A Friendly Affair

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Kary was finishing grad school when she broke up with her boyfriend of 10 years. They’d been living together for 8 and things were in a huge rut — though she hadn’t really appreciated how big a rut they were in until she was free.

She hit the dating scene running, loving the freedom she hadn’t known in a decade. She was still not very sexually experienced since her old boyfriend liked little foreplay, a quick fuck, and then going to sleep.

She dated a few guys and enjoyed a few pleasurable evenings. But she didn’t see her best fuck coming.

Jeff was a first year grad student in her department. He was 31 to her 33 having worked for 10 years before coming back to grad school. Jeff and his wife had just moved into town where his wife had a new job. Jeff and Kary had similar research interests and hung out a lot together then started spending more time off campus together. Jeff introduced Kary to his favorite, newfound music spot in the city since his wife never wanted to go to concerts on weeknights.

So many times driving to shows or waiting for the band to start, Jeff thought how easily conversation came to the two of them, how had he met Kary a few years ago … well things would be different. But he was a faithful husband and he enjoyed having a great friend to hang out with.

One night, having gone a week without sex, Jeff and his wife had a fight when she said “No” again. The next night, still a bit angry at his wife and still sexual frustrated, he had a concert planned with Kary. He picked her up on campus and went to a new club.

They were talking about old girlfriends and boyfriends, and about things they liked in them. Jeff told Kary that he had a theory, developed from two girls he’d dated, that girls who used to be tomboys were better in bed. He had no idea why, but that’s what he’d observed. Kary just smiled and said “Hmmm.” Kary told him that dating this one, not-very-interesting, guy for so long, she didn’t even know what good in bed was.

Their talk was easy and Jeff continued to charm Kary until the band came on. She was so envious of his wife, and thought she was foolish to let him come out with her so often. At the end of the night, as Jeff approached Kary’s apartment, Kary said, “You know Jeff, I was quite a tomboy as a kid.”

Jeff, startled, look at Kary in the passenger seat. She licked her lips and said, “Why don’t you park the car and come in?”

When her door closed behind them, Kary backed Jeff up against the door and kissed him. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to do that?”

“Probably about the same length of time I’ve been telling myself that it would be wrong?” Jeff answered.

“Let’s come to some terms here. I’m married. I want to stay married. But I really like you. Alot. And so until your Mr. Right comes along, I think we can have a lot of fun.” Then Jeff kissed her again, deeper, longer, wetter than the first. When Kary felt his tongue quickly flicker over hers, her heart skipped a beat wondering what might be to come. Pulling away, Jeff whispered, “I can’t wait to taste if your pussy is as sweet as I’ve imagined.”

Kary’s pussy was sweet, and already plenty wet. She turned and took Jeff’s hand and led Jeff down the hall. He was a bit disappointed he couldn’t walk behind her and appreciate her ass a little more.

When they reached her bedroom, Jeff put his arms around Kary and quickly pulled her sweater over her head. Her lacy pink bra held her breasts so beautifully. Jeff had trouble imagining her as a tomboy. “God, you’re beautiful.”

“Your turn.” Kary unbuttoned Jeff’s shirt as fast as she could and pushed it back away from his. She started to lift his undershirt over his head, but because he was much taller, he had to help her. She ran her hands over his chest, down his sides, and finally one hand down over the bulge in his jeans.

Jeff muttered “Oh Fuck” as he felt her hand through the denim on his balls. “Take my pants off, Kary.”

She moved to the light switch, but Jeff said “No. I want to see me fuck you tonight. I want you to watch me lick your pussy.” But what he really wanted was to see her sweet face as she sucked on his cock.

So she knelt before him and unbuttoned his fly, then lowered the zipper. One hand on each side of his hips, she tugged downward, frustrated his pants were not coming down faster. Finally she got them to his knees when he stepped out of them. His grey boxer-briefs showed a huge bulge.

Kary, on her knees, kissed his stomach and just above the waistband of his underwear. Seeing this beauty on her knees, wearing just jeans and her lacy pink bra was a beautiful sight.

“You look so hot, Kary. You better be planning to get these shorts off quick. I need my cock in your mouth. You gonna suck my cock?”

Kary was a little shocked at this language. But she loved it. Her old boyfriend never talked dirty and was never as playful. She wondered if there was a wet spot on her jeans.

She didn’t take his shorts off, but kissed down the fabric, kissed his isveçbahis bare inner thighs, then came up from below to lick the fabric covering his balls.

