A Fantasy For Summer

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The warm August night embraced the lovers. She unfolded a blanket onto the slightly dewy bed of grass. He retrieved the bottle of Chardonnay from the picnic basket and set it next to the earthy cushion upon which they would lie. Each of the lovers’ minds raced with thoughts and hopes of what the sultry night would bring.

“What did you say the names of these falling stars are?” she asked.

“These are called the Perseids.”

“You’re smart. I love smart guys,” she interjected, and grinned.

“Perseids – that’s because their radiant – or center point – is in the constellation Perseus, which is right there,” he continued, pointing to the northeastern sky. The hero Perseus sparkled there, juxtaposed with two admiring women: Cassiopeia the queen, and the grateful Andromeda, whom he had rescued.

“This is usually the best meteor shower of the year, except every so many years when the Leonids, in November, are even better and more intense,” he explained. She winked at him and smiled broadly, making a flirty clicking noise with her cheek and tongue.

As he displayed his astronomical knowledge, she traced the contours of his body with her eyes. Envisioning him as a disrobed lecturer stimulated her desire. She wanted to massage his entire masculine frame with cocoa butter, hands, and tongue.

“But these are not really stars, hon. We just call them ‘falling stars’, but they’re actually a cloud of rocks and left-over asteroids which the Earth’s orbit is passing through at this time of year. This is one of the most spectacular meteor showers on the planet, and if we get lucky we’ll see about 70 every hour, maybe even a fireball.”

“A fireball?” she enquired curiously while searching his eyes for potential passion.

“Hummph,” he chuckled. “Yeah, a fireball. It’s a piece of rock which is way larger than most and which comes really close to the ground, and is very very bright, hence the name. I’ve seen a couple of them and they are downright frightening, but also beautiful. Maybe we’ll get lucky and a radioactive meteor will crash and aliens will crawl out of it and start coming towards us.” He imitated a zombie walk, with boyish glee.

“Yeah right, silly boy,” she retorted playfully, gently pushing on his left ribcage and tickling him with her fingertips.

After bakırköy escort an interlude of brief silence and eye contact, Kristi smiled and said “This is such a great idea for a date. I’ve never done this before.”

“Me neither,” Chris answered. “It should be a lot of fun.”

Chris had been hot for Kristi since they’d first talked on the Internet and by phone. Pre-date, he’d thought of corny romantic things to say to her that night, such as “O gorgeous siren, starshine enhances your pulchritude. Come hither and caress my lips.” But he refrained, fearing she might think him nerdy or puerile.

They lay on the lawn of the remote farm 12 miles from town and dark as primeval, original darkness. With anticipation and fervent yearning, they relaxed their bodies while staring into the zenith, awaiting the display of fiery rocks streaking through the atmosphere. Neither had enjoyed any semblance of carnality in months; each silently longed for a night of lovemaking under the stars.

“Oooo, there’s one!” Kristi said excitedly, pointing about two-thirds up from the horizon to overhead.

“Where? I don’t see anything,” Chris exclaimed in a little white lie, not confessing he’d actually observed it.

“It was just a little one, not real bright,” Kristi answered. Chris encircled her finger with his warm hand, clutched it, pulled it toward him, and said “Where? Show me where it was.” He smiled at her with a soft smile of need.

They focused upon each other’s eyes as their summer-kissed faces inched closer, slowly. Kristi released a rush of hot sweet breath into Chris’s mouth as each of them parted their lips to meet the other’s.

The lovers’ kisses became more passionate as several bright meteors whisked across Perseus, brightening their foreplay. Soon they were sucking each other’s hungry tongues. Kristi smacked Chris’s lower lip with a loud pop of suction, then suckled his left cheek briefly before licking and frothing and suckling his neck. Her feminine yet firm hands kneaded his chest and back muscles.

Chris groaned with sheer ecstasy as Kristi moistened his neck and face. With perfect pressure, she rubbed her hands along his legs, moving closer and closer to his heated loins. Within seconds, she softly yet strongly squeezed his hardening cock beşiktaş escort through his hiking shorts. She bathed the khaki fabric with a maelstrom of saliva, as if fellating him before his cock was freed.

