A Hidden Lesson

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Simon was despairing about when exactly he was going to lose his virginity. At eighteen years old he was the only left in his social group at college who hadn’t lost their virginity in fact he had rarely experienced any sexual contact to speak of and he was getting pissed off listening to his friends stories about their carnal exploits. It wasn’t as if Simon wasn’t attractive. With deep frustration he would look at himself in the mirror on a daily basis and wonder what was wrong with the girls he met.

Simon was tall approaching six foot two in height. He had a nice broad chest and shoulders and his physique was leaning more to that of an adult rather than a teenage boy. His shoulder length dark wavy hair framed his face and complimented his almond shaped brown eyes. He had been complimented once on his brooding appearance saying that he reminded them of Heathcliffe. Okay, that particular compliment had been delivered by his Aunt Mandy but she had slept with over a hundred and twenty eight people and she was only twenty eight years old, with that kind of fucking success ratio surely she must know what’s she’s talking about? In fact it was Mandy who had awakened Simon’s sexual thought.

There had been a party held at home to celebrate his mother’s thirtieth birthday. Mandy was his mothers younger sister and she point blank refused to let Simon call her Aunt Mandy.

“God just call me Mandy.” She’d exclaimed. “Aunt makes me sound positively prehistoric.”

Simon’ mother Alison hadn’t really approved but when it came to the free spirited Mandy she knew it would be pointless arguing. In terms of outlook and fashion sense Mandy and Alison couldn’t have been more different. Alison was quite happy wear plain pants and a blouse whereas Mandy liked to dress provocatively in short dresses and tight jeans with tops that showed off her ample cleavage.

From an early age Simon had been aware that his father Kent didn’t appear to have a problem with Mandy, quite the contrary, in fact the pair of them got on really well. Kent was forever teasing her, calling her Randy Mandy or tickling her waist when Alison was out of the room.

It was at his mother’s birthday party though when Mandy surpassed her self in Simon’s eyes and it was the first time Simon had really noticed Mandy’s figure. Mandy had also given him a hard on and although he had tried wanking his cock in the past he had never been able to finish. Mandy unwittingly had played a vital part though in helping him reach that particular milestone in the privacy of his bedroom where he came for the very first time.

Mandy had been twenty three at the time and had arrived at the party in a white ribbed vest and cut off denim shorts that had been obviously cut strategically with the scissors so that a glimpse of her pert buttocks was visible. She had also brought her latest boyfriend Clive who was only nineteen. A long, tall guy who had his shirt open, he was also covered in tattoos and had a nose piercing. He was what his mother would have described as ‘rough’.

Simon had always found family gatherings a real bore but Mandy always managed to maintain his interest which meant that rather than sneaking out of the party to go to his room to play on his Play station to escape his familial boredom, he decided to stay downstairs. That evening Simon observed how Mandy moved within the family circles. Her laugh was contagious and tinkled in the air like a wind chime in the breeze. Later in the evening Mandy instigated a game of Twister and Simon had been unable to take his eyes off her as she bent over in front of him and ended up in such a position that it looked like her face was pressing into his father’s crotch. Eventually when eleven o clock arrived, and much to Simons chagrin, Alison had insisted that he went to bed.

“I don’t know what’s got into you this evening.” She’d exclaimed, “We normally can’t drag you out of your room.”

Simon could have melted with embarrassment. Why did his mother have to be such a drag? Sulkily Simon climbed the stairs stamping his feet on each step. Reaching his bedroom he went in and slammed the door for effect. Throwing himself onto his bed for a few minutes Simon inwardly continued to rant against the injustice of his life before his anger slowly subsided and his mind was replaced with thoughts of Mandy. God she was fit, when he was older he was going to have a girlfriend just like her. He closed his eyes and started to imagine Mandy without any clothes on. In his minds eye she was stood in a pose like he had seen the models do in lad’s magazines and then he imagined her bent over a Ferrari and looking at him licking her lips. As he allowed his imagination to run freely, Simon’s fantasy was interrupted by Mandy’s giggles from the landing outside, then he heard the murmur of a male voice who Simon assumed must be Clive.

“Sshhh” Mandy whispered.

