A Correspondence with Sharon Ch. 39

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Part 39: Christmas Party Craziness

I didn’t hear too much from Sharon until after Thanksgiving. They went to Joe’s mother’s house for that holiday and although Jeff didn’t exactly behave himself, he was not nearly as much trouble as she had initially feared. Apparently Joe told him to cool it so that their mother didn’t see something that would upset her. She is quite conservative and Joe was convinced she would never understand their unusual sexual relationship. Sharon wasn’t sure she understood it herself, but she was enjoying it more and more as time went on. Anyway, Jeff pulled her into the bathroom for a quick blow job, but that was the only thing that happened on Thanksgiving.

Of course, the day after Thanksgiving marks the start of the Christmas shopping season in the United States, and Sharon loves to shop almost as much as she loves sex. Almost. So I didn’t hear much from her until a couple of weeks later. It was a Sunday and she wrote to tell me about her previous Friday night.

It started like a normal Friday for Sharon. Mike had dropped by in the morning for a blow job before work, but that was it. In the afternoon she went shopping (of course), but returned home early enough to make supper for Joe. It wasn’t until after they had eaten that he announced they had been invited to a Christmas party and she had better start getting ready. Sharon hated it when he sprang this kind of thing on her without any notice, but she didn’t have time to complain. After a quick shower she put on some makeup and got dressed. She knew by now to skip the bra and underwear when going anywhere with Joe unless he told her otherwise.

As soon as she was ready they were out the door and she still did not know where they were going. Once they were on the way she had a chance to ask.

“Where are we going?”

“Tim’s.” Joe answered.

“Ron’s boss?” She asked.

“Yes.” He responded.

Since he wasn’t offering any details, Sharon asked, “Who else will be there?”

“Ron and Diane.” Joe said, some annoyance showing in his voice. “Others.”

Sharon decided not to anger him by continuing her interrogation. In fact, they really didn’t talk for the rest of the trip which left her time to think. Tim would definitely want to fuck her again, but how would he act with others there? Then she remembered what he was like the previous year at the second party of his they had attended. He pawed at her openly and didn’t seem to care what the other guests thought. Would it be like that, or was this some kind of gang bang? With Diane there? But she could never be sure what Diane was capable of. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t even realize they had arrived until Joe turned off the engine.

When they entered the house Sharon could tell right away that the party had not been going very long. Tim of course met them right away, with two other men in tow. One was Kevin, whom she had met at the first “get together” the previous year, and the other one she did not recognize. Tim ignored Joe and pulled Sharon into his arms and gave her a lingering kiss.

“It’s good to see you again, Sharon. Looking hot as ever.” He said in a lecherous way. “You remember Kevin from last year, and this is Norm. He’s a rep for one of our suppliers, so be nice to him.”

He said that last part like it was a joke, but knowing Tim, she was sure he meant it in a sexual way. Sharon gave Norm a good long look. He appeared to be younger than Tim and Kevin, maybe about Joe’s age. He was not in as good a shape as her husband, but was still reasonably attractive; certainly more than Tim or Kevin.

He turned to Joe. “You don’t mind if I borrow your beautiful wife, do you Joe?”

“No, go ahead. Enjoy yourself.”

Tim put his hand around Sharon’s waist and steered her to the small bar where he poured her a Scotch and water. It wasn’t her favorite drink, but at least it was the good stuff and she had a feeling she’d need it to help get through the evening.

After that he dragged her around the room like she belonged to him and talked to the other guests. Showing off, she thought, but so far he had mostly kept his hands to himself. The cheeky bastard probably knew he had all night and was not in a hurry.

Ron and Diane were there, as were two other younger couples that Sharon did not recognize, although she got the impression they were Ron’s coworkers. And probably Tim’s subordinates by the way he was treating them. They were all deferential and polite to him while he was rude and insensitive. Sharon felt sorry for them, having a boss like that. She only had to put up with him a couple of times a year. Of course, they probably didn’t have to fuck him.

After a while they returned to the bar and Tim mixed them new drinks. That left her, Tim, Kevin, and Norm on one side of the room while Joe, Ron, Diane, and the other two couples were chatting on the other. That’s when Tim decided to start feeling up Sharon, and he wasn’t very subtle about it either.

He was squeezing her tits through her dress and said to Norm, bahis firmaları “If you think they look good, you should feel them.”

“Are you sure her husband won’t mind?” Norm responded.

