A Lactation Story – Alternate

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This an alternate storyline of Jane and Sam, and their encounter. There is no lactation in this story, I just kept the title to link the characters with the first two stories. As I stated before, this is one of my earliest story’s I wrote some twenty plus years ago, and was an experiment in my writing style. I realize most people won’t get, or like the way I wrote these, but as the saying goes, “you can’t please everyone.”


All characters depicted are over 18 years of age!


Sam had never seen his Mother act this way. He knew it must have been the wine she was drinking, Here she was in the pool, even though she was down in the water, he could tell she was topless. Jane was trying to talk her son into getting in the water with her, and she really wasn’t interested in swimming.

“Come on Sam, get in the pool with me. You’ve been working all day, it’s time to relax a little. I’m not going to bite, not unless you tell me to.”

“It’s not that, it just seems a little weird with you out here topless. I just figured you wouldn’t want me out here. You doing’ ok? You acting a little funny.”

“I’m fine. I swim like this quite often. Before your dad left, we would come out here after you went to bed. Now that your taking care of the man stuff for me, I just thought well, maybe… that you might like the same treatment. I’ll put my top back on if you want me to? But they are just tits, every woman has them. I know your dad use to enjoy seeing them!”

Jane continued talking with her son, but ever so slowly she was rising up out of the water. She could see that Sam was looking at her tits, and it was very apparent that he liked it. She could see his bulge starting to grow in his swim shorts, the night air was also working on her nipples.

“No, that’s ok, you don’t have to put it back on. I just didn’t want you getting mad if you caught me looking at them. They look like they kind of float in the water. They sure are big!”

“They do float a little, Sam. You don’t have to be embarrassed about it. If I didn’t want you to see me this way. I wouldn’t have gave you the opportunity, I’ve got you working like a man, so I’ll treat you like one. I really want to thank you for painting the deck and the fence, I know it was hard work. I promise I’ll make it right with you. If you need something, just ask, really, anything! Come on, get in the water with me, stop being a party pooper like your dad was. It’s time you relax a bit and enjoy the pleasures of being a man. We’re a little tight on money, so I can’t pay you for the work. But, I can think of other ways to show you how thankful I am for the work you did. But you need to get down in the water with me, please.”

Sam sat down at the edge of the pool and slowly cupped his Mother’s breast. It felt so large in his hand, and heavy. Jane leaned forward and kissed her son as an offer of acceptance, not your average good night kiss, but a kiss of passion. It excited her that Sam did not pull back. He squeezed her tit even tighter.

“That’s it baby. Show Momma your ready for this. It’s been month’s since I’ve had any loving. Just give me any sign that you want me,” she thought to herself.

The wine Jane drank earlier had made her relax, she wasn’t drunk, just more willing to act on her feeling. Sam had no idea his Mother was willing to let him go all the way with her. She was ready to give her body to her son with the same passion she showed his father, she wanted Sam to make love to her.

“Mom, this feels kind of weird. I mean, I got all kinds of thoughts running through my head. I’m wanting to do some stuff, you know, some nasty things.”

“It’s ok Sam, those thoughts are normal. It’s not considered nasty if it’s with two people who want to be doing it. I’m having those feelings myself, do whatever comes natural baby. Truth is, you keep this up and I’m going to take your shorts off. Momma wants to get a look at your cock!

Sam decided to take a chance, he licked around her areola, Jane cupped her tits and pushed them to her sons face. Sam could see his Mother’ was liking it, so he started sucking on her nipple. Jane was getting hotter by the moment.

“That’s it baby, make them yours, lick around the edges again. If feels good. Sam, let Momma see your cock, please, I need to see it, I want to make it feel good.”

Thinking to herself: “Please Sam, damn I hope your hung better than your father. If you only knew how bad your Momma needs some cock. It will be ok Jane, he’s young, he can get hard a few times a night.”

Jane and her son embraced like lovers. She couldn’t get over how well he kissed. Sam could taste the wine on his Mother’s lips, it excited him, he wanted more of what she had to offer. He could feel her massive tits pressed up against him, her nipples poking into his skin.

Jane moved up closer to her son, pressing her pubic mound against his erection. Sam in turn started rocking his hips against his Mother, she knew it kadıköy escort was time to get him out of his shorts.