Simon heard the bathroom door open and shut. The bathroom was adjacent with Simon’s room and his curiosity was piqued. What was Mandy halkalı escort doing in the bathroom? ‘Shagging’ a voice involuntarily popped into his head. Simon snapped his eyes closed before opening them again. Slowly he slid out of bed and reached across to his bedside cabinet. He picked up an empty glass and crept across his bedroom before placing the top end of the glass onto the wall and the bottom end to his ear. He couldn’t hear anything at first and then he heard Mandy moan. Quickly the moans were replaced with a panting that became more and more frantic until Simon heard Clive groan before it suddenly went silent. He waited a few moments just in case anything else was going to happen but then he heard the bathroom door opening followed by footsteps across the landing.

Undressing, Simon got into bed and lay there replaying the sounds over and over again in his head. Mandy had been shagging! Although part of Simon felt a little appalled and shocked another part of him was excited. He had told all his friends about the incident and it had given him some kudos, he felt that they had finally allowed him into their club.

However, Simon now felt like he’d never really been part of the club at all. Over the years he had given up wanking over Mandy. He hadn’t seen her for three years, ever since she’d met Douglas a millionaire who spent most of his days on his yacht in St Tropez. Mandy had jumped at the chance to forge a new life for herself and had disappeared into the proverbial sunset.

Simon was sat at the dining table doing his math’s homework when the sound of the doorbell infiltrated his brain that was wrestling with a particularly problematic math’s question. His mother opened the door and Simon heard squeals before the door shut and the perpetrator of the noise walked into the room. Simon looked up and there in front of him stood Mandy. Looking just as fit as when he had last seen her only now she sported a deep brown tan.

That evening, Simon didn’t really get the chance to speak to Mandy; his mother as always was asking so many questions he couldn’t get a word in edgeways. From what he could gauge from the conversation, Douglas the millionaire had turned out to be a perverted control freak and Mandy, unable to cope with it any longer, had planned her escape over a period of two months and now here she was. It wasn’t until the next evening that Simon was given the chance to catch up with Mandy for himself.

His mother and father had gone out to a presentation evening at his father’s works. Simon had noticed that his father had been completely dumbstruck when he had first seen Mandy but they had quickly resumed their playful banter like they hadn’t seen each other for three days not three years.

When Simon got home from football practice Mandy shouted him from the kitchen.

“Simon? I’ve made some chicken wraps, do you want some?” Her voice trilled.

“Umm yeah.” Simon shouted back before running up the stairs two at a time. After having a shower and changing into his grey tracksuit he went downstairs and into the kitchen. He watched as Mandy deftly wrapped chunks of chicken within the tortillas. Placing two on a bed of salad she handed Simon the plate and grinned. “Get stuck in.”

“Thanks.” Simon found himself smiling easily back at her, that was the thing about Mandy, she had this inherent knack of making you feel comfortable around her. They both walked through to the dining room and sat down.

“So what’s new with you?” Mandy asked. “How’s college?”

Simon bit into his wrap and shrugged his shoulders. “Its alright I suppose.”

“I loved going to college when I was your age.” Mandy admitted. “All the parties and getting pissed it was fabulous fun.”

Simon shrugged again. “I haven’t been to any parties, well not yet.”

Mandy pulled a disappointed face. “You’re joking? You need to get out there Simon, a good looking lad like you? You should be partying every night.”

Suddenly Simon felt inadequate but he was secretly pleased that Mandy thought he was good looking.

“You have that brooding look going on most definitely, in fact you remind me of how I imagine Heathcliffe to look in Wuthering Heights, all dark and brooding, surely you have got a girlfriend?” Mandy raised her eyebrows at him and Simon felt himself blush with embarrassment. He could have lied and said that he had, but lying wasn’t in his nature. Finally he shook his head.

“No, I haven’t.””

Mandy exhaled loudly. “Jesus. But you must have had a girlfriend at some point?” She persisted.

Once again Simon felt uncomfortable and slightly annoyed that Mandy was pressing the issue. “I’ve been busy studying; anyway there isn’t anyone I fancy, not my own age anyway.”

“Ahh, into older women are you? That isn’t unusual for someone your age. I always went for the older guys as well when I was eighteen. I wanted guys with experience if you know what I mean?’ taksim escort Mandy smiled and gave Simon a knowing look.

Simon gulped down the last of his chicken wrap nearly choking.

