A Long-Awaited Meeting

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As I approached our designated meeting place, I scanned the busy street. It was teeming with people, cars, noise and lights. I looked in many faces but didn’t see his. Then I heard my name, and suddenly he was in front of me, as if out of nowhere. Mechanically we hugged. Our previous conversations had invested the gesture with significance. We were both self-conscious. My eyes flicked to his, and the eye contact was searing before we each looked away. In an infinitesimal glance I noticed his skin and the shape of his shoulders in the loose tank top, glowing with a sheen of perspiration in the ovenlike heat.

He suggested a quick restaurant just across the street and we entered and sat quickly. I felt dazed. Over dinner I didn’t know what to chat about. He led the conversation to his favorite topic: his work. My focus slipped continuously from his words to his lips, and I had to keep reminding myself to concentrate on what he was saying. I did a decent job of it, and we maintained a normal conversation.

As we chatted I observed him. He was brisk, maybe a little nervous, looking around between glances at me. I tried not to bore a hole staring, and broke away to look at my food. I hardly noticed what I ate, and my appetite had receded into the background. When he turned to speak to a waiter, I wanted to lick his neck.

Before I knew it, we had eaten and he’d slipped the waiter his card. He was so fast about it it seemed almost rude to try to help pay. He followed me out of the restaurant. I hoped he appreciated my ass in the short shorts.

“I’ll walk you to your hotel,” he offered.

“Sure,” I said.

As we walked we chattered away, discussing our preferences for height, of all things. I have no idea what I said, except that really tall men turn me off. I wasn’t cognizant of much of anything except his proximity. I awkwardly stuffed my fists into my pockets as the urge to touch him was so strong and I didn’t really know if it was welcome.

Entirely too soon, we reached my hotel. The tension wound tighter as we fell silent. He looked at me expectantly. “Do you have time to come up?” I ventured, my stomach leaping.

“Maybe for a little while,” he said.

“Cool,” I said. I rang the bell for the door and tried to manufacture a pretext for touching him casually. As the door buzzed and I reached for the knob, he was one step ahead of me, opening the door with one hand and touching me lightly in the sweaty small of my back. It felt like an electric shock, and it shot straight down to my groin. We entered, and he followed me up the flight of stairs and down the hall to my room.

I swiped the card in the lock and opened the door to my tiny guest room. He followed behind me, the door closing with a heavy thud as I turned around to look at him. He smiled enigmatically. I took a deep breath, smiled at him as my face became hot, and before panic set in I blurted, “I challenge you to a naked wrestling match.”

His eyes widened for an instant. He gave a little cough and replied, “What are the stakes?”

“Winner gets to be on top?” In for a penny, in for a pound.

“Haha, all right,” he said, flashing that clever knowing smile.

“We should warm up first. So nobody gets hurt,” I said. I gripped his shoulders and kissed him firmly on the lips. He was tense under my hands, but he tasted tangy, manly, sexy as hell. I pulled back and ran my tongue up his chin and lips. His arms found their way around my waist, his hands sliding down my lower back to squeeze my ass. I groaned, then grabbed his hips and pulled him into me. His firm body was warm through his clothes.

I smiled at him before our lips met again, our hunger genuine and unmistakable. Not only did the outside world disappear at that moment, but so did the last of my silly shy hesitance. “We’re about to fuck like wild animals, aren’t we?” I asked.

“I hope you’re ready for that, because you’re going to get it,” he said, right against my ear. “You’ve been teasing me for weeks,” he growled.

I flushed with pleasure to hear his lust so clearly. “I thought you hadn’t noticed,” I teased some more, laughing.

“The only thing I’m noticing right now is that you still have your clothes on,” isveçbahis he said.

“That’s because I’m not finished teasing you,” I said. I grabbed him by his biceps and shoved his back against the hotel room door with a thud, holding him a bit away from my body and leaned in to lick his lips. He emitted a soft groan, his head and hips craning to reach me. When he opened his eyes they were burning black pits. I couldn’t resist pressing my whole body against him again, rudely kissing him, tasting his tongue and teeth. He let me pin him there with seemingly nowhere to move. I broke the kiss and finally, finally licked a line from his collarbone to his ear. He was smooth and salty under my tongue. My nose brushed his short-clipped hair as I reached his earlobe, filling my senses with his scent. His arms flexed within my grip as he brought his hands up to my waist. I let go of his arms to slide my palms under the hem of his tank top. His body was firm, sticky and alive as I ran my hands up his sides and briefly touched his nipples. He growled and stepped into another kiss. I felt his whole body slowly roll against me. His arms tightened around my ribs and suddenly he shoved me against the side wall. We grinned at each other like two slavering wolves before we resumed kissing fiercely. I broke us apart momentarily, forcing his shirt over his head, biting my lip at the eyeful he provided. What was I having for dessert tonight? Man cake.

