A Fateful Meeting

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Hello all! This is my very first submission to this website so all constructive criticism and help would be greatly appreciated!


Ever since Adam had gotten a secret glance at Dodo’s perfect face in Discord, he had been infatuated with the other man. There was just something about Dodo that could turn any straight man gay, Adam was no exception. Ever since then Adam tried more and more to become best friends with Dodo, figuring out everything about him from his favourite music to any outside hobbies he had. He always felt like a bit of a stalker, trapped from the love of his life by a screen. That was until Dodo announced one day that he would be attending a games convention in England, at hearing this news Adams heart skipped a beat, instantly sending him private messages Dodo with extensive questions about well, everything to do with his trip. Unbeknownst to Adam, Dodo had already spotted the Brits advanced months ago, finding it quite cute. What a shock Adam would be in for when he found out what his German lover was planning.

. . .

The convention had gone great, Dodo putting on a fabulous cosplay of a male elf ranger, his leather outfit causing no short of boners throughout the entire event, many of them being Adams. He had chosen quite a silly outfit, wearing fluffy cat ears and a tail, painting his face white and carrying around a bag full of apples. Adam had never gotten far enough in his research to discover Dodos secret little love of certain fluffy things, hitting a unknown sweet spot as Dodo was just drawn closer towards his prey.

‘Nyan!~’ Giggled Adam playfully, already quite inebriated from all the cider the pair was drinking, ultrabet yeni giriş now in their shared room. Apparently it was Adam’s idea, although neither of them could remember at this point.

‘Hey, uh, those ears are pretty cute.’ said Dodo, shuffling closer to him and giving them a soft feel. Adam felt his cheeks heat up, unsure of how to react. He could see Dodo was probably as drunk as he was, although he didn’t want to make any bold moves.

‘Ah, you think so? I was hoping you’d approve of my outfit.’

‘Yeah! They’re so fluffy and soft.’ Purred Dodo, reaching into his bag and pulling out a small fluffy pair of handcuffs. The bed was already strewn with fluffy stuff, Dodo explaining it as he wanted to make the place cute.

‘Nyan~… Hey uh, Dodo?’

‘Yea Adam?’

‘Uhm… Would you like…’ Adam covered his face, only now discovering they were connected by some pink fluffy cuffs.

‘I thought you’d never ask.’ Adam suddenly found himself pushed back onto the bed, any naked skin caressed and tickled by the soft items strewn across the bed. Dodo quickly threw off his shirt, revealing his lithe well kept body to the captured kitty.

‘…’ The Brit was unable to reply, eyes sparkling with a hidden lust, feeling Dodo’s tight rear resting on his crotch, a feeling he was not going to complain about.

‘Awww, cat got ya tongue?~’ Dodo teased, reaching down to shower his new captives neck in loving kisses, slowly grinding that rump.

. . .

‘A-ah! D-dodo not so rough…’

‘Mmmmm~…’ Moaned Dodo around Adam’s fat sausage, wondering just how such a massive log of fuck-meat could have been hidden ultrabet giriş in such tight pants. Most of their clothing was now scattered around the floor, only leaving Adams ears, cuffs and tail and Dodo’s leather pants. He was hungry for this British meat, feasting his little mouth around every single inch of that huge cock, Adam writhing in pleasure as there was nothing he could do, everywhere he tried to move he was brushed by fluffiness, only causing his dick to throb harder.

‘Mwah! I’m glad you like the bed~’ Cooed Dodo, rubbing his own bulge slightly against the soft bedding. His naked chest felt like it was on fire against that floof. His small hands slowly jerked off Adam, a mixture of pre and spit trickling down onto his hefty balls, the sight making Dodo’s ass hungry for some fun.

‘I never knew you were so… skilled!’ Adam admitted, his huge schlong having scored him the occasional blow job from random sluts in school.

‘Eh, men know what other men like.’ Dodo explained, standing up and wiggling his tight tush over to his bag once again. Adam caught himself drooling at the sight, his massive member throbbing powerfully at the thought of being wrapped in such a warm hole.

‘Ah, here it!’ Dodo exclaimed triumphantly, pulling out a large bottle of lube.

‘Gonna need it to fit that monster somewhere~’ He teased once again, walking back over to the bed and popping the lid. He squeezed that big bottle over the top of Adam’s torso at first, slowly rubbing it into every well sculpted nook and cranny of that muscular chest. As soon as he moved down to start rubbing it into his dick, Adam shook, a long string of jizz firing out ultrabet güvenilirmi and hitting Dodo across the face.

‘… Ah, well, did you… Wait, what the fuck?!’ Dodo was shocked, Adam’s fat cock was still hard as a rock, it even seemed just a tad bigger than before, the tip purple and angry now, engorged some might say.

‘I-i’m sorry Dodo, this happens when I’m really horny!’ Adam tried to explain but Dodo was ignoring him, already lathering every inch of that newly grown slab of meat. Adam just continued to moan out, his cock firing out a few more loads as it grew a tad more, those gargantuan balls now almost the size of foot balls.

‘If I leave it any longer it won’t fit in me!’ Dodo half-joked, quickly removing his tight leather shorts to get ready. Just the sight of that naked, perfect ass sent Adam off again, firing out string after string of thick nut batter. Dodo was quick, knowing the cock was already lathered more times than he could count, mounting up to Adam and slooooooooowly lowering himself, feeling that immense and nearly impossible length fit inside him. The stretching, the heat, the pure depravity of all it overwhelmed Dodo, firing off his own jizm onto Adam’s bronzed chest.

‘Fuuuuuuuuck~…’ Sighed the pair in unison, Dodo now starting to work up a rhythm, their breathing and grunts now in tandem. Neither of them could last much longer after such a tremendous build up, Adam unloading load after load into Dodo’s sweet tight ass, Dodo only having enough endurance to cum a few times before he was just milking the other guys cock, hungry for more.

. . .

Dodo’s belly was bloated with semen, resting atop Adam’s ripped chest as they cuddled with the occasional kiss here and there. Adam’s huge flaccid dick was still resting inside Dodo’s tight hole, now quite a bit looser from the intense fuck session they had just experienced.

‘I love you Dodo~’

‘I love you to Adam~’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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