“I guess I do like older women.” Simon managed to reply after clearing his throat.

“So have you fucked anyone yet?” Mandy candidly asked.

Despite himself Simon felt his eyes widen in surprise at her forthright question, the look on his faced cause Mandy to giggle. “Oh go on, you can tell your Auntie Mandy.” She teased, clearing the last of her salad and popping a cherry tomato in her mouth, the irony of which was not lost on Simon. Leaning back in her chair Mandy folded her arms across her ample breasts, pushing her cleavage up in the process.

“I haven’t slept with anyone yet.” Simon finally admitted.

“But there must be someone you wouldn’t mind fucking.” Mandy insisted.

God, what was wrong with her? Why did she have to be so persistent?

“I quite fancy my French teacher.” Simon conceded. “She’s fit but obviously out of my league.”

“Not necessarily, I used to find that most of my teachers at college were perverts. Plus, its not like its illegal, you’re eighteen, so you are at the age of consent, above actually in some countries at your age.”

“I don’t think it’s as easy as that.” Simon couldn’t help but laugh, “they are bound by ethical agreements and allsorts plus in case its escaped your notice, that kind of thing is frowned upon and definitely not the norm, plus they could lose their job.”

Mandy sniffed her disapproval and waved her hand in dismissal. “You need to stop being a defeatist Simon. I still can’t believe you’re a virgin though, that’s such a crying shame, it really is.”

It was suddenly evident that quite clearly Mandy had zero regard for rules and regulations. Standing up she took both of their plates from the table. “I’ll get us a beer.”

As she left the room Simon shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Thoughts of Miss McFarlane his French teacher sprang into his mind. A couple of weeks earlier she’d taken her lesson sat on the desk in front of the class. As she was discussing the imminent college trip to Belgium, she’d crossed her legs causing her skirt to ride up and Simon had caught a glimpse of her knickers. The image in his mind was now making his cock hard as Mandy returned to the room with two bottles of beer in her hand. Handing one to Simon she motioned with her head. “Come on let’s go through to the lounge, it’s comfier than sitting in here all night.”

Simon took a swig of his beer. What was he going to do now? He urged his cock to go down as Mandy left the room. He couldn’t stand up until his hardness had subsided, also there was nothing worse that a pair of jogging bottoms to expose a guys solid cock. Eventually he felt his erection abate as he thought about how embarrassed he would be if Mandy caught a glimpse.

That evening as they sat in the lounge the chat had thankfully turned from sexual topics to a much more mundane conversation about what bands Simon was into and what football team he supported. However, as the beers flowed, it didn’t take Mandy long to revert back to what was quite clearly her favourite subject, sex.

“I remember when I lost my virginity.” Mandy, in Simon’s eye, had needlessly decided to confide him again. “I was like a tube of Pringles, once, I was popped I couldn’t stop. I used to keep count of how many people I had fucked but decided to stop when I reached a hundred and twenty eight.” She laughed. “Do you think that’s slutty of me?” She asked Simon, twirling her hair around her fingers looking all coquettish.

Simon shook his head. “No, not really.”

Mandy drained the last of her beer from the bottle. “You’re just being kind.”

Simon by now was feeling slightly pissed and he felt a burst of Dutch courage. “I think it’s horny when women know what they want.”

Mandy nodded knowingly. “You’re right and I bet your French teacher knows exactly what she wants too.”

Into Simons mind popped an image of Miss McFarlane with her prominent features and cropped dark hair. He’d once watched a porno and the star of the show had looked just like her. Simon had watched the film over and over again wanking until he was sure he was going to draw blood.

“I bet she fantasizes about fucking you.” Mandy’s eyes looked into his intently before running them across his body and back again to his face. “Not that I am saying I’d fantasise about you in the aunt/nephew capacity of course, that would just be weird. I reckon you should have a go at seeing where you stand with your French teacher to be honest, nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that.”

Mandy stretched her arms above her head and let out a yawn. “God, I am knackered, I think I’ll hit the sack.” She stood up a little unsteady on her feet. “And I am a bit pissed.” Walking over to Simon she ruffled his hair affectionately. “Night.”

“Night.” Simon replied and şişli escort watched her as she left the room, her hips swinging from side to side.