Jane watched her son cup one of her breasts, his hands felt warm in the cool night air. He would lift up, and quickly release it so he could see it bounce, but didn’t say anything, she just let him go at his own pace.

Sam had worked for hours painting the deck around the pool for her, as payment for a job well done, Jane was going to return the favor. She would paint her sons cock with warm pussy. He worked like a man today, so he would be treated like one tonight.

“You’ve got a nice cock baby, I can’t get over how big your balls are. Your Momma likes big balls. Did you know the bigger they are the more come they can hold? I bet you can come like a horse, much nicer than your fathers. I’m going to put this in my mouth and see just how big and hard I can get it. If we can get it to stand at attention, your Momma’s going to come up with you and sit down on it. You remember those words I told you not to use when you were little? Your Momma wants to do those things now, all those things. Suck, fuck, screw and make you come, you just need to relax.”

“this is unreal! Oh shit, that feels good Mom. Take more of it, let me see you take it. All your mouth feels really warm.”

Jane could tell her son was enjoying it. She had him hooked, she loved sucking cock. But she was needing something else, it was time to get out of the water and take off her bikini bottom. Jane wanted to see what kind of reaction her son would have when he saw her naked ass, and pussy, and if he would be willing to fuck her.

Jane knew her son was excited, she could feel his cock bobbing up and down against her ass crack. She was hoping he would reach down and guide his cock into her pussy, but he was new at this. She had held back as long as she could, it had her shaking all over, it was time now to fuck her son.

“Please Mom. I can’t take it anymore, put it inside you, I want to see what it feels like. It’s starting to hurt, like I’ve ran out of skin or something. I never get this hard when I jack off. Damn it Mom! Use me like you said you would!”

Jane climbed out of the pool and started removing her bikini bottom, Sam watched her every move she made, she walked over to her son and straddled him, exposing her pussy in all its glory. She took one of his hands and touched it against her pussy flesh.

“Did you feel how wet I am Sam? I only get that way when I’m excited,. You made your Mother all wet, so I bet you know what I’m going to do next. Your right, I’m going to put this wet pussy around that hard cock of yours. I don’t know if I am, and please don’t tell me if I’m not. But I really hope I’m your first, I want to be the first woman you empty those huge balls inside of. I know you jack off, but the first time inside a woman is a virgin load.”

“How’s that? Does it feel better now baby? This is an old remedy of mine, just soak in “cider.” Your Momma was hurting too. In fact, I’ve been hurting for a month or more. I really needed this, thank you.”

“You feel good, you’re really tight for, well… I just felt like I might fit different. Didn’t figure that I would have enough, but I think it fits good in there.”

“It fits fine, if it will make you feel any better. I think you’re a little thicker than your dad, and I know for a fact your balls are bigger. I don’t think I’ve ever been with a man with balls as big as yours.”

Sam tells his mother a story of him seeing her naked and seeing her masturbate. He was glad to see he wasn’t making her mad, it was having just the reverse affect. The more detailed the story was , the hotter Jane was getting.

“I never stopped trying to get a peek, you just didn’t see me, like those times at night you checked on me naked. I wasn’t asleep, I saw you. I was awake that night you sat in my room and masturbated, I could see and hear you. That toy you used that night was really big. I know where you keep it too. I like to get it out when you run to the store so I can smell it. Usually it’s clean, but a few times you had forgot to wash it off, that’s when it smells good.”

“Did you lick it to see what it tastes like?”

“Well, yes, I did a few times. Couldn’t help it Mom, it smelled good.”

“You’ve really been naughty, from now on if you want a taste, your going to have to get it right from the jar. A good fresh taste, ok?”

The thought of her son sniffing a dildo that she had left her juices on made her crazy, crazy with lust for him.

Sam’s stamina was unbelievable, he was pumping his Mother like a jackhammer. He worked his Mother’s cunt like a piston in an engine, backing up and thrusting forward till his stomach made contact with her pubic mound. Jane could feel her ass moving across the deck floor, Sam was pushing her from one board to the next with his downward thrusts. She could üsküdar escort feel his balls bouncing off the cheeks of her ass.

