A High School Life to Remember Ch. 06

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After the events of recent days, I start to rethink having Lindsay over to spend time with me during roleplaying days. She has utterly perverted and ended my vampire campaign that I have worked so hard to bring to fruition. I suppose that I could just tell everyone to pretend that the session she took part in did not happen, but I didn’t even have the motivation to try that. What if my friends want to keep Lindsay around? I can not stand for that kind of behavior. I have always been more private about sexual preferences and my sex life. This was probably partially because I am embarrassed about how much breasts mean to me. Someone could be completely sexy to me just on account of their breasts and nothing else. I just think about shoving my dick between the girls tits and titfucking her for all she is worth. I suppose my friends would maybe understand, but they have never really talked much about sexual encounters. It was just not a thing that nerds did.

Perhaps there is actually another reason that I do not want Lindsay to be privy to the role playing sessions. Am I actually jealous of Lindsay being involved with my friends? I barely even liked her as more than an acquaintance and maybe now some what of a fuck toy.

Then, I start to feel a bit more at ease as I think about the girl that I really like, Helene. My fellow student whom I have a crush on and have the hardest time even approaching. She is beautiful and from what I have seen of her thus far, I feel like she is going to be a much better match for him in areas other than the chest. However, I would certainly love to get her alone with one of those corsets on and slowly peel it off of her.

Many days pass and I have managed to salvage my vampire game. I equated the perverse session as a strange hallucination and let the game move on from there. Most of the guys simply made no mention of the event that actually happened. It seemed that I could tell, they were happy that I am not bringing Lindsay to the game sessions. They are glad to get back into fully nerding it up.

I have finally gotten my nerve up to speak to Helene in more than brief words. I even got my courage up enough to plan on asking for her phone number. I begin a determined walk from the nerd corner to Helene’s locker. As I get within viewing distance of her, I look her over in as subtle a way as he can. She looks stunning. Her pale complexion and dark shaded green eyes draw me in. Today, she is wearing a dress that draws my eyes down into her cleavage. Right as I am about to get close enough to speak with her, and her eyes look up into mine as she turns around, Cali bumps me out of the way and approaches Helene. She makes a huffing sound of superiority towards him as she does so.

Helene’s smile draws back a little and she shrugs at me and then begins to speak to Cali. All the days of time getting ready for this moment and hyping myself up and Cali ruins it with a single nudge. I go walking down the hall instead of heading back to the nerds corner. I may just have to devise a way to get Cali out of the way in order to finally talk to Helene.

A couple of days passed and I have still not come up with a way to get Cali out of the picture long enough to approach and take a crack at Helene. I am hanging out at the nerd corner between classes when Matt comes up to him with a wide grin on his face.

“How’s it going dude?” Matt says.

“I suppose it is going alright. You seem like you are in a pretty good mood, what’s up?”

“I scored with Lindsay last night. I never thought I would hear myself say this, but her fake titties are alright. They were still soft and still jiggly.” Matt always tends to describe things too much and today is no exception.

“I get the point.” I almost have a bit of a jealous tinge in my voice, even if I don’t mean to. I have grown accustomed to the affections and attentions of Lindsay.

“Alright, alright. Dude, she is hot. We are gonna go to the movies at the end of this week.” I still feel happy for my friend Matt, even if I am a little lonely myself. The bell rings for the end of the break and Matt and I head our separate ways. I am starting to get very horny after having no action for the last few days and now it sounds that the avenue of Lindsay is closed. Even if it isn’t, I will close it so that Matt and I do not bump heads.

I glance down at my groin and can see and feel a rising coming. “I know, I will go to the nurses office. I can get the help I need there.” Helene, the school nurse, was tasked with helping me with my erections by Ms. Gerard. I guess that Ms. Gerard must worry that I am the type that will find a girl to rape or take advantage of if not sated. She obviously did not know about Lindsay, and I should probably keep it that way. I still have not really gotten to fool around with Ms. Gerard all that much and her class is next. I hope maybe to get lucky after class if I can hold isveçbahis out for that long. I went to my class.

