A Girl That Wants to Be Ravished

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Becca is a married woman that is dying to have a man ravish her body. She has husband that obviously doesn’t understand the concept of “a woman being ravished”. She dreams every day and night how she wants her body loved from head to toe. She wants a closeness of a man to make her pussy soaked and wet to the point that her juices are flowing down her nice sexy thick legs. Becca knows that one day her dream will come true, but the main question in her heart is “When?” Deep down in Becca heart, she knows that she an attractive young woman, but she needs a man to prove that point to her.

One day Becca came home from running errands, so she decided she was going to lay on the couch and rest her eyes for a while, but of course she started dreaming again. In her dream, a man started passionately kissing her nice, soft voluptuous lips. Becca lips are the best feature that she has on her body, every guy that she been with would tell a person so. After passionately kissing her for a while, the man kisses and nibbles her ears and neck and as well as biting her neck softly. Becca can feel her clit to start getting hard as her breathing starts to get heavier. The man takes off her shirt and starts to passionately kiss her cleavage very slowly, she can feel her nipples starting to get hard. The man takes off her isveçbahis bra. He starts to suck and nibble on her nipples very softly to the point that they can’t get any harder. The man gets back up starts kissing and nibbling her neck and ears again, whispering how sexy and hot she is. He also whispers how his cock is so hard for her and only her.

The dream continues on, the man lays her on the couch and gets on top of her. He holds her hands above her head, he passionately kissing on her lips, down her neck, her breast, up and down her belly. As he passionately kissing her he takes one hand starts rubbing her pussy while her pants are still on. She can feel her pussy getting full of juices to the point that it soaks through her panties and pants. The man moves down to the end of her and takes off her pants and panties. He spreads her legs wide. He staring for a moment admiring the beautiful pussy that she has. He starts to tease it by rubbing her clit with his finger. Becca moaning with pleasure. He spreads her pussy lips apart and starts sucking on her clit. He doesn’t want to stop because she taste so damn good and sweet. The man is going up and down, side to side with his tongue. Becca starts to climax because he hitting all the right spots. She squirts all over his face. He licks off every drop isveçbahis giriş and swallows. It excites Becca even more.

Becca feels more loved when she can give a man an intense satisfying blow job, in her dream she sits up on the couch, pulls the man’s pants and boxers down. His cock is rock hard and throbbing. She starts to blow him, with her tongue she going up and down, side to side, twirling it at the head of his cock, the man is moaning with pleasure. She stroking shaft as she sucking the head like it a lollipop, she moves down is shaft and sucks and licks on his balls. The man just can’t get enough, because she is the best at what she does. The man pulls out before blows in her mouth.

The man takes Becca to his bed and has her bend over. He shoves his cock inside of her. Becca is moaning and moaning because it feels so damn good. He going faster and faster, deeper and deeper, and of course harder and harder because Becca is the type that likes it rough too. As he pounding her tight pussy, with one hand he pulling onto her hair through the heat of passion. The man can’t believe how tight she is, but it feels so damn good.

The man pulls out and he lays on the bed. Becca gets on top of him and starts riding his big rock hard cock. The man is moaning and moaning, because she can isveçbahis yeni giriş ride that cock so good. As she riding his cock, the man is passionately kissing her and caressing her breast. When he is not kissing her, he is glazing into her eyes, telling her “Baby you’re so damn sexy”. Becca starts to climax and cums all over his cock. Her juices are just running down his cock. The man didn’t know she could cum so much, he has a look on his face like he has fallen in love with her.

In this final part of her dream, it was time for the man to climax and it turns her on even more when a man moans when he cums and blows all over her face. Becca gets off of him and lays on the bed. The man lays on top of her and shoves his cock inside of her. He holding both of her hands as he is pounding that juicy pussy. He kissing her as well at the same time. Becca can tell that his face is starting to turn red, he is going as fast as he can go, the hardest and the deepest. He pulls out and says, “Baby I am going to cum, aww fuck baby mmmmm fuck”. He couldn’t stop cumming because the sex was so good, he shooted out 6 times before he was done. He blew all over Becca face. She licks her face and swallows every drop and says “Damn baby you taste wonderful.”

They cleaned up and the man kisses her and holds her and doesn’t let go.

Becca woke up from her dream and realize it wasn’t real. But it did feel real to her. She hopes one day that the exact dream comes true. When it does come true it will be the best day she has ever had in over 2 years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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