A Fine Romance

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(Other have enjoyed my account of when I first met Bobbi “When Miranda met Bobbi” and this is another account of a special evening for us…..)

“Turn over for me, darling.”

“Mmm – I thought you’d never ask!”

Bobbi flipped over on to her stomach and wriggled back across the bed towards me. Her beautiful ass gleamed in the candlelight, and the curve of her smooth back caught the flickering shadows.

We were making each other really hot; I’d been kneeling between her legs, kissing her clitoris hard and sliding my fingers deliciously slowly in and out of her, but I knew how I really wanted to make love to her tonight, and I knew that it would be how she wanted me to.

Anal love is at the top of the romance list for Bobbi and I. Ever since we met and fell in love, the physical side of things has been wonderful, and none more than the intimacy and excitement of kissing each other’s ass.

“Are you comfy, darling? Grab a pillow.”

“Miranda – stop being a wordy geek and slide your tongue between my cheeks, honey,” she murmured sleepily.

I ran my hands slowly up the back of her firm calves, and leaned forward towards her, the better to inhale the scent of our lovemaking, and pulled her towards my mouth. As I bent down, I ran my tongue from the wetness of her swollen lips and lightly dipped along the valley of her cheeks. Up and down, up and down, tantalisingly slowly, delaying the excitement of gently parting her bottom, the better to lip the sweetness of her anus.

“Mmmmm – “ Bobbi moaned gently, pushing her ass into my face, so that my tongue pressed further into her.

“Spread your legs a little, darling, so that I can get in.” Bobbi’s small butt is so firm and tight; even in daylight when she bends over to put on her underwear it’s hard for me to see her cute little ring.

Still tonguing her, I pressed her knees further apart, so that her cheeks opened more, and then moved my hands to her bottom’s cool skin and pulled her cheeks gently open. My tongue moved hungrily from her outer smoothness to the subtly different feel of her sphincter, lingering on the border, my taste buds savouring her scent, her wetness, and her body heat.

Then, like a pilgrim following a familiar trail to a personal shrine, I dipped my tongue firmly against her anus, quickly drawing away, and then returned again, remembering the fluttering excitement that I always feel when Bobbi does the same to me.

Up and down, side to side, teasing and questing, until when I pulled back for a moment to draw breath, I could see my lovemaking on her ivory dark ass, glistening in the beeswax light.

Bobbi groaned. “Ahh – don’t stop – don’t tease me you bitch!” Then she drew her legs under her stomach so that she was high in the air, and reached back and pulled both cheeks apart with her hands. She looked glorious – my slightly tanned goddess, lithe and fit, funny and witty, sexy and erotic, and my lover as well.

“Don’t be greedy,” I whispered. “We’ve got the whole night ahead of us.” I licked my finger and gently placed it at the base of her spine, which arched away from me towards her blonde ponytail. Then I finger tipped slowly down her crack, pausing for her to quiver when I rested it on her puckered opening, before trailing it down towards her cunt.

I licked her up and down, teasing but insistent, while Bobbi rocked her ass backward and forward, wanting me to enter her. I paused, and kaçak iddaa breathed into her sexiness, this time abandoning any pretence that I was holding back.

Moving my hands forward under her stomach, I cupped her breasts and pulled her into me, my face buried between her cheeks, forcing my tongue into her coral reef, pushing into her tightness, squeezing an entry.

It’s a delicious feeling: a tapestry of heightened ecstasy, woven with threads of eroticism, forbidden taboo, raw animal sex, and passionate love between the two of us.

Bobbi had relaxed a fraction, so my tongue could dart in and out around her ring, where she was most sensitive, and which always made her the most excited. I could sense one of her hands moving back and sliding between her legs so she could stroke herself at the same time that I was tonguing her so hungrily.

Nor could I resist reaching down and feeling my own slipperiness; we were locked together, extremities of eroticism, bringing each other on. We were moving as one, my tongue glued to Bobbi’s every arching movement as she bucked and pushed, the better to force me in and around her ass, while we both masturbated in mutual excitement and pleasure.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to last for much longer; the familiar warmth of impending orgasm was growing, and I could tell from the contractions around my tongue that Bobbi must be near as well.