She reached behind him and gripped his ass in both hands and ran her tongue around the fabric covering the head of his cock, pulling his hips toward her. He took his hands to the back of Kary’s head and pulled her closer to him. The feel of Jeff’s big hands pulling her head further onto his fabric covered cock further turned her on.

She finally decided to set him free and pulled the shorts down, exposing a bigger cock than she’d had in a long time, perhaps ever.

Jeff saw her eyes widen and her slack-jawed mouth and said “You like what you see?” And she kissed the tip of his cock.

“Why don’t you take those pants off, Kary?”

She looked up at him and said, “I think I’d like to suck on this a bit first,” grabbing his shaft in her hand.

“Then suck it, baby. You look like a good cocksucker there on your knees with that sexy bra still on.”

Certainly no one had ever called her a cocksucker before. But then again this was just sex right? That was the deal. She made an “O” with her lips and guided the cock to her mouth. Jeff watched the “O” of her lips get wider as first his head then his shaft slid into her mouth. “Oh yeah, that’s it.”

Kary bobbed up and down about four inches of Jeff’s shaft, just about half his length. “Damn you look so sexy with my cock in your mouth. Play with my balls.”

She slid her mouth back and his cock popped from her mouth. “Mmmm.” She held his shaft to his stomach while licking and sucking his balls for a moment. She pulled back and said “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what? Ready to fuck you?”

She bit her bottom lip and shook her head yes.

“I was hoping you’d finish the job you started here. Then by the time I’m done licking your pussy, I’ll fuck you however you like. And maybe however I like too.”

Kary’s boyfriend never was ready to go again. He had one bullet then went to sleep. The thought of fucking all night long made her plunge Jeff’s cock back into her mouth. She was anxious to feel his tongue on her clit and his cock inside her.

She was bobbing quickly up and down Jeff’s shaft with her eyes closed. “Fuck yeah. That’s great Kary. Look at me.”

Kary looked up and Jeff and slowed her pace. “I’ve been imagining your lips around my cock for months. But you’re an even better cocksucker than I imagined.”

She grabbed his ass again and keeping the eye contact started bobbing as fast as she could. Pulling his hips and cock into her mouth with her hands while bobbing her head. “Oh God. That’s it. You in a hurry?”

She back off, “Yeah I’m in a hurry. I’m so wet.”

“Your what is wet?”

“My pussy is wet. You have my pussy totally fucking moist. Is that what you want to hear?”

Jeff smiled and took Kary’s head and guided it back onto his cock. “Yep. That’s what I want to hear. Feel free to play with it while you suck me.”

She continued to bob but didn’t want to touch her pussy. She wanted Jeff’s mouth to make her cum for the first time tonight, and she was so hot, her fingers might have made her come quicker than she wanted.

She did cup her breasts and squeezed her tits as she bobbed on his cock.

“Oh yeah Kary, I’m close. Here it comes. Can I come in your mouth?”

She gave a slight nod yes as she returned her hands to his ass. His hands went to the back of her head as he pulled her head at just the right pace as he fucked her mouth.

“Oh fuck, oh god yeah, oh fuck Kary, ahhh.”

Jeff felt an enormous volume of cum shoot out off his cock but Kary’s lips remained tight around his shaft. He felt her throat tightened as she swallowed once, then again.

Kary felt his cock hit the back of her throat and his controlling hands on her head. Then she felt the first shot his the back of her throat hard, then another, then another, until she put her tongue just over his opening to stop the cum from gagging her, cum that came in four or five more spurts, redirecting it to the front of her mouth. She swallowed to clear the back of her throat, then swallowed the rest.

She continued to bob, feeling all stress gone for Jeff’s body. His arms hung at his sides.

Jeff pulled his cock from Kary’s mouth, a trail of spit or cum failing down onto Kary’s chin. Goddam girl, that was a great blowjob.” He pulled her up and kissed her deeply (her ex had never down that after a BJ). “Damn I’m gonna have fun with you.”

“Take those pants off and get on the bed.” She unclasped her bra then unbuttoned her pants, and slid them and her underwear off in one motion, denying Jeff the chance to see the pink thong that matched her bra.

Kary laid on her back, her knees in the air and spread apart, the cool air on her soaking wet pussy making her chilly.

Jeff climbed on the bed and just looked down at her and her glistening pussy. “Damn that’s a wet pussy girl. You’re a horny little cum-swallowing slut aren’t isveçbahis giriş you?”

Jeff was going to push the limits of his new fuck-buddy.

“Dammit Jeff, just lick my pussy like you promised.”