That night Simon found it hard to sleep. He couldn’t stop thinking about his conversations with Mandy and then his mind was flooded with images of Miss McFarlane. He could see her dressed in her black suit and he imagined bending her over the desk in front of him, inching up her tight pencil skirt to reveal her stockings and suspenders. Simon in his minds eye saw himself unzipping his jeans and releasing his cock from his boxers. Pulling Miss McFarlane’s knickers to one side, her pussy was revealed to him, all plump and clean shaven, her pussy lips glistening with the desire begging him to fuck her.

As Simon stroked his cock enjoying the feeling, he imagined pushing himself inside Miss McFarlane, hearing her gasping with pleasure until the gasps turning to moans as he fucked her hard. In the distance he heard footsteps across the landing and the bathroom door shutting. Rhythmically Simon pulled on his cock as he saw himself turning Miss McFarlane round, picking her up and putting her on top of the desk, her legs wide open, her tongue licking her lips as he leant forward and hooked her legs over his arms before resuming fucking her, much deeper this time. He heard her moans getting louder and then suddenly the moans became a reality. At first Simon thought he was imagining things, was his horny mind playing tricks on him? He convinced himself that in the heat of self love, every horny hard on inducing thought and scenario he’d imagined were now merging into one big wank fest. As he resumed wanking, he heard the moaning again. The sound was quiet and muffled and this time he knew he wasn’t allowing his mind to run away with him.

Simon slid out of bed and walked across the room placing his ear against the wall. The moans were now clearer and a stifled recognizable giggle burst forth. It was Mandy, had she sneaked a suitor into the house, waiting until his parents had gone to bed before having her wicked way in the bathroom? She must have. The thought turned Simon on. There really were no rules when it came to Mandy and Simon felt a thrill at the thought that their earlier conversations had turned Mandy on so much and they’d left her feeling so horny that she felt compelled to have her desires met.

As Mandy’s moans increased Simon closed his eyes and imagined Miss McFarlane knelt down in front of him, her full lips coated with crimson lipstick. He imagined her opening them and taking his cock in her mouth. The muffled sounds of sex from the neighboring room made the images in his mind even more powerful than then they would normally be. As Simon wanked himself faster and faster he could feel himself building up to an orgasm.

In turn Mandy’s panting and moaning was also reaching a peak and Simon couldn’t help but simultaneously imagine Miss McFarlane sucking him, her lips pulling on his cock eagerly as she teased the come out of him. Like an adjacent reel of film running in his mind, he could see Mandy’s face next door contorted with pleasure as she too built up to coming. As Simon felt himself come he saw himself shooting it all over Miss McFarlane’s face before smearing her red lipstick with his thumb mixing it in with his cock juices. There was a murmur from the next room and then silence; evidently Mandy’s goal had been accomplished too. Suddenly Simon had an overwhelming urge to catch the culprit who had sneaked into their home to satisfy Mandy’s horny needs.

Quickly Simon picked up his tracksuit bottoms and slipped them on. He stood stock still listening for when the bathroom door opened, when it did moments later, Simon darted to his bedroom door, opening it he stepped out onto the landing. What Simon next witnessed caused him to stand stock still as if a rigidity spell had been cast upon him as his father appeared in front of his eyes. A look of shock flooded Kent’s features before he regained his composure quickly shutting the bathroom door behind him. He nodded at Simon before passing him making his way to the bedroom he shared with Simon’s mother. Quickly Simon retreated in to his own room.

The next day as Simon dressed for college he couldn’t help but think about the night before. As he filled his college back pack, Simon picked up his French study book and packed it in between his files. Looking at his reflection he smiled, maybe Mandy had been right all along, he really should rid himself of his insecurities and anxieties and grab life with both hands, or more to the point his hands should be grabbing Miss McFarlane and the thought cheered him up.

At breakfast, as Simon took a piece of toast off the mound his mother had placed on the dining table, he heard Mandy announce from the kitchen that she was leaving. Apparently she had a few friends who she wanted to visit and eventually she would need to find a place of her own. He heard his mother’s protestations and his father’s murmurs insisting that Mandy could stay a long as she wanted.

Stepping outside, Simon shut the front door behind him and hitched his back pack over his shoulders. Striding down the street he whistled to himself like a man on a mission. If Mandy hadn’t given him much else, she given him an insight into what women wanted, even if it had been a hidden lesson.

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