I ran a fingertip lightly down his chest from neck to the waistband of his shorts, his skin like butter. I looked up to see him smirking. “Your turn,” he murmured. I grinned, not in the least bit afraid, and unceremoniously pulled my shirt over my head. I’d worn sexy underwear; you know, just in case.

I felt the color rise to my face again as he stared approvingly at my tits in their transparent bra. I busied myself with undoing my shorts and kicking them off, leaving the mesh panties. He watched me intently before sweeping in to kiss me again, his hands roaming roughly all along my back and ass, his chest pressing against my breasts. My pussy was heavy with arousal. I imagined my juices leaking down my thighs. I didn’t have to imagine his cock when he pressed his tented shorts against me. I reached down between us, fumbling with the button of his shorts, before he intervened, shorts swiftly falling to the floor and kicked away. He straightened and revealed a nice pair of boxer briefs hanging on his narrow hips before he suddenly rushed me, growling “Turn around.”

In my surprise I offered no resistance, and found myself with my face and chest against the wall He pinned my shoulders with his forearm as he grabbed rough handfuls of my ass. I moaned his name and pushed back against his hand. I was humming with excitement. He gave me a playful smack and I groaned again, wiggling my butt at him, looking over my shoulder to see him watching my ass intently before looking up at me. He relaxed the arm pinning me in place. Impulsively, I turned around and shoved him toward the bed. He staggered back and hit the bed with the back of his legs, falling onto his back on the mattress and pulling me down on top of him.

I reveled in the sensation of his body stretched out under me, skin on skin, only our underwear between us.We were both panting with arousal as we kissed again. I felt his hands wrap around me, unhook my bra, and slide the straps down my shoulders. I broke the kiss and sat upright, straddling him, and let him pull the bra down my arms. My hands rested on his chest as I pushed my breasts together. He reached up to cup them and roll the nipples between his fingers. I nearly purred with pleasure, the sensations shooting little fire arrows through me.

Experimentally, I rocked my crotch back and forth on his hips, feeling his hardness underneath me. He moaned and his expression told me how much he liked it. He reached and slid his hands around my hips until his fingers worked their way under my panties. He grabbed my ass again and pulled the cheeks apart, sending incredible opening sensations down to my pussy. It was my turn to moan as I rhythmically ground my pussy against him through my sodden panties, clenching and releasing my glutes. His hips rocked in isveçbahis giriş tandem, rising to meet me.

Then I followed a sudden impulse to grab his wrists, peeling his hands off my ass. I pushed his arms above his head, bringing my whole weight down onto him, lying on him completely. He wriggled but didn’t break free. His breathing took on a ragged quality.

I brought my face right up against his ear. “Ive got you now,” I murmured.

He gave a low moan. His expression was transcendent. The sight, feel, smell of him under me was intoxicating. I wanted to draw it out all night. I felt his hips rising to grind his hardness against me again and felt a rush of power over him. I raised my hips up away from him, chuckled and said, “Ah – not quite yet my dear. You have to do something for me first.”

“What is it?” he sighed.

“You’ll see,” I replied. I kissed him deeply, tasting his lips, teeth, his hot eager tongue. The rest of him I was drinking in through my skin. When my lust grew impatient I sat up and released his wrists. As he lowered his arms and sat up on his elbows, I climbed off him to peel down my soaked panties. I felt the cool moving air hit my naked wet pussy. I watched him wriggle free of his boxers. Naked at last, I paused to take in the sight of him there, reclining on the bed, such a graceful creature as I had never seen before. He wore an uncertain expression on his face which evaporated as I reached out and gave him a long stroke with my fingertips, from his neck to his knees. His skin was dewy and smooth. I slowed as I neared his cock, standing at attention, but teasingly passed it by.

“Lie flat,” I ordered him and he complied silently, watching me. Finally, I climbed onto the bed, straddling him on my hands and knees, then sat back, revealing his face trapped between my thighs. He looked up at me and smiled, reached up to stroke my thighs. What had I done to get this lucky? I wondered. Idly I touched him on the chin, my fingers gliding over a little shaving stubble before slipping into the hot wetness of his mouth. He sucked at my fingertips, and I felt his velvety tongue tease them apart. When I pulled them out his mouth made a wet popping sound. “Let’s put that mouth to work,” I said. I rose up onto my knees and crawled forward with my hands, positioning myself over his face. I felt my own self-consciousness for a moment before shaking it away like a cobweb. I felt shy again, so completely open to him. As I hovered my pussy above his waiting lips I saw his cock twitch, and felt him slide his palms around, embracing my thighs. He drew in a deep breath through his nose. I saw the muscles of his abdomen move, before he released a low, happy hum. Suddenly I felt his mouth on my inner thigh, licking, then drawing in the flesh and biting it gently. I sucked in my breath at the pleasure, melting. After that there was no more hesitation. I lowered my hips and felt that clever little mouth teasing me, nibbling my thighs, the tip of his nose or chin brushing against my labia. His breaths tickled the wet skin.