“you’ve got me so hot tonight. Your father on his best day could never last like this. You’re a dream come true. I hope your liking this as much as I am. I’m getting close, Momma’s going to come on your cock again! Oh, shit, I’m coming again! Three fucking times baby, you made your Momma come three times!”

Jane pulled her legs back so her son could get a better view of what he was doing. Sam looked down and could see his cock was cover in his Mother’s lubrication. It excited him to watch his cock, he would back up just so the head was out, and her pussy would close, then he would push it back inside her. Jane was still having spasms from her last orgasm.

“Baby, you shouldn’t tease a horny woman, put it all the way back in. I like the fast pumping you was doing, you can look at your new toy later. I’ll let you look at me anytime you want.”

Jane knew how to treat a lover, especially one who was good in bed. Sam had actually fucked her long enough to make her a little sore inside. But she had no intentions of telling him, she wanted to see just how long he could go before coming. Sam had stopped pumping his Mother, but was still inside her, he was busy exploring her double d breasts.

“I can see that you’re a tit man. I’ve got some clothes in the house your father would never let me wear, I’ll dig them out tomorrow for you. Most of them are low-cut, the rest are see through. Tell you what, I’ve got a tube of cream in the house for lubrication, tomorrow we could squirt it on my cleavage, and Momma will do something for you, I think you’ll like it.”

Sam had went back to pumping his Mothers wet opening, but at a slower pace this time. The pool timer had shut off and they had total silence. All but the sounds of Jane’s gentle moans, and the sound of her happy pussy. She didn’t want this night to end. She was willing to fuck him well into the next morning if he wanted, then take him in the house and sleep the next day away.

“Sam honey, I want you to know this is some of the best sex I ever remember. You’re a natural at this, but I need to tell you something. I held back a little, no, I held back a lot. Your Momma, likes to get loud and nasty. I didn’t want to scare you, so I held back, plus I didn’t want the neighbors hearing us. The next time we do this, I’m going to be myself. So if you climb in my bed, be ready for the real me.”

Sam stroked his cock as he watched his Mother rub her wet opening. Even outside he could still smell her musky scent. It affected him almost like some form of drug, drawing him closer, making his cock even harder. He wanted back inside it, where he could violate it’s flesh. Jane’s pussy glistened with her wetness, as did her fingers.

“Are you ready to go again baby? Come on, get back on, let’s see if Momma can get you off. I know your wanting to come. It’s ok, get back in there, and get busy. Damn it Sam, I need more cock!”

“Ok Mom, I’m ready now. I was just admiring your ass. I like how big and round it is. I think I like the big ones, you know, thick and meaty, like yours. It’s fun to hold onto.”

“That’s it baby, put it back where it belongs. I’m going to step it up a little bit and see if I can help you come. I know those big balls of yours must be needing some relief by now, don’t they?”

Jane could tell her son had got his second wind, he was back to pounding her like he was doing earlier. She was getting a little sore, but the night wouldn’t be complete until she made Sam come. It had been a long night, she knew it had to be close to three o’clock in the morning. It was time for him to climax so they could go in the house and get some sleep.

“Come on baby, give Momma that hot load, show me what you’ve got. If you come for me now, I promise I’ll fuck you all week-end, would you like that baby? If you want, I won’t wear any clothes until I have to go to work Monday, how does that sound? I know your getting close, just quit holding back and let it go. I’m still on the pill, so you won’t get me pregnant. Give Momma that hot cock juice of yours, let’s see just how much those big balls can hold.”

Sam stood back and admired his work, he had filled his mother’s pussy just as she asked. He had come many times before, in the shower, or in his room on a towel. But this was different, it was inside his mother. It was exciting to see it slowly leaking back out her hot folds. This was really his first good view of her exhausted pussy, and could see another opening, one he hadn’t explored!

“That was fantastic honey. You worked your Momma over good. Be ready for the real me next time. I took it easy on you. Go on in the house and get cleaned up and ready for bed… Oh, and if you want, you can sleep with me tonight. I’ve got a really nice night gown I’d like to wear for you. It’s been a long time, and I could tuzla escort use someone close to me tonight.”

Jane just wanted to lay there awhile and rest, she wasn’t about to tell her son the truth. Her pussy was burning like fire from the fucking it just got. She was afraid to look at it. Both her ass cheeks had battle wounds, and gave her inner thigh’s showed the same abuse. Sam had gave her the kind of fucking she always dreamed about. But she was a little older now, and a little out of shape.