I am late getting in to class, and Ms. Gerard looks up at me as I come in. I can swear that she also took a long glance at my cock as well. “David, I will have a word with you after class.” Perhaps my being late would turn out to be a perk. I sit through all of class and am glad that she does not call on me; even if she does, I doubt that I would even notice. The bell to signify class end rings and the students emptied out except for me and Ms. Gerard. She motions to her office and goes in, I follow, hoping that this office visit will be more productive than my last..

She stands in front of her desk and leans against it. The light blue blouse that she is wearing is generously loose and open at the top. Her cleavage is candy to my lust driven eyes. She immediately pulls her hair up and into beautiful blond pigtails as she begins to speak. “David, I have spent too many chances beating around the bush, so this time I am going to get serious and fast. I have a boyfriend, so don’t take this the wrong way. Take off your pants.”

I blush heavily and look up into her eyes. I am standing only a couple of feet in front of her and could hear her labored breathing. I look to her chest and look away shyly as I see the speed and depth of her breaths from her chest gyrating.

“I have seen you with your pants down before. Oh fuck it.” She gets on her knees in front of me and unhooks my belt. She throws the belt aside after snapping it to make the sound of a whip. This shocks me back to the present. I can see her tits from my view above her. “This time, your cock is mine.” She says as she unbuttons my pants and unzips them. She reaches into the strap of my whitey-tighties and smiles. “I remember seeing this thing for the first time.” She pulls it out over the top of my underwear just a bit, which forces it to bend at an angle down slightly.

Ms. Gerard opens her mouth widely and her bright red lips descend upon my rapidly hardening cock. Since I am not fully hard yet, she manages to stick the whole six or so inches in her mouth. It quickly begins to become rigid with her stimulation and wetness. After just a few sucks of her mouth and movements of her tongue, my cock is sticking straight back down her throat. She holds it there for a few moments and does her best to lick the bottom side of my inflated dick. Then her gag reflex kicks in and she is forced back from reflex. A wad a saliva from her mouth spills out and down into her cleaveage. Her chin is also soaked in saliva, the way it shines, it turns me on even more. She stares up into my blue eyes and then descends onto my rigid penis again. This time, she brings one of her hands up to hold the back of my penis and begins to move back and forth with her mouth on the rest of it.

The sensations are fantastic and I wonder if she has only been a teacher all of her life. Perhaps she has been a stripper or a whore. She continuely pulls my penis out of her mouth to spit violently on it and smack the tip against her lips. She takes her hand and spits on it and licks it and then puts it back on the base of my cock. Her face is soaking wet and my crotch is the same. My body is getting so wet that the spit is spilling down onto her blouse and my pants. She stops for only a moment to begin peeling off her blouse. I take this moment to also lose my pants to the floor and my sanity to her breasts. She turns back to me, her breasts now only encased in a lacy baby blue colored bra. The way they hold her tits on her chest would make any man drool. After all, I am a titman, through and through. I have had wet dreams about her tits at least a few times.

She returns her attentions to my penis. She begins to suck wildly at it and holds it tight against my body with her hand. Her free hand reaches into her bra and begins to madly rub her breast. Her mouth flies back and forth over me and I almost fall over from the force of her moving back and forth.

Between moments where her mouth is down on my prick, she speaks dirty to me. “You fucking horny boy. Mmmfff… you cock giving stud…. mmmppf… you diry dirty man… uuugghhh… your cock needed a good sucking.” Her words and her actions made it hard for David to hold on. “The nurse… hhuurrff… told me… ummfff… that you cum a hell of a lot…” she jacks me off for a couple of moments to get out a full sentence. “I want you to cover my tits in your cum. Then I will give you a treat you won’t forget.” She slams her mouth back on me and I moan with exstacy.