Jeff moved down the bed and started at her feet. He kissed her ankles and his tongue ran up her left calf while his left hand ran up her right calf. Then he switched and he kissed inside her right knee and his right hand traced inside her left knee.

“Oh yeah, move up faster. Please!” Kary begged.

“Patience, my little cocksucker,” Jeff said as he stopped and got on his knees on the bed. Stroking his cock in his hand, he moved up the bed, kneeling beside Kary, and lowered his balls into her mouth.

“If you’re gonna beg, you gotta talk dirtier than that. I know you want to.” He pulled his balls from her mouth and let his flaccid but half-hardening cock fall across Kary’s lips. He slid his cock back and forth so the under side of his shaft slid across Kary’s lips until he pulled back far enough for her to open her mouth and capture the end of his cock. Then he pulled out and moved down again.

He picked up where he left off, at her knees but moving northward. He kissed one of her inner thighs while his fingers lightly traveled up the other. He he got near the top, he lifted Kary’s ass off the bed and put his tongue in the crack of her tight ass with his nose near her asshole. As he let her butt down slowly, his tongue glided closer and closer, then lightly skimmed her asshole, then closer and closer to her pussy.

“Please Jeff, lick my clit, I need you to lick my clit.”

As he lowered Kary’s ass to the bed, his tongue first touched the bottom of her folds. He moved his tongue around them, getting plenty of saliva all over her already soaked pubic hairs. He moved in a circle all around her folds and above her clit, making smaller and tighter circles but never getting to his destination.

Sounds but no words were coming from Kary when Jeff stopped again and raising to his knees he held his now hard cock in his hands. Kary looked down between her knees to see Jeff holding his big cock.

“Jeff just lick my clit. Please lick it.”

“I will, baby. I will. But tell me. How do you want fucked after I make you cum with my tongue?”

“Hard. I want fucked hard with your big cock.”

Jeff laughed. “I know you want to be fucked hard. Any pussy that soaking wet wants to be fucked hard. And trust me I’m going to fuck you hard,” Jeff said stroking his cock. “But what position do you want to be fucked in … right after I make you cum?”

“Just lick my pussy Jeff. Lick my pussy then climb on me and fuck me hard.”

Jeff lowered his mouth again to Kary’s pussy. First circling, then for the first time moving his tongue inside her folds, but still staying clear of her clit. He made a “U”, back and forth inside her folds, cumming up to her clit from the left, then from the right, but not letting his tongue enter her pussy and not letting it touch her clit.

At the top of each side of his “U”, he would let the tip of his tongue get closer and closer to her clit. He could sense how large and full it was. Finally his tongue on one trip circled up and around her clit, a tight circle, moving in tight fast circles, all around her clit but not touching it. He took one finger and put it in her pussy which warranted a loud gasp.

“Please Jeff, please. Fuck me with your fingers and lick my clit.”

Jeff put a second finger inside her cunt at the same time that he let his tongue hit her clit. All teasing was over. His tongue flicked rapidly, amazingly rapidly, back and forth on her clit. She’d never felt anything like it. He filled his mouth with more saliva, letting it soak her clit and he started licking up and down her clit then moving his head gently but quickly left and right — the combination made his tongue touch every single nerve in her clit every half second.

He added a third finger inside her cunt and made sure his middle finger was hitting her g-spot on every thrust.

Her gasps got louder and closer together, then he slowed his finger fucking and just rubbed her g-spot with one finger and slowed his tongue slightly, just enough to remove her from the edge.

“Oh no. Please don’t stop. That was so good.”

Jeff moved up the bed now. Wiping his soaking wet cheeks and mouth on her breasts, soaking them with her own juices and his saliva. He hovered above her face, the room still filled with light.

“I love licking your pussy. You gonna cum hard for me, Kary? You gonna cum on my mouth?”

A weak “Uh-huh” was all Kary, out of breath, could utter.

And then Jeff slid his cock up through Kary’s folds so that the tip of his cock hit her clit. Then he moved back and forth slowly, round and round, the tip of his cock rubbing her clit. And he kissed her deeply, her taste thick on his mouth. But Jeff also tasted remnants of his cum during the deep kiss.

He continued to move his hips to rub his cockhead over her isveçbahis yeni giriş clit. Leaning on one elbow her held the back of her head and continued the long, hard, deep kiss. He could tell she was close to cumming from the pressure of his cock on her clit. Then he moved his other hand to a breast, kneading it, then touching then pinching her nipple. That started to send Kary over the edge.

