A Fantasized Meeting

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I imagine finally coming to visit you. As I knock hesitantly on your door, flowers in my hand, you answer the door in a stunning yet simple outfit–a long, flowing skirt, and a tight, cream-colored sweater. You smile graciously and demurely as you accept the flowers, your soft blonde hair framing your beautiful face perfectly. As you notice my initial shyness, you take my hand and invite me in, noticing how my body shivers at our first touch.

As you guide me into your living room, you turn to me. I am emboldened by your beauty and reach for you, cupping your face softly in my hands and kissing your warm, red lips. Our lips melt together for what seems like hours, but can only be seconds…. I slide my right hand behind your head, letting my fingers run through your luxurious hair as our mouths open slightly in unison, each of us peeking our tongues out a little to explore.

As our kiss intensifies, we step into one another, bodies pressing against each other warmly. I can feel your firm, full breasts mashed against my chest as you feel the stirrings of my excitement pressing into you. Our tongues intertwine as we move towards your couch, not wanting to break our kiss for even a second. As you back into the couch and slowly lower yourself to take a seat, my hands slide down your body, caressing your sides as we both sit.

My left hand continues to caress your smooth cheek during our kiss, while my right hand has now moved to cup and softly squeeze your left breast through your sweater. I cradle it fully in my hand as I feel your nipple harden, boring into my palm. I move my lips from your lips for the first time, kissing my way along your jaw, teasing your ear lightly with the tip of my tongue, then slowly kissing my way isveçbahis down your succulent neck.

I kiss more firmly down your neck, sucking it softly and deeply, as both of my hands slide down to your flat stomach. My tongue teases that sweet spot where your neck and shoulder meet, then my hands grip your sweater and slowly raise it over your head. As I lean back so that I can fully remove your sweater, you arch your chest forward, taunting me with your luscious breasts. I cannot help but admire your body, seeing your tan skin highlighted by the stark whiteness of your lacy bra.

I admire you for a moment more, before leaning in, planting soft, warm kisses along the top of your chest. I slowly run my tongue all along the upper edges of your bra, sampling the sweetness of your skin as my tongue dips down your deep cleavage. Unable to wait any longer, I MUST see your beautiful breasts exposed. I reach behind you to unclasp your bra, then reach up and slowly trace my fingers down your arms as I pull your bra straps away from your body.

Finally, I see your perfect breasts in all of their natural glory, your nipples standing firmly out, straining with excitement. Once more I lead in with my tongue, and delicately lap at your engorged left nipple. I run my tongue slowly over it before wrapping my lips around it and suckling it deeply. I flick it with my tongue as it rests between my lips, wanting to tease it and taste it in every way.

I kiss my way down your left breast, teasingly licking along your cleavage, then kiss up your right breast. I draw tiny circles around your right nipple with my tongue, watching it harden even more in anticipation. As it stiffens and darkens to its most aroused point, I lightly rake isveçbahis giriş my teeth over your nipple, then biting softly as I suck hungrily from your breast. I reach over with my right hand to fondle and squeeze your left breast, teasing that slick nipple while I nurse hungrily and deeply from your right. I suckle your breasts a moment longer before finally releasing them.

I sit back and gaze into your eyes, both of us filled with pure lust. You whimper softly and nod your head slowly, giving me the signal I’d desperately hoped for. I slip off the couch and kneel before you. Never taking my eyes off of yours, I reach my hands out to slowly caress your ankles, then tenderly and steadily move my hands up your legs….letting your skirt rise with them.

I bend down and, with my eyes still on yours, begin slowly, achingly kissing my way up your thighs, letting my tongue stick out slightly, leaving a soft, wet trail to mark my way. I finally take my eyes away from yours and gaze at your white silk panties, paying particular attention to the large wet spot soaking through them. I look up at you once more, locking eyes with you as you feel my mouth clamping over your dampness and sucking your sweet pussy through your panties. I devour you completely, running my tongue all over your wetness and sucking on your pussy lips through the material, using the friction from the panties to intensify the pleasure my mouth is giving you.

I next grip your panties in my teeth and slowly pull them down your legs and off of your body without ever using my hands. I gaze at your juices glistening off of your moist lips, then I spy the ultimate prize–your tiny clit sticking out from your swollen pussy, waiting for my eager tongue. I dive isveçbahis yeni giriş back in with a passion, first thrusting my tongue deep inside your tight hole, letting my nose tease your clit for a bit. Then, I lick my way up your smooth slit and wrap my tongue around your tiny, hot nub, sucking it fully into my mouth.

I attack your clit with abandon, sucking it, licking it, and lightly biting it, while I slip two fingers deep inside of you. You arch your hips into me, pushing my fingers deeper into your hot, wet pussy and thrusting your clit further inside my mouth. I flick your clit all over with the tip of my tongue, fluttering it to give you constant pleasure and sensation.

Finally, you grip my head and insistently pull me up to you. We kiss deeply, you hungrily licking your juices from my lips and tongue as your hands furiously rip off my belt and jeans. You reach inside my briefs and grip my cock, squeezing it and making me moan. Then, as you push my underwear down, you guide me deep inside of you.

Neither of us can ever remember feeling such pleasure, such bliss. I slowly, steadily pump my cock in and out of your tightness, feeling your pussy squeezing me, trying to milk my juices from me. Our passion builds as I thrust faster and harder into your slick pussy, feeling your nectar flowing out of you and coating my balls. You reach behind me, grabbing my ass and trying to slam me deeper into you, arching your hips at the same time, feeling my cockhead teasing that sweet spot at the back of your pussy.

Finally, we can take it no longer. You push as hard as you can against me and scream in animal lust. Simultaneously, I thrust into you one more time and explode with pleasure, groaning deeply as I fill your waiting pussy with my cum, feeling it swirl together inside of you and coating us both.

We collapse in ecstasy against each other, sharing a long, soft, deep kiss, before you whisper softly into my ear, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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