A Little Fun at the Pond House Pt. 01

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Chapter 1: After a couple of beers I finally am able to convince you to stop back at the pond house for a bit. I’m super nervous, you’re nervous. Everyone is nervous. lol When we get back to the house I show you around and we check out the dock. We head inside, it’s one room so there isn’t much to show. The air is a bit chilly even inside.

To make things more awkward I pulled out one of the couches. You know, just in case. Regardless, we make some small talk and sit on the other couch. I mention that I’m a bit cold and, boldly, you say maybe we should cuddle… on the bed. We move over there and get under the blanket. Somewhat to my surprise you start removing your clothes also, and I follow your lead.

Under the covers I reach over to touch you and run a finger from your shoulder, down your arm, over your hip and down your thigh. Both of us are still very nervous. Eventually my finger finds it’s way down to your waist and I rest my hand there. It’s now or never I think to myself…

I shift closer to you and roll us both over so that I’m now on top of you. We catch each others eyes and I think to myself, its really happening. I lower myself to kiss you for a bit and then start working my way down to your neck. The softness of your skin and the way you smell turn me on even more. I continue to move down your body. My lips find their way to your breasts. My tongue darts around your nipple before my lips pucker around then and gentle suck on them while my free hand gently pinches the other.

After a few minutes of that I decide I want more and continue further down your body. I gently force your legs apart and run my tongue from your knee down your thigh and to your clit. At first just a barely perceptible flick of the tongue and the warmth of my breath. However, I can’t hold out for long. Slowly at first but quickly picking up pace I trace the letters of the alphabet across your clit. When I’m done I stick my tongue between your lips and then start it all over again.

Knowing you soaking wet now I start back up, kissing the side of your stomach, your nipples, until I’m back up on top of you. I can feel my cock pressing itself against your wetness. I look deep into your eyes and reach down to my cock and guide it isveçbahis inside. I pull almost completely out of you and then slide back in again. We repeat that for a while, teasing you. Gently kissing your neck. I reach for your hands and bring them above your head and carefully hold you down my your wrists. We grind together, kissing and moaning. My hot breath on your neck as I fill you up and then recede like a tide.

After a bit of that we both want something a bit faster. I motion for you to get up and you do. I grab you by the hips and lead you off the bed and over to the arm of the couch. My hands twist you softly and you find yourself pressed against the fabric. I think gently run my hands up your body and between your shoulder blades. Slowly you feel my pushing you over until your chest is on the bed. Your legs are still together but I grab my cock and place it at the entrance of your vagina. With one swift motion I penetrate you deeply. I lean forward and kiss your back. My hands run down your body and cup your breasts. Then they come back up and grab your hair. This time things are much faster and harder. I pound you against the arm of the couch. When neither of us can take it anymore I pull out and place the tip of my dick on your clit. I pump myself a few times and send a warm hot mess flowing over your clit and onto the floor like a waterfall. We manage to catch our breaths and clean up and then collapse back into bed to cuddle.

Chapter 2: We both dozed off. It seemed like only minutes but when I looked at the clock about an hour had passed. I didn’t want to move, you were the little spoon and we had reached that very comfortable point where the warmth of our bodies was completely in sync. The sun was shining in through the four windows that face the pond and we could both feel it’s warmth on our faces. Given how busy and hectic both of our lives can be, it seemed a shame to even lift a finger.

My eyes were closed but something about the way you smelled got me aroused again. I found myself thinking about your body and how sexy you looked when I was on top of you. The curves of your hips, the softness of your skin, your incredibly sexy ass and legs. With each thought my dick was getting harder and harder. You must isveçbahis giriş have noticed after a while cause I felt you push back against it. Gently and barely noticeable at first. That only made it even harder. A few more times back and forth like that and I was completely hard again. Your eyes were closed but I could tell you were aware of what was going on. I moved my right hand down to your hips and pulled you against me while my cock throbbed a bit. You let out a soft satisfying moan to let me know you were on board with picking things up again.

My finger tips continue up and down your body. Every once in a while I grind my shaft against your ass and you push back just hard enough. My hands run down your hips and then over your stomach and to your breasts. My large hands cup your right breast and softly pinch your nipple between my thumb and finger.

Somewhat to my surprise you reach back over yourself and grab my cock. Your legs goes up and I feel you place my rock hard shaft between the lips of your pussy. Not inside you, just between the lips. The tip of my cock resting on your clit. You’re dripping wet. I continue playing with your breasts, alternating between them. We also start to move back and forth, my cock sliding between your legs and between your lips and over your clit. It’s a nice start and something to get the blood flowing again in both of us.

After a bit you reach down again and this time you simply divert my thrust so that I end up inside you. Your warmth wraps around me and I grab you by the hips and pull myself deeply inside you. Rhythmically we ride back and forth. We both know this is just a warm up. I run my hand slowly up your back and toward your hair. Grabbing a handful of your hair I pound into you and then let go of everything.

You roll to the side and I slip right out of you. Before I know it you tell me to lay down as you’re getting up onto your knees. You straddle me and we kiss deeply while you grind your pussy along my shaft. You raise up on your knees and straddle me. The sight of your beautiful face and incredible body is nearly enough for me to cum right then and there. You bit your lip a little and reach down and grab my cock and hold it pointing straight up at your isveçbahis yeni giriş vagina. Then looking straight into my eyes you lower yourself all the way down onto it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen something so arousing as watching your pussy split open and then my cock disappear inside you. Slowly you come back up until only the tip is between your lips. Then you plunge back down and start to grind. My dick is so far inside you. You lean forward and I reach up and grab your left breast and guide the nipple into my warm mouth. You’ve found a steady rhythm now. My shaft is covered in your juices as you ride it back and forth. I switch hands, and breasts, and with my free hand a reach back and give you a playful spank on the ass. You seem to be sliding down on me with a bit of extra effort now. I reach back with both hands to grab your ass and we find a rhythm that works for both of us. My hands are half on your ass and half on your thighs. Each time you raise up I push you back down and impale you on my dick.

It’s almost getting to be too much for me. Your pussy seems to be squeezing me tighter and tighter with each thrust. Every part of my body wants to grab you by the hips and force my cock into the depths of your vagina and just empty every last ounce of cum I have into you. However, I want to keep this going and I want you to cum on my cock first.

I reach up and grab you by the waist with my arms and we roll so that I am on top of you. My hand makes it way behind your head and I pull you in close for a kiss. My other hand runs down your body and grabs your ass and pulls you closer. We grind for a bit before I sit up. I grab your legs and bundle them together and place them on my shoulder. The sight of your pussy between your legs with my cock shoved inside just makes me want to pound you even harder. I want you to go to bed tonight and feel a soreness in your loins. Back and forth, in and out. Finally I let go of your legs but stay upright. I grab you by your hips, pulling you towards me as I also thrust at you. You start to cum and I pick up the pace, grinding against your clit. I can feel an all too familiar sensation taking hold also. I hold out as long as I can then pull out. Cum shoots out onto your stomach and then the next shot lands on your pussy. A thick creamy gooey-ness eventually seems to be gluing your two lips closed.

Both satisfied, I collapse back onto the bed and you roll over and cuddle on my side. What an exhausting, amazing day it’s been…

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