“Oh, you can tease too, hm?” I sighed. His only response was a chuckle. His mouth was occupied. He stroked and squeezed my thighs before suddenly driving the tip of his tongue against my clitoris, burying his nose in my wetness. In my surprise I drove my hips down against him, bouncing his head away for a brief instant before he renewed the attack.

He sucked and bit at my pussy. I was transfixed above him, eyes open but unseeing. I moaned urgently, my noises changing shape as I approached an orgasm. He slid his open palm against me, cupping my sex and coating his fingers with my juices. When he pushed two fingers into my vagina and roughly rubbed my clitoris with his thumb, it sent me over the edge. I fell forward on top of him. As the orgasm took over I may have nearly twisted his head off as my hips shook and my thighs clenched around his ears.

When he finally relented, his hand slipping wetly from my folds, and I could see again, I realized I was probably crushing him. I raised back up to my hands and knees and hauled myself off. I rearranged my limbs to lie face to face again. His chin and mouth were glistening from my pussy and he had a isveçbahis yeni giriş wicked expression. I looked down and noticed his proud cock, its turtleneck half retracted, the tender pink head peeking out and weeping for attention. I stroked his flat belly and crept closer to his cock, feeling the edge of his wiry pubic hair. I kissed him, but pulled back to see him as my hand crept lower, finally gently cupping his balls. As I rolled them between my fingers, he bared his teeth in a pleasurable grimace. “Hmm. You want me to touch you some more?” I asked, an innocent lilt in my voice.

“Aah, yes please,” he moaned. I chuckled, enjoying this sweet torture, this man who smelled of salt and musk, asking for it. I massaged his testicles and kissed him again. Then I clamped my finger and thumb like a cock ring around the base of his balls and pulled gently, a milking motion.

“Aah,” he groaned.

“Oh, I like that noise. You know, I could rip them right off if I wanted,” I said, and pulled a little harder, experimenting. He made more sexy noises. His cock was so hard it rested flat against his belly. I released his balls to run my fingernails up his length. I touched him lightly but his foreskin slid along with me. It must have felt good, judging from the sounds he made and the precum he was oozing. I slid my hand beneath his cock, lifted it away and released it to slap his belly. I laughed and he groaned. “Does he need a friend to play with?” I said. “I think I have a friend he can play with.”

He interrupted me with passionate kissing. We licked at each others’ mouths for a long moment. Then he rolled over on top of me. He nudged my thighs apart with his knee and rested against me, his cock pressing into my soft belly, before he burrowed down between my thighs and slid himself against my folds. We reached a rhythm like that, grinding and slipping against each other, mindless and panting with lust.

After a while he stilled me with a hand on my hip. “Hang on, I don’t want to come yet,” he said. We paused for a minute to let his imminent orgasm subside. He stroked my breasts and belly, I his shoulders and chest. The air was hot between us.

Finally I felt him nudge against my opening again, this time pushing inside. I was more than ready, I was a ravenous flower in bloom. He slid home easily with a satisfied groan. He stretched me open, his pubic bone bumping against my clitoris. It felt so good and right. I was carried away past the point of seeing much, but I wanted to feel all of him. I gathered him against me, lacing my fingers behind his back, hooking my feet together. He shoved deeper and I squeezed him with my vagina. I felt him exhale shudderingly against my shoulder before he began to move slowly and deliberately, the brutal tease. His strokes were maddening, sometimes with a sideways motion in his hips, sometimes only just touching me with the tip of his cock, but always stoking my lust hotter and never enough to make me come. “More,” I moaned to no avail. He continued on as deliberately as before.

After what seemed like an age, I chose to take what I needed. I still had my arms and legs wrapped around him, so with a well timed twist, I yanked him down beside me on the bed. I rolled over on top of him, steadied myself on his shoulder, and guided his cock back inside me. I reached down and furiously rubbed my clitoris as I rode him. He moaned and threw his head back and he matched my speed and hammered up into me. After all that teasing it didn’t take me long to reach a screaming feverish pitch. “Aah, I’m coming again,” I cried as the wave hit me. Moments after my orgasm subsided he gripped me around the waist hard and drove up into my pussy, crying out wordlessly as he finally shot his cum deep inside me.

We remained locked in our sweaty embrace for long moments, catching our breath together, before he slid, spent, from my body and I clambered off to lie down beside him. I felt his seed drip from my swollen pussy with a deep strange sense of satisfaction. We kissed again lazily, sated for the moment, stroking the angles and curves of each others’ bodies, unsure what to say to each other. We had both somehow become shy again, after all of that. I met his eyes and we giggled like teenagers.

“I hope we didn’t wake the other rooms,” I said.

“Oh I hope we did,” he said.

That clever mouth was too good not to taste so I kept kissing him. We couldn’t bring ourselves to stop until midnight.

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