A Family Holiday Ch. 3

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After both mother and son finished drying themselves they made their to Clare’s bedroom, so the family could get better acquainted. As the two of them entered the room, Clare and Cathy awoke and froze where they were entwined in each other’s arms totally naked. The sight of his two sisters got Kevin hard once again and his mum let her hand reach down and gently squeezed his extended member. The sight of their mum working her hand up and down their brother’s cock eased the girls’ tension and they relaxed a little on the bed as Kevin told them their mother would like to join them.

“Me and Mum had a little chat in the shower together and she’s cool with what we’ve done but she needs to be involved from now on.”

Cathy and Claire agreed nodding between them as Kevin and Gabrielle moved towards the bed when Cathy thought, “Well I was just thinking, but isn’t someone missing from this equation?”

“Your right honey, why don’t we all get up and go to my room and let your father enjoy the delights of his loins as well.”

With that the four naked family members left through the bedroom door and proceeded to walk along the hallway and make their way into the master bedroom.

After they had all entered, they looked upon their slumbering father and husband when Cathy asked how they were going to approach him.

“Well your father has always been partial to waking up with me sucking on his cock, so why don’t one of you girls go over there and wake him up?”

Clare and Cathy both looked at each other when Cathy decided she was the one to wake her dear old daddy up and moved onto the bed and gently pulled down the sheets exposing her daddy’s, at present, flaccid cock. She slowly moved her hand to the now exposed cock and gently began massaging it and soon enough it began jumping and güvenilir bahis extending.

When it had reached its full length she gently bent her head towards it and let the knob slowly spread her lips. She continued letting more of her daddy’s cock enter her mouth. The three spectators, getting horny from the sight of Cathy slowly engorging her daddy’s cock in her mouth, surrounded the bed to get a closer look of the action.

David began moaning as he was awakened the only way he enjoyed being woken, by his wife sucking on his pole. He didn’t wont to show his wife that he was awake so he remained with his eyes closed enjoying his wife’s attention.

He was having trouble keeping himself under control as his wife pleasured like she had never pleasured him before. As he felt himself preparing to unload, he thought to the hell with it, he loved watching his wife sucking on his cock, especially first thing in the morning.

He quickly opened his eyes and saw the gorgeous blonde mop of his wife’s hair, but then fuck! What was this? This wasn’t his wife. Who the fuck was it?

With that thought he moved his hand and moved the hair out of the road and then saw his daughter Cathy look up, with his cock in her mouth, with lust in her eyes. Seeing his daughter eating his cock excited him more than he thought it ever would and he began spurting hi scum down his daughter’s throat and she greedily sucked and swallowed making sure she wouldn’t miss a drop.

After coming down from the most explosive orgasm of his life, David glanced back at his daughter and was furthered shocked to see his wife, son and other daughter naked and making their way onto the bed to join in on the action.

“What the fuck is going on here!”

“Well daddy,” Clare said, “we thought we were on a family vacation türkçe bahis and what better way to be a family then to make love as a family.”

With that Clare pushed her father down and straddled his now reemerging cock.

“And I think we should all cum at the same time as well!”

David felt his cock entering his young daughter’s tight cunt and make its way up her love canal. Kevin not wanting to miss out got behind his sister and violently rammed his raging hard-on into his sister’s puckered anus. The sensation of having to cocks in her at once made Clare cum immediately and she let out a loud cry of pleasure as the orgasm racked her body. Cathy then moved her self onto her father’s face, facing Kevin and orgasmed herself as she felt her daddy’s tongue begin licking her clit and her brother ram his own tongue into her mouth.

Seeing all her children and husband enjoying themselves, Gabrielle went over to her bureau draw and bought out her strap on dildo, no way was she going to miss out on any of this action. She quickly hooked the dildo on and positioned her self behind her son. Being aware that her son had probably never had anything near this large in his arse, she let her fingers go to Clare’s saturated cunt and lubricated the dildo and her son’s anus. With all of his concentration held on ramming his sister’s tight butt, Kevin was unaware of his mother’s probing fingers until he felt something big begin pushing against his arsehole and he began pulling out of his sister until his mother whispered in his ear to trust her and relax as much as possible.

With her son now relaxing and recommencing pounding his sister’s arse, Gabrielle gently let the dildo enter her son’s anus. Feeling little resistance to her entrance, she forcefully pushed the dildo in as far as she could güvenilir bahis siteleri and the sound of her son moaning knew that he was indeed enjoying the extra stimulance.

What a sight, there she was fucking her own son up the arse while he did the same to his sister, while she was riding her father, who in turn was servicing their other daughter with his tongue. Could family life get any better than this?

With that thought complete she sensed her son’s coming ejaculation and by the sounds coming from her husband he was almost there as well. With the two men in the sandwich nearing climax, their thrusts became out of sync and there were bodies thrusting and thriving everywhere. Almost in unison both father and son let out moans of pleasure as their seed began entering the holes of their sister and daughter respectively.

As the two men filled her, Clare could feel the jism from both of the slide out of her and trickle down her thighs, but the thrusting continued from Kevin and looking over her brother’s shoulder she could see her mother ramming into the back of him, unaware of what she was seeing another orgasm racked her body and she began convulsing uncontrollably. After getting back control of herself, she felt her brother exit her rear and she gently rolled off her father and laid down panting next to her. Cathy joined them all as the five family members were sprawled all over the king size bed.

“Fuck!” David said “That was an experience, now I can say that I’ve done just about everything!”

“Not quiet honey,” Gabrielle said, “I still think there’s one thing left for you to do.”

With that the other four all looked at her wondering what she was on about.

“I don’t recall you an Kevin getting to know each other that well.

Both Clare and Cathy were taken back by the idea, but David took the initiative and swung himself around so his cock was in his son’s face and his son’s cock was in his face and almost in unison, the two men each opened their mouths and began to suck on each other cocks.

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