“Sharon, go ask Joe if it’s OK for us to play with you.” Tim instructed.

Sharon walked across the room and stepped up to Joe. The other couples were close by, so there was no way she could ask without them hearing.

“Tim wants to know if it’s OK for them to play with me.” Sharon repeated to her husband.

“Sure, tell them to have fun. Just make sure they understand the rules.”

This exchange produced surprised looks from the two couples she didn’t know, which embarrassed Sharon. She returned to Tim and relayed what Joe had said. Then for Kevin and Norm’s sake she recited the few rules that she and Joe had agreed on for these situations. She was now their toy for the rest of the evening and the three of them began to take advantage of it.

Norm started squeezing her tits and Kevin wedged his hand between her legs. They took turns kissing her. While this has going on Tim moved behind Sharon and unzipped her dress. When she felt this, she knew what would happen next. Tim put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her dress down off them. The other two briefly stopped what they were doing to allow her dress to fall completely to the floor. Since she had worn no underwear the only thing Sharon had on now was stockings and high heels. Once again she found herself nude in a room full of fully dressed people. Embarrassed, but highly aroused, she blushed as she realized the other couples were staring at her. The three horny men surrounding her didn’t care that they had an audience and continued their groping of her now nude body.

“Fuck, her pussy is almost dripping!” Kevin exclaimed. “Does this make you hot?”

“Yes.” Sharon answered truthfully.

“I told you she was a slut.” Tim gloated. “Isn’t that right honey?”

“Yes.” She answered truthfully again.

“What is it you crave, slut?” Tim asked her.

“Hard cock.” Another truthful response.

“Do you want to suck our cocks?” Tim asked.


“Do you want us to fuck you till you can’t stand up?” He continued.


“Tell us what you want.” Tim demanded.

By now Sharon knew exactly what they wanted to hear. “I want you to use me as your fuck toy. Pound my pussy with your hard cocks. Make me suck you off and swallow your cum.”

“Why would you want that?” Norm inquired.

“Because I’m a horny slut and I love sex. Lots of it. I almost can’t get enough cock.” Again she told them the truth. The truth that she had only recently fully accepted.

“I’ll bet you want Norm to take you upstairs and fuck the shit out of you, don’t you?” Tim sneered.

“Yes I do.”

“Then go ahead and ask him.” Tim ordered.

“Norm, will you please take me upstairs and fuck me?” She asked quietly.

“Could you speak up, I couldn’t quite hear you.” He answered.

Sharon knew that was total bullshit; he just wanted the others to hear her clearly so as to humiliate her more.

“Please take me upstairs and fuck me Norm.” She said much louder.

All conversation on the other side of the room immediately halted.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” Norm responded.

It was obvious he wanted her to beg. So with her face burning from embarrassment she begged. “Please Norm, I need your hard cock in my pussy! Please take me somewhere and fuck me!”

Apparently pleased with her performance, Norm led her by the hand out of the room and up the stairs. Everybody else just watched in silence until they were out of sight. In the bedroom he shut the door and turned to face her.

“OK, so why exactly are you doing this?” He asked. “And don’t give me the line about being a cock craving slut, because that does not fit a classy lady like you no matter what Tim says.”

Sharon decided to tell him the truth. “Because this is what my husband wants me to do. I’m his slave and I know this will please him.”

“Really? Wow that’s wild.” Norm said. “And that’s it? You have sex with other men because it gives him a thrill?”

“Yes. But I really do love sex, so it’s not like I’m an unwilling participant.” She responded.

“You get hot being dominated and humiliated then.” He observed.

“Yes.” She admitted.

“Well then, enough talk. Let’s get down to it. Suck my cock, bitch.” Norm ordered.

Sharon dropped to her knees and pulled down his pants. He had a nice cock, not porn star size, but a little above average. She sucked it eagerly into her mouth and went to work on it. She quickly had him groaning in pleasure. After a minute or so he pulled her off of it.

“You are a great cock sucker, but I want to get a shot at that pretty bald pussy of yours.” He explained.

Norm had her lay back on the bed with her legs spread. Then he got between them and began licking up and down her wet slit, giving her shivers every time he ran is tongue over her clit. He was kaçak iddaa a pretty good cunt lapper, so Sharon just laid back and enjoyed his ministrations. Just as she was nearing her climax, he stopped and moved up her body, licking and suckling on her tits as he went. Once he was in position her slowly pushed his rock hard prick into her dripping wet snatch. It felt very good.