“Oh god, I’m cumming… I am cumming hard.” I moan. She moves her mouth to the side of my prick and licks it there. She uses her hand to aim my cock down at her chest and uses her free hand to yank down her bra partially. It was at that moment that I start to cum. The grip of her hand around the base of my shaft causes a bit of pressure to isveçbahis giriş build up before the hot jets of my juices finally begin to shoot through the tip. I practically fire with the power of a fire hose. The first long stream of cum blasts the middle of her breasts and completely covers her skin there. She gasps and falls back from the power and her grasp weakens. This bounces my cock up briefly and the second blast of cum nails her right in the middle of her face. There is enough love juice that it drips down the sides of her nose and slides quickly over her cheeks and down the sides of her face. She is letting out sexy grunts as she manages to get my dick back under her control. Some of my cum shoots out just as she grabs me again and blasts over her and into her hair in a long strand. A smile covers her face and she shuts her eyes. The next shot gets her across both breasts from nipple to nipple. Then finally, a last jet of jism hits her on the top of her breasts.

“Holy shit! That was the most intense thing I have ever experienced.” Ms. Gerard says and I nod in agreement. This is my favorite part. Getting to see the girl covered in cum is something I could die for. “I can’t believe it. I thought it was going to shoot right through me.” She opens her eyes slightly at first and then all the way. I look her up and down. Her eyes are trying to take in the sight, one of them has taken a piece of the long strand of cum that is in her hair. Her lower face is soaked and it is dropping off onto her chest. The cum on her upper chest is slowly running its way into her cleavage. The cum blast that she has taken to the nipples has several sticky strands hanging off of them. I couldn’t believe my lust stricken eyes. The amount of cum between her tits is insane. She quickly cups them, holding my seed there.

It makes me so happy to see her seem so excited to getting both a facial and a pearl necklace. I can’t even remember when I did not have fantasies about unloading on one of my hotter teachers. While she is reveling in the fact that she is covered by my cum, I snatch up her baby blue bra and rub it against my cock ever so slightly, it is coming back to life with ease due to the hot situation. As I am rubbing it back and forth, I try to glance at the tag on the bra, much to my dismay, it seems to have been removed. She notices my searching eyes, “you like how big they are don’t you?” I look back up slightly towards her and I nod with a big grin on my face. “They are a 36 F, not quite as huge as Mrs. Hart’s, but I hope you like them anyway.”

“I love your tits, they really are tits, now boobs or breasts here. I know it is cliché to say that, but damn… they are natural and perfect.”

“Please, open up the drawer of my desk on the left side.” I move over and look in the drawer, there is a camera there. “Take a picture of me down on the floor with all your cum all over me. I want to savor this moment for a while to come. I want to cum again from it, at least once.” Ms. Gerard says to me with a raspy lusty voice.

I grab the camera and push the little on/off button. I bring it up to my eye level and point it in my teacher’s direction. She begins to pose for me and I start to snap off pictures as fast as the camera can process the images. Not only does she take several different sexy poses, she also starts to play with my cum that is draped all over her upper body. It is still thick and heavy on her. She uses her fingers to grab up some of the cum that starts to fall away and lifts it up to drape back over her tits and face. I get a couple of shots of her moving the strands, they connect from the sides of her tits out to a foot or two where her fingers move it back up onto her face. She moans as I snap shots and she continues to play with my jizz.

The sight of her cum play and her extremely sensual poses has my cock raging for more action. She notices this but she does not stop posing. “That camera has a video mode. Set it and put it on the edge of the desk there. I am busy with this cum, so you will have to jack off another load onto my face without my stimulation.” She arches her back and her tits look like an inviting runway for my 7 inch cock. I can not pass up this opportunity to fulfill my all time favorite fetish. I move forward and slap my cock against her rib cage and prepare for the experience of my life. I reach out to press her tits around my cock but just then she slaps my hands away. “Oh no, not yet, that is your reward if you cum on me again.”

I sigh and the frustration of it all makes me feel so hard that it hurts. I grab my cock with my hand and I start to rub it back and forth with a ferocity like my life depended on cuming again. She continues playing with the strands of cum that lay across her chest and face, now pulling the cum down from her hair and laying the sticky pieces across her face. The sight is so sexy. I start to spasm after less than a minute of playing with isveçbahis yeni giriş myself. She notices the reaction that I am having and she moves herself into a position subserviently between my knees and under the head of my cock. “Johnny could never cover me like I bet you are about to.”