Sam had went in the house to clean up, so it was a good time for Jane to drain herself. She watched as her son’s come pooled up on the deck. She couldn’t resist at least getting one taste. First it was just one finger, then it was two. Once she had licked them off, her hand went down for more, she knew sometime tomorrow that her sone would be getting a very special blowjob from her.


“I don’t believe this. We fucked for hours and he fell asleep with another hard on. Jane, you can’t leave him like this, besides it’s not like you haven’t had it before. Drop down to your knees and give him a good sucking.” she thought to herself.

Jane had come inside and cleaned up, and walked back to her bedroom. There was her son, already fast asleep. When she walked in, she couldn’t help but to notice his erection. There just wasn’t any way this sex starved woman was going to ignore it, one night didn’t make up for the sex she had missed for months.

“Are you still awake, Sam? You shouldn’t be trying to sleep with a hard on like this. You better wake up if you want to see me put this in my mouth. Come on Sam honey, wake up, wake up and I’ll give you some more pussy. Would you like to get your cock wet again? Come on baby. Momma want’s to feel you inside her again. Your hard as a rock, that’s how I like my lover. If you wake up, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Jane had a surprise all right, she wanted to introduce her pussy to her son’s tongue. It had been many years since she had anyone do that. She wanted to see if he was as good with his tongue as he was with his cock. Maybe even if he wanted to sixty-nine with her.

Sam had heard just about every word his mother had said, he wanted to see if she was just teasing him about what she wanted to do. He liked what she was saying, all but one thing, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to put his head between her legs. He had seen videos of guys doing it, but his Mom got so wet, he didn’t know he wanted to have to lick on it. It seemed a little gross to him.

Sam rolled over on his back and started working his Mother’s mouth. What turned Sam on the most was who it was. When he was younger, she would stop him from watching anything on TV that showed any nudity, and now, here she is in her panties with his cock in her mouth, willing to suck and fuck him anytime he wants her. Sam had dreamed of having his Mother for a long time, it was almost too much to take.

“Don’t that cock of yours ever go down?”

“Not very often. I was dreaming about you and what we did earlier. It was really hot!”

“I take it then, your ok with what we’re doing? You don’t mind me being this way?”

“Sure I’m ok with it Mom, as long as you are. I wish you would have done this a long time ago. I’ve wanted to touch those big tits for years. I really like the big ones.”

“Well I hope you like more than just my big tits. I did share something very special with you., do you remember? It was hot, wet and made that nice cock of your come.”

“Sure I remember being inside of you. Had to be the greatest day of my life. I didn’t want it to end. That’s why it took me so long to shoot off.”

Jane laid on her back with Sam’s ass in her face. He reaches down between her open legs and massages her hairy, wet pussy.

“Well, do you like what you see? Want a closer look at it?”

“Sure I do! How close do you want me to get?”

“Close as you want baby, maybe close enough to get yourself a taste. I love it when a lover goes down on me.”

“I don’t know Mom, it’s all covered with hair and you know, it’s all gooey. It’s really got a strong smell tonight too!”

“Baby, I washed it up before I came in here. Sure it smells stronger, you did unload a large wad inside me tonight. It was you that gave it the strong smell. It’s up to you!”

Sam was about to find out just how much his Mother loved her pussy licked. Jane’s snatch was wet from excitement, before Sam even started. There was no way she could even feel it leaking down her ass crack onto the bed. Sam’s father wouldn’t do it, even when he was asked to. So Jane decided to teach her son a little about give and get.

“That’s it, yeah baby, right there! No, back up higher, at the top of my slit, yes! Feel the little nubbin you have your tongue on? Oh, yeah! You found it, stay on that spot. If you lick that enough it will start swelling up like your cock does. I hope you learn to enjoy this, your Momma loves to have her pussy ate.”

Jane reached orgasm after what seemed like an eternity of Sam licking and sucking her clit. She came to realize, more and more that her son was going to be a great lover. Sam laid on his back, as his Mother got on top, and came down slowly onto his hard cock, and began to rock back and forth, causing her tits to jiggle with each movement.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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