A Girl’s First Time

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That night was pure magic. We walked into the elegant party like a king and queen arriving at a royal ball. We were treated as such also, being home coming king and queen at our high school, we were very well-known. The lights and people and pure romantic atmosphere was wonderful. There were always people near you but it was never too close, we hated to leave such a party but I had to be home in a few hours, and I wanted to take a drive. We drove around for a while watching the night sky out of my window and him singing me beautiful songs, until we found a little niche that was near a cliff, overseeing a vast lake with the moon showing brightly on it.

There we sat. Huddled together in the back of my boyfriend’s candy apple red ’69 Camaro. It was cold that night, and we had just gotten back from the party. I was wearing a short red dress. My boyfriend always complimented me on the way I look, my long, slender legs, toned body, and large breasts had him all the way. During the whole night I was cold, my nipples were constantly tingling and pushing at my dress. Every now and then we’d run into each other and it seems he had a problem, too, only it was something trying to push it’s way out of his pants. I had never done anything with a guy isveçbahis before, he was my first intense relationship.

I held him close as we watched the stars out of the back window, my body pressed against his, only the thin fabric of my dress separated my body from his sight. Kissing his neck I felt his passion for me, literally growing, as I laid on top of him. I unbuttoned his nice black shirt, uncovering his broad chest. It was very cold that night, yet we had no problem at all with cold. Things were getting hot, our hands roamed each other with lust, our lips locked together. I felt a strange new heat in between my legs, and wetness. I sat up on his lap and unzipped my red dress, letting it slip from my shoulders. He practically jumped, my breasts bulged at the front of my sheer black bra. I leaned back and pulled the rest of my dress off, to reveal the matching sheer black thong. My fully shaved pussy had soaked what little underwear there was to soak.

Wearing only my red stiletto heels, I sat back down on his lap, he kissed at my neck and trailed down my chest, sucking my nipples through the sheer fabric. Reaching around my back he unclasped my bra, it drifted off slowly, and he stared at me for a moment, then took my isveçbahis giriş nipple into his mouth. I moaned lightly and pressed my wet pussy against his pants, feeling his desire for me. Unzipping his pants, I smiled sweetly, he could barely say a word. We’d been going out for three years, since our sophomore year of high school. He’d previously made attempts but I didn’t feel that I was ready, but I was more than ready then. I leaned down whispering to him, “I need you inside of me.” He was happy to oblige responding with nothing but a light moan. Things were cramped in the back of his Camaro but we didn’t need any more space.

He laid me down, legs spread, and feet up, one on the front seat the other on the roof. Smiling he leaned down sucking my neck and trailing kisses down my chest and stomach. He pressed his face into my pussy smelling me, breathing me in, I felt his breath and moaned just at that. He opened his mouth wide and sucked on both of my pussy lips, spreading them with his tongue he flicked at my clit and waiting hole. Driving me wild, I thrust my hips to his face, exciting him more he fingered me while he licked my clit. I couldn’t control myself the passion was so immense. I came with such a fury and fire that isveçbahis yeni giriş felt like I shook the world.

I could feel his passion for me, it grew so large. I was worried it would hurt me, being my first time. He just looked down at me lovingly and whispered, “I won’t hurt you.” With a sudden yet slow movement he placed his cock at my opening, I gazed up at him with glazed over vision from my previous cum. Pushing inside of me he was so hot and thick, it hurt a little, but when he was all the way in and let me adjust it began to feel good, really good. I started moaning when he took it in and out a bit, then he went faster and harder. I was practically screaming for him. My tight pussy clenched around him like a vice, he couldn’t hold on long, and neither could I. His rapid thrusts became erratic, and my tightening on him got harder, I was at the edge almost there when he came, this set me off and moaning loudly, “Oooooh baby, mmmmm, Harder… oohhhh.”

We lay there spent, our damp bodies seemed to morph into one. You could smell only sex, and hear only breathing. His hot breath on my neck felt so good. His soft cock slid out of me easily and he looked up at me, smiling and pressed his lips to mine. Never have I had a kiss so passionate, so loving. My dreams of what my first time would be like could never compare to this. We stayed there for hours after we had both climaxed many times we were completely spent. It was great. It was more than having sex, we made love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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