My cock responds to her challenge and I can hardly stand until I lock my knees and rub my sweaty penis from tip to balls. My sticky juice fires at her and the first attack does not disappoint her or me. It looks like a bukkake fest on her face as my cum total adds up to something of super heroic proportions. The thick quality of it is so sexy hanging off of her face. I plop my heavy prick down directly on her nose and allow another blast to shoot out and her eyelids are soaked. The rest trails down the tip of her nose and hangs down as she starts to open her mouth to breathe with her now clogged nose being stuffed with my jizz. I pull back and spurt another thirty seconds into her tits. I paint them as I move from side to side and up and down to give them both a complete covering. Just as I am stopping, she starts to shake. She is having an orgasm!

She smiles and looks toward her camera. She moves her fingers along her face to get the sticky substance on them and then waves at the camera with her fingers spread wide. She looks like she has webbed fingers made of cum. She like playing with it like other people enjoys real sex. This is a fetish I can get into!

“Now you can have your reward.”

And with that this cum soaked bitch of a teacher leans down onto her shins and raises her body up so her tits are thrust out towards me. My penis is softer now after expelling two loads of cum, but there sure is hell is no way that I am going to let a currently limp cock stop me from enjoying the titfuck that is to come. I took a couple of steps forward to her beckoning finger that she crooked at me. She was drenched in so much cum that I could not help but stare in wonder. The strands of jizz are hanging off of the tip of her nose, off of her chin, off of her nipples, and it is sliding down her face and down her tits into her cleavage. This titty fuck was going to be a cum lubricated bonanza. She first reaches out and grabs my soft prick with her hands. They are soaked with so much of my juices that she gets a wonderful feeling to travel down my hardening cock. She smiles at me through her cum mask. “I want you to enjoy these 36 F’s until you fall over and die. Fuck my huge titties with your hard cock.”

With those words of encouragement, I leaned down slightly with a bend of my knees and again lined up my cock with her rib cage and between her tits. She uses her hands now to grab her to solid breasts and pushes them tightly to the middle of her body and around my cock. Just seeing the head of my penis… my penis, sticking between her huge tanned natural tits was intense. I look at her face, her glasses lenses are glazed over with juice and her pig tails are barely staying tight against her head. She sweats, which adds to the glistening effect of her upper body. “Do it!.” She yells at me. She is obviously as horny for this as I am.

“Ram that fucking cock between these tits. Make them yours. Own my tits.” I start to rock back and forth and I watch the head of my cock pop up in her cleavage. I start to pump madly and I am quickly losing control. “Fuck yes. You know how to bang out a good set of tits. Have you fucked Mrs. Hart’s tits? Have you fucked two pairs of tits at the same time? I bet you would like that. You would like to see your prick driving a wedge in the middle of my tits and Mrs. Hart’s tits at the same time.” I pick up my pace even more. She can barely hold her position as I hammer away at her. My cum that is already all over her starts to fly about and cover her office and my torso. The sight is so sexy. I reach down and grab her tits head on and I start to rub her hard brown nipples. She then lets go of her chest and allows me to take control. Her hands drop back and help to stabilize her body as I tear into her. It isn’t long until I feel my bodily urges rising to the surface yet again. It is after the next couple of pumps that she leans her head back and my jizz starts to blast out from between her tits. Her chest becomes soaked even more and this time I hit her under the chin and on her neck as well. I pump her chest a few more times with my turgid cock and scream out with glee at the spectacle. I feel her shake again with another orgasm.

I sit back with exhaustion. For the next few minutes I simply watch her play with the jizz that is all over her body. She grabs some of it and starts to eat it. She rubs a huge portion into her chest and face until it dries. She seems to be having so much fun playing with my cum. After several more minutes, I start to get dressed. I will gladly give her this chance again if she so asks.

“I want a copy of that movie and the pictures too please.” I say to her with hope.

“I will see what I can do. Later. You better get going.” She says, she is distracted now, she hardly even seems to notice me.

Meanwhile, at the door, a figure watches between the blinds and listens with interest.

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