Jeff immediately, briskly moved back down, jammed two fingers in Kary’s pussy and flicked his tongue over her clit faster than Kary thought a tongue could move. She called out that she was cumming. She called out Jeff’s name and God’s name, and words that Jeff could not understand.

Her orgasm seemed to last for a full minute, and as she was cumming down, Jeff slowed his tongue, then when she had almost totally come down from her remarkable high, Jeff started again on her clit, even faster. And started adding more and faster pressure from the inside to her g-spot. Now Kary could barely catch her breath and Jeff could tell she was nearing another climax.

He kept licking, side to side, up and down, diagonally on her clit. Trying to hit every nerve there. Her breathing and moaning got shorter, her grasp on Jeff’s shoulders tighter. Jeff felt her fingers tear into his skin as her scream nearly reached its peak….

… then in one quick move, he moved his mouth from her pussy while she was still cumming and moved upward plunging his cock into her.

“Ahhhh, ooohh, Ah fuck,” she screamed. Jeff plunged hard and fast, his thick cock filling her up and stretching her pussy, his deep strokes completely filling her depths.

She finally opened her eyes to see him looking down at her. “You’re one helluva pussy licker.”

Sweat dripping from Jeff’s forehead, and his mouth covered in pussy juice, he said “You’ve got one sweet pussy to lick.” And as he pounded out a few deeper strokes, “And one helluva tight pussy.” He lowered his mouth to hers but kept thrusting with the same intensity.

He arms circled his back and held onto him, one hand moving lower to grab his ass and guide his thrusts into her.

Jeff broke the deep kiss and moved his mouth to Kary’s ear. “Flip over. I wanna fuck you like a dog and watch my cock slide in and out of your cunt.”

“I thought you’d never ask,” Kary said, flipping over and aiming her sweet ass at Jeff.

Jeff aimed his cock at her pussy, appreciating the view. She’d already moved her fingers back to her clit and was holding her lips open waiting for him to penetrate her. That action was totally unnecessary since her pussy was already gaping open from the fucking she’d just received.

Jeff held the base of this cock and said “Kary, have you been a bad girl today?”

“Yes, I’ve been a bad girl.”

Jeff slapped his cock off of Kary’s ass. “What bad things have you done?”

“Many bad things. Many naughty things.”

Jeff slapped his cock off of her ass again. “Like what? Tell me what naughty things you’ve done. Did you suck a cock today, Kary?” And he slapped the other cheek with his cock.

“Yes. I sucked a cock. And I swallowed cum.”

Slap went his cock on her ass. “What else?”

“And I enjoyed it. I enjoyed swallowing that big load of cum.”

Slap went his cock. “What else?”

“And I begged a married man eat my pussy.”

Slap, slap, one to each cheek. “You are a naughty girl, Kary.” And Jeff slowly slid his cock into her gaping pussy, slowly filling Kary up. “What else?”

“Oh yeah. Ahh. And I begged this guy to fuck me hard.”

Without a cock to slap her ass, Jeff buried his cock balls deep in her cunt and slapped her ass gently with his hand. “Anything else?” Jeff asked, his cock buried in her, moving very slowly.

“Yes. I was naughty cause I loved it when he spanked my butt while he fucked me doggy style.”

Jeff slapped her ass again. Kary thought how lucky she was.

Jeff began fucking hard again. Holding the sides of her hips, throwing his cock into her.

“Damn girl I could cum just watching my cock slide in and out of your cunt,” Jeff said and gave her another slap and kept the fucking pace.

“Do it again, I’m gonna cum,” Kary cried. Jeff alternated short downward strokes to stimulate Kary’s g-spot with long, deep, hard thrusts to fill her pussy. Leaning now on her shoulders, she grabbed Jeff’s balls in one hand while he fucked her.

“Oh yeah, just like that, don’t stop, oh, ahh,” Kary cried as her third orgasm overwhelmed her.

Jeff stopped his alternating fucking style and just fucked as deep as he could on every stroke. Then Jeff stopped moving and ordered Kary to keep moving her ass. While he stood upright on his knees, his hands at his sides, he just watched Kary, on her hands and knees, move back and forth causing Jeff’s cock to disappear into her pussy then reappear again. Then she’d move in circle to showcase her adorable ass.

The beautiful view off Kary’s ass and his disappearing cock, not to mention her tight pussy was pushing him to push his limits.

“Oh fuck Kary, where do you want me to cum?”


“I’m not done eating your pussy, baby. Where do you want me to cum?”

Kary couldn’t believe it, she was speechless “Flip over,” Jeff ordered.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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