Letting go of any withholding, I thrust my tongue up and into her ass, abandoning any gentleness, pointing my tongue and forcing it hard against her yielding; drawing back to pant, hearing with delight Bobbi’s moans and seeing her fingers working in and out of her glistening cunt.

She came first. With a rising moan she thrust back against me just as my tongue was hard into her behind – “AA—hhh—h—hhhh” – and held it there, her anal ring clenched tight around my tongue tip; we could have been melded together, except that my own climax rocked me forward so that I ended up slumped on top of her, my face resting on her back, both of us panting in exhilaration.


We kissed, and cuddled, and murmured the things you say to each other after making love..somehow, normality returned, as if life can every be the same after such passion.


“Mmm – you make me so horny!” I whispered into her ear.”

“Hey – that’s good then, lover! ‘Cause it’s my turn to give you a good tonguing. No, don’t move – “ Bobbi put a hand on me as I started to turn over. Pressing me gently down on my stomach she leaned over and buried her face between my legs, licking my cunt, and then pulling my cheeks apart to kiss my behind hard.

She is a gorgeous lover – uninhibited, and impulsive. After a few minutes, by when I was squirming beneath in ecstasy, grinding my clit against the cotton sheet, she kneeled back away from me.

“Don’t move, honey. I’m getting some gel.”

Bobbi hopped off the bed, and I heard her reach into the drawer where we keep our toys. Propping myself up on one arm, I looked over to where she was unwrapping a new tube of gel we’d bought that morning, and choosing the best dildo for us both.

I knew which one it would be.

Before she could say, “Lie on your back, honey,” I rolled over and smiled at her. “I love you, darling. You make me so happy.”

“You’re a sentimental slut, did you know that?” Bobbi laughed, and squeezed the lube onto her finger. “Now, don’t squeal, it’ll be kaçak bahis cold.”

And it was. I pulled my legs up so that I was fully exposed, while Bobby leaned forward and smoothed a glob of gel around my bottom, and gently played with my ass.

“Ahh- that is so-oo-oo good” I moaned, thrusting my bottom up as much as could.

At the same moment, Bobbi tenderly pressed one of her fingers into me; just enough for me to tighten instinctively, but enough for me not to feel threatened, so I could slowly relax.

I forgot the gel’s coolness as Bobbi held the tip of her finger just inside my ass so that I gripped it firmly, then she wriggled it slightly, and pressed a little further in. I gazed at her through half closed eyes while I fought the intrusion momentarily – she was concentrating on entering me gently – but the feeling was so exquisite I pushed a little harder, giving her the signal to press further, and I could feel my slipperiness yield as the whole of her finger tip squeezed in, back a little, and then past the first joint.

“How’s that, honey?” whispered Bobbi, now moving her finger back and forward, each time taking it in a little further as I got used to the forever unfamiliar excitement of my widening anus.

“Don’t stop, darling. You do it beautifully,” I groaned happily. I had pulled both my legs back even further so that my ass was spread completely wide, and Bobbi’s finger was now able to move almost completely freely right up to her palm. I squeezed and relaxed alternately to heighten the ripples of pleasure, and gasped as Bobbi leaned forward between my legs and forced her tongue between my willing lips.

We French kissed for what seemed ages, our bodies rocking together, my legs gripping her back and pinning her to me, her finger still dilating my behind.

With a pant, Bobbi pulled back, and slowly withdrew her finger. The sudden sense of emptiness was palpable, but I could see her smearing more gel over out dildo – a neat, double ended butt plug. We’d bought it together some months back (the first one was too big, and we never got used to it) and this one was just perfect for us.

Carefully putting one last blob of gel on the end, Bobbi leaned forward and placed it against my butt, rubbing it slowly around my opening before centering it and gently pressing it inwards. I could feel it, at first, the same as her finger, but now it was getting bigger as the head tried to slide into me. Bobbi teasingly moved it backwards and forwards, knowing the exquisite turmoil I was enjoying, moving it further into me every time, and then – suddenly – at the same moment that I arched myself towards her in abandon – it was inside me, and I could feel myself closing around the head, and holding it to my own.