They paused their kissing, gazing into one another’s starlit eyes, while Chris unzipped then unencumbered his shorts. He repositioned himself on both knees, his cock poised proudly.

Kristi mounted his thick rock-hard member with her mouth, lubricating the full eight inches with sensuous saliva and rhythmic up-and-down motions. It was a lubricious paradise for each of them. Kristi flicked her wet hard sensuous tongue playfully across his engorged cockhead, alternating directions then teasing the head with a circular movement. He shivered with rapture.

“Oh God, baby, that’s so awesome,” Chris whispered. “I don’t want to come yet, though, sweetheart. I think it’s time I see your sweet body.”

His lustful hands caressed her breasts, ruffling her shirt into a state of disarray. He promptly removed it, then sucked her hard excited nipples, alternating his suckling with gentle bites of the aureoles and a gyrating spiral of the tongue. He squeezed and fondled her aroused breasts. His hand jiggled each alternately, as he pressed his face against them, reveling in the vibration. Her erect nipples glistened with translucent spittle.

Kristi cooed and moaned with enormous pleasure. “Ooooo, Chris baby, I’m getting so fucking wet.”

Responding to her moans of want and need, Chris pressed his right hand into Kristi’s warm crotch, rubbing at first softly then with moderate pressure. He knew he was turning her on beyond the point of no return when she jolted and gasped approvingly. Together they peeled Kristi’s denim jeans from her lithe legs.

Eager to fuck, Chris first tasted Kristi’s pussy. He ravenously sucked and licked her labia, lapping with an intensity which made her squirm. “Oh, you’re so good, baby, you’re so fucking good,” she cooed. As he feasted upon her juicy region, his hands caressed and touched her face, whereupon she hungrily sucked his fingers.

As cosmic rocks died in the farm sky, the summer lovers postponed their planned picnic of bread, cheese, caviar and wine, opting to embark on a picnic of fleshly passion. Their sinuous motions beylikdüzü escort dazzled the silhouette of the old abandoned farmhouse, their naked skin basking in stellar glow. Kristi’s toned legs danced with the sky as Chris’s thrusting cock plunged deeply into her moistness. She elatedly accepted him, squeezing his ass cheeks to pull him in as deeply as possible. Her creamy cunt muscles squeezed his cock, yearning to feel his presence on each pink sinew. With delicious resistance, his rock-hard wand magically penetrated her tight pussy. He entered, withdrew, paused, then re-entered, evoking spasms of joy from Kristi. “I love the way you do that! Fuck me, dollface! Fuck me hard. Oh God, yes! Fuck me!!!”

Kristi’s juices soaked Chris’s cock as she tightened herself around it. The wet rhythmic friction of their gyrations and meeting thrusts climaxed with mutual orgasm. Chris blasted spasm after hot volcanic spasm of warm lovejuice into Kristi’s loving crevice. At the same time she writhed and bucked her slender hips while enjoying the most delicious orgasm of her life. “Oh fuck yes! I’m coming! Oh god-damn, that feels so good!” She erupted, a cathartic rush of release overwhelming her.

Out of breath and deflated, Chris kept his cock inside Kristi, remembering what he’d read as an adolescent about women being frustrated when men pull out too soon. Spent, his cock softened but remained in her, enjoying the friendly caress of her loving pussy.

His sweat-covered neck nestled between Kristi’s warm breasts. A mild breeze goosebumped their supercharged skin, cooling their body temperatures and hardening their nipples. Starshine blessed their union. Screeching meteors fell from heaven.

What a fuck of a lifetime, Kristi ruminated. What an incredible celestial fuck this was, Chris thought. His pulsating rod rested inside her, enjoying its new home. He knew it would be just minutes before it once again sprang to life.

When his cock reawakened, she pressed her juice-soaked thigh covetously against it. Craving more cock, she arose from the passion-soaked summer grass. In a sensual pirouette, she whirled from beneath his muscular body to position herself atop him. She mounted his newly hardened cock. They made love again. It was good hard wet sex.

The night turned in a slow pinwheel of Milky Way luminosity. Creamy regions of nebulae contrasted with a spectrum of coloured meteors. In communion with summer dark, the lovers talked softly and continued their intimacy. The stars watched them, and illumined their sweaty forms, bathing their lust and love with a radiant ambience.

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