A Dream

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It starts out with me walking into a bedroom and my jaw dropping to the floor the instant I open the door. You’re sitting on the edge of the bed, facing the door, with your legs spread and bent in front of you. Leaning back and holding your weight on your left elbow while your right hand slowly rubs three fingers over a small silk triangle of panty stretched over your pussy. Hmmm the way that you bite your lip as you let your eyes wander from mine, down my body and stop to stare at the suddenly throbbing bulge in my slacks.

Your fingers briefly leaving your sex, just long enough to point at my crotch and make a come hither motion. Closing the door behind me, leaving the room only dimly lit by a few candles on the night stands on each side of the table. Stripping out of my button down shirt as I walk towards you and you lean up and wiggle to the edge of the bed. Standing between your knees, just inches away from you, you begin to kiss at my toned stomach and with your free hand, undo my belt and slacks. The way that the light flickers in your eyes as you gaze up at me and slide your hand inside of my boxers, pushing them with my slacks to the floor.

My cock twitching in your hand as I watch you slowly tease your fingertips all the way from the base to the tip. I don’t know if it’s from seeing how turned on I am by you, or from the pressure of your fingers on your aching clit, but the moan that emits from your beautiful lips fuels the fire of lust burning inside of me and I have to feel more of you. Relishing in the sight and the intense sensation of your hand now wrapped around my cock, slowly stroking me, watching you kiss the drip of precum from the tip and I can’t take any more.

Pushing you back on the bed and leaning over you, my naked body pressed against yours. Taking your hand from your pussy and pinning them both above your head, with one of my hands, as I kiss you hard and deep on the lips. The salty taste of my excitement on your tongue as we explore one another’s mouths in a passionate kiss. Your hips rocking against me as my throbbing isveçbahis cock pushes against the damp fabric covering your sex.

The swollen ridge around the tip of my cock expertly grinding over your sensitive clit. You moan into our kiss and I can feel your body tensing up beneath me. I want you. I want to rip those sexy little panties away from your perfect pussy and thrust my cock deep inside of you…but I resist. Instead I wrap my free hand under you and squeeze your amazing ass. Lifting you off the bed enough to slide you further up to the middle of it. Jumping on the bed and straddling your waist as I fish two restraints from the post of the bed. Slipping them around your wrist and tightening them just enough to make sure you can’t wiggle free.

With a devilish grin, the blade of my finger caress the smooth soft skin of your cheek, I lean down and kiss your lips again. Moving my legs so they are between yours, resting the heavy weight of my manhood over your still covered mound. Letting your roll your hips and feel me against you as I begin to kiss down your neck. My lips slowly teasing down your collarbone toward the tops of your heaving chest. My cock only pressing against your pussy when I rock my hips in rhythm with yours. The faint whimper of need as my kisses trail further down to your chest and you can no longer feel me between your legs.

Dragging my lips over your beautiful breast; teasing the tip of my tongue and soft kisses all around your hard nipples. Heeding to the fact that they are overly sensitive, gently only letting my warm wet tongue lick over them a few times and briefing sucking your tits into my eager mouth before continuing to kiss down your torso. Exploring the smooth flat surface of your stomach on my way to kiss along the definition of your left hip bone. Laying between your legs and grinding my begging cock into the sheets as I kiss along the waist line of your panties, all the way from one hip to the other. Trailing my lips over the fabric to kiss down the front of your right thigh; you spread your legs more and wiggle isveçbahis giriş your sex towards me, your pussy aching and begging for attention.

The enjoyment I find in teasing you is intoxicating; hearing you moan and quietly beg as I put my hands on your knees and spread your legs just a little more. Staring at your gyrating pussy as I kiss all along the insides of your thighs. Becoming even more excited myself at the sight and scent of your sex as I kiss close enough to feel the heat radiating from your pussy.

Sticking my tongue out and ever so gently licking the soft sensitive line where your toned thighs meet your perfect twat. Flicking the tip of my tongue over the edge of your panties as you begin to wiggle and writhe beneath me. Sliding my hands up the insides of your thighs to hold you still, then it happens; my tongue pushes your panties to the side enough that I taste the sweet excitement of your pussy and my lust boils over.

Firmly shoving my hands under you to grab the waist of your lingerie. Aggressively yanking them down over your amazing ass as your lift your legs to help me. I grunt in pleasure seeing the way that they slide down your thighs and pull away from your soaking wet sex. Eagerly working them over your feet and balling them in my hand. Letting your legs spread and fall to each side of me, leaning down and kissing a soft but fueled kiss on your mound before slowly licking gently down your slit. Sliding just the tip of my tongue between the soft sweet lips of your perfect pussy. Sucking your lips into my mouth and moaning at the amazing taste of your twat.

Slipping my tongue just a little deeper in to your pussy as I wrap my arms under your thighs and grasp your hips in my hands. Working my tongue over your near spasming sex a little fast and a littler deeper. Without any warning, cupping my lips over your swollen love button and sucking you into my mouth. Flicking just the tip of my tongue so it grazing your exposed clit. Drawing light little “x”s with my tongue, holding your hips to the bed as you start to isveçbahis yeni giriş moan and cry. I grab your balled up panties and shoved them into your mouth, muffling the sounds of your pleasure.

Staring up at your thrashing body, your panties in your mouth makes you look like such a naughty girl, holding your hips down to the bed as I push harder with my tongue and feel your pussy clinch and release rapidly as you start to cum. Still sucking hard on your clit, feeling it pulse against my tongue as wave after wave crashes through your body. The warm wet flood of your climax dripping out onto my chin. As your spasms and whole-body thrashes slow, I quickly move up to my knees.

Holding the shaft of my manhood, now absolutely covered in precum, pushing the tip between your gorgeous lips and with one swift motion burying myself inside of you. Lifting your left leg up to rest on my right shoulder; long deep thrust of my cock in and out of that tight little pussy. The huge ridge on the tip dragging across your gspot with every thrust.

With a very stern and demanding tone, I tell you that you better not cum yet, and I see you bite down on your panties and clinch your eyes closed in contest. A firm spanking to your raised left ass cheek sends a shiver through your body and lets you know that I am very serious. Leaving my hand on your ass, squeezing and massaging as I relentlessly pound in and out of your amazing pussy. Grabbing your other ankle and pulling it up and across my body, holding your legs together on my right shoulder. With your legs together you feel even tighter and the look on your face and trembling in your body tells me that you feel even more full.

Slamming myself in and out of you, watching your tits bounce with every thrust. I can feel my own climax building and I can see you struggling to continue to obey, to continue to hold back. I grunt that you can cum and with just a few more thrust I feel your pussy clinch tight around me and your back arches hard into the mattress. I keep pounding and my balls tighten, shoving deep the eruption boils over. Shooting string after string of hot sticky cum deep inside your flooding and pulsing pussy. Struggling the weakness in my legs to push out a few more thrust, to let your perfect pussy milk every drop from me.

The End?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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