“Ah-hh-hh- that is so-o- good,” I gasped, laughing at her, “I’m almost ready to come again.”

“Hey – wait for me! Don’t be so selfish” Bobbi laughed. She handed the gel to me, and moving around, lifted one leg across me so that she was squatting over me, facing my knees. “I’ll check it doesn’t pop out, while you put some gel on me. And don’t play around too much!”

Her lovely ass was spread wide in front of me; the smoky darkness of her ring framed by her luscious cheeks yearned to be caressed. I squeezed some gel onto my fingers and lovingly massaged it into her, giving her the same delight that she had shared with me. Bobbi relaxes much more quickly than I do, and it was easy illegal bahis for me to quickly slide my finger right into her, wondering at the inner warmth and grip of her muscle.

“Ahh –h—h—h-“ she moaned, sliding up and down my finger, as though it were a miniature dildo. Then, squeezing so hard that I felt my hand being pulled away from me as she moved, she turned and lay on the bed opposite me.

“How for the delicate bit,” she smiled. “Hold on to the plug, honey, while I get on it.”

I moved up the bed slightly to give her more room, I then held the plug’s mid-handle, so that Bobbi could manoeuvre herself onto the other end. I strained forward so that I could witness the tantalising excitement as she held the plug with me, then wriggled slowly so that her bottom was positioned to receive the other end of the plug.

Placing one of her thighs over mine, Bobbi put her hands behind her and bit by bit pressed forwards so that her ring opened slightly, then swelled as the head of the plug entered it, widening as the broadest flange squeezed through her sphincter, and then plipped quickly over it, so that we were now both joined in an ecstatic anal union.

Gazing into each other’s eyes, we slowly began to rock, so that each other’s movement generated a magical tingling in our asses.

“I can’t wait, darling, “ I murmured, lying back and pulling myself closer towards her. “I’m going to come again.” I started to masturbate wantonly: long, lazy strokes that I knew would turn Bobbi on, and I then felt her lying back and I could tell from the electric jolts in my ass that she was masturbating as well.

My tempo increased – that lovely abandoning of inhibition – and as I became even more wet I could feel myself instinctively clenching and releasing the plug. At the same time, Bobbi was pressing hard towards me as she brought herself towards her climax. Every movement sent reciprocal spasms of indescribable pleasure towards each other as we thrummed together, beginning to breathe more deeply and then pant as we approached our magical climax together, our splayed bodies melded as one, our asses seemingly bolted together in convulsive pleasure.

“Ahh –h—h-h – MY DARLING!” I shouted as I exploded moments later, clenching the plug so hard I thought I would break it, while Bobbi writhed for a few moments later, impaled on my extension, before shuddering and panting inside her own orgasm.

I felt my ass was on fire; not with pain, but a glorious warmth and wetness and power and exhilaration and giving and receiving and lust and raw emotion. For a few minutes we just lay exhausted; my heart was pounding, my lips were dry with spent excitement. Both of us lay shaking, out bodies glistening with a sheen of sweat, arms outstretched, legs collapsed on each other.

Finally, I slowly – gently – pulled out my end-plug, savouring the extraordinary sensation of freedom and power as it slid from its willing anal sheath. Bobbi was still lying with her eyes closed, lost in her own world of bliss, the plug jutting from her ass, still twitching as her orgasm subsided. I waited a moment, then pulled tenderly.

“Mmmm – no – I like it….” she murmured like a sleepy child.

“C’mon baby. It’s time to sleep,” I whispered, marvelling at her erotic loveliness. I leaned down and pulled tenderly. For a moment she resisted, then let go. Her anus swelled, bulged, and then yielded as I drew out the plug, slicked with our juices.

Pulling the coverlet over both of us, I kissed her goodnight; all calm of mind; all passion spent.


I love your comments. Bobbi and I try to answer them all – Miranda.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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