out for a few seconds and she began to stroke me slowly before I remembered what I was going to do! I pulled away from her and grabbed the first waist tie, took her right wrist and tied it to the headboard. Her devilish smile communicated everything, she was going to fully submit to whatever I was about to do. After tying her left wrist down I put the sleep mask over her eyes, put the ipod ear buds in her ears and turned on Handel’s “Messiah” to listen to while I had my way with her. She could not see or hear me. She only knew where I was by my physical touch and that is exactly how I wanted it to be.

I pulled the cover completely off the bed to expose her gorgeous curves to the open air. Her nipples that rested on perfectly round breasts were rock hard an my mouth salivated at the sight that was before me. I then knelt beside her and began to kiss her lips. She passionately attempted to devour my tongue in attempt to communicate her growing desire to be absolutely ravaged. I pulled away again and received a frustrated whimper from her but then I reached over to grab the vibrator that was on her night stand. I turned it on and allowed the low buzz to touch the inside of her inner thigh before forcefully imposing my mouth onto her right nipple. I began to suck roughly on it and roll the tip around my front teeth while slowly stroking her inner and outer labia with the vibrator.

“Oh fuck!” would occasionally escape her lips.

Mostly all she could muster was heavy breathing and sounds of exasperation as her attempts to grind the vibrator were continually foiled by my taking it away entirely. Eventually she became a good girl and relinquished that control to me. After a good five to ten minutes of teasing I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned off the vibrator and tossed it to the edge of the bed with every intention of replacing it with my face. I slid down and started to kiss her knees, and then her thigh and made my way closer and closer to her incredibly wet pussy. She kept it neatly trimmed and was always hot but this time I should feel the heat before even making contact.

She whined, “Please, please, pleeeeeease. I need you to eat me out so bad. Haven’t I been a good girl so far?”

It’s true she had and right as I had made first contact just above her clit I hear a *knock* *knock* knock*. Figuring it was housekeeping I continued to go down on her and give her the release she desperately needed. The house keeper would see the “Do Not Disturb” sign and leave. isveçbahis giriş Maybe a minute later *knock* *knock* *knock*.

“Rachel, stop fucking your little boy toy and get out here. It’s our last day to hit the pools and I want a drink!”, Ally said through the door in a its-my-party-and-I’ll-cry-if-I-want-to tone.

Shit, although she was clearly being facetious she had no idea what Rachel was in the middle of. But then another naughty idea came to mind. I pulled away and was trying to get up Rachel had closed her legs around my head to keep me from going anywhere.

“Fuck you, finish what you started here!”, Rachel demanded.

It wasn’t very difficult to wrangle myself free. In one swift move I flipped her around on her stomach and slapped her ass. So now her arms were crossed, tied to the head board and her legs were spread.

I pulled out one of her ear buds and whispered, “Good things come to those who wait. It won’t be long now, baby girl”.

“Okay” was all she could get out before I placed the vibrator just a couple inches inside her tight little entrance. This particular move drove her wild. Then I got out of bed, watched her squirm a little bit while putting on my boxers and then headed for the door. I looked through the peep hole and Ally was still standing there. She was wearing a white bikini that left hardly anything to the imagination. She had none of Rachel’s curves but her puerto rican/italian mixed body left her with jet black hair, soft brown skin and a nice tight body on a small frame. I always thought she was undeniably sexy and told her fiancée on more than one occasion that he’s incredibly lucky. With that, the decision was made and I just needed to know what she would do with this. I opened the door and stood in the doorway with nothing but my boxers that did its best to cover up my morning bulge that desperately need attention to. She looked at me with wide eyes and with a little bit of a hint that she was liking what she saw.

“Hey Ally. Rachel’s a bit tied up at the moment. Do you mind if she meets you down there?” I asked.

Scandalized by the notion, “Yes, I mind! It’s MY part weekend, remember?” she said.

And with that I stepped to the side to show Ally what I meant what I said Rachel was “tied up”. Her mouth dropped and I said, “Now, we are in the middle of something here and she just may kill me if I stop it all now to go down to the pool.” “The way I see it, you can either come in and watch or head down to the pools and she’ll meet you later.”

Not waiting for an audible response because she looked quite shocked I simply put my hand out for her to take. She took it and I led her to the lounge chair next to our bed.

“She can’t hear or see you…unless you get loud okay?” I instructed.

She nodded and I extracted the vibrator from Rachel’s pussy. From the sound of it she was building up to her orgasm and but all she said was “Oh, you son of a bitch!”

I placed the isveçbahis yeni giriş vibrator next to Ally and told her “You can use that if you want.”

Next I pulled my boxers down in front of her and revealed to her my completely naked body.

“Would you mind going down on me for a little bit, just enough to wet it down for fucking Rachel.” I asked with a sly smile.

“Oh, I don’t know. I think I’d just rather watch” she said.

“Suit yourself.” I said.

I turned Rachel back around and spread her legs. I slid my finger inside her to see how ready she was for take the pounding she was about to receive. Oh, she was ready all right. I positioned myself and placed the tip of my cock on her lips. She willingly opened her mouth and devoured me. In just a couple of moments I had inserted myself until I felt the back of her throat. I waited until a good coat of saliva covered my cock before pulling all the way out. I slightly dragged my tip down her torso and placed myself between her legs.

“For God’s sake…please fuck me now! Use me and come inside my eager cunt! I need it sooo bad!” she demanded.

I looked to where Ally was still sitting. She had pulled her bikini bottom to the side and was reached for the vibrator. We made eye contact, I winked at her and then proceeded to impale Rachel on my desperate cock. Rachel gave a long, deep, satisfying moan as I took long stokes in and out of her. I don’t think I had fucked her this hard before and she took every hit. I took another look at Ally at it was obvious she was fucking herself with the vibrator at the same pace I was fucking Rachel. The moment was truly ecstatic. She was biting her lip to stay quiet and was being unsuccessful at it. I didn’t mind, it was so sexy watching her get off to our fucking. It was all so intense.

It wasn’t too long before I felt Rachel’s already tight little box constrict even further around my member and that sent me into my own orgasmic frenzy. She begged me over and over to cum inside her and give her what every good girl deserves until I collapsed on top of her in the completely exhausted afterglow and a much needed lay. I kissed Rachel passionately on the lips and could hear the music playing through her ear buds still.

I got up, approached Ally and said, “You should head out. We’ve got some cleaning up to do and I’ll make sure she meets you girls down there soon.”

“Okay”, she said with a certain weakness in her voice, “That was hands down the hottest thing I’ve ever witnessed or been a part of. After a weekend with horny bridesmaids I definitely needed that, thank you.”

I smiled and walked her to the door, “She’ll be down soon.”

I untied Rachel and pulled the mask off her sweaty face. She had a dazed look to her, completely glazed over. We then proceeded to shower and get ready for the day. I opted to stay in the room and get a little bit of rest. She threw on a swimsuit and headed down to where they had decided to hang out at. Rachel made her way to where Ally was sunbathing, set up a chair next to her. They did a little bit of small talk as they relaxed in the sun.

Then, without any sort of preamble, she turns to Ally and asks, “So, did you enjoy the show?”

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