After all the stimulation from the last hour or so, it didn’t take long for Sharon to cum. It was a nice toe-curler and seemed to please Norm as well. He had good technique and was obviously making the effort to make it as pleasurable for her as for himself. So she was building towards another orgasm when he suddenly increased his pace for a couple of strokes and then went rigid and pumped his sperm inside her cunt. When he recovered enough to get off of her, she offered to clean him up with her mouth. This was something that Joe had ordered her to do for all the men that fucked her. In this case she didn’t mind it since Norm had been so considerate.

“Just stay here and wait.” He said as he dressed. “I’m sure the others will want a shot at you as well.”

After a minute or two Tim appeared in the doorway. “Norm said he had a good time.”

Sharon smiled at the compliment.

“That’s good. His company is one of our suppliers, so keeping him happy is good for our bottom line.” Tim explained as he removed his pants.

He left his shirt on and climbed onto the bed between Sharon’s legs.

“I guess that makes you a whore again, eh?” He grunted as he slid the full length of his cock into her well lubricated snatch. “In fact, you are a double whore tonight because I had to put a extra grand into Ron’s year-end bonus to get him to convince your husband to bring you tonight.”

Sharon had been wondering why they were there since Joe did not particularly like Tim. She figured it had something to do with Ron, but wasn’t sure what.

“I have no idea how Ron did.” Tim continued talking into her ear as he slowly fucked her. “Maybe he promised your husband half of that grand.”

Sharon very much doubted that. Joe was not the kind of man that took money from his friends. Ron probably owed him a favor now, but she had know idea how that would be repaid. Tim seemed to love putting her into situations where he could call her a whore; it seemed to really turn him on. The school teacher and loving wife turned into a prostitute. It stung Sharon’s pride to be called that, but she also knew there was some truth to it. She had in a sense been sold this night to Tim for a thousand dollars, and he in turn had traded her to Norm to curry favor with him.

“You don’t like being called a whore, do you?” Tim asked.


“But you know it’s true, don’t you?” He pressed.

“Yes.” She answered truthfully.

“Tell me what you are tonight. Admit to me the truth we both know.” He demanded.

She hesitated a moment, the words catching in her throat. It was one thing to think it, but a whole different matter to actually say it.

“I am your whore tonight. Use me as you please.” She responded in a weak voice.

“That’s exactly right, whore. You’re mine and I’m going to get my money’s worth!” He hissed and began pounding her cunt much harder and faster.

She wasn’t enjoying this at all and wanted to get it over quicker, and she knew just how to do it.

“Yes, fuck your dirty school teacher whore. Use my cunt. Pump your seed into my pussy.” She exhorted him.

And it worked. Within ten seconds he was adding his cum to Norm’s as he groaned, “Take it, you fucking whore, take my cum.”

Sharon was tempted to just let him go without saying anything, but she had made a promise to Joe and she intended to keep it. He seemed surprised when she offered to clean up his cock, but was more than happy to accept.

“You’re a well trained slut, I have to give you that. And a great fuck. My compliments to your husband, the lucky bastard.” Tim said as he was heading out the door. “Wait her for Kevin.”

A few seconds later she heard him call out from the top of the stairs, “Hey Kevin, it’s your turn!”

Obviously he wanted to make sure everybody else at the party knew she was pulling a train up there and humiliate her even more. Kevin didn’t waste any time and was standing before her quicker than she would have thought possible.

“Aren’t you one well used slut.” He observed. “Did they both cum in your cunt?”

“Yes.” Sharon answered.

“Good. They left your ass for me. Reach down and scoop some of that slimy shit out of your puss and work it into your asshole.” He ordered. “Unless you like to go dry.”

Sharon did as he told her. There was no way she was going to let him shove his cock up her ass without some lubrication. He undressed as he watched her and when he was finished he got on the bed and offered his cock to her mouth. She immediately took it in. Sharon loved sucking cock, and the more lubrication in this case, the better. Meanwhile he pulled on her nipples painfully. She could kaçak bahis never understand why some men wanted to abuse them like that. Then suddenly, without warning he pulled away from her.

“Get on your knees, slut.” He ordered.

Sharon roll over onto her hands and knees.

“Down on your elbows, put that pretty ass up into the air for me.” Kevin demanded and gave her shapely rear end a hard slap.

“Ow!” Sharon cried and stuck her ass up in the air as instructed.

“All right bitch, here it comes.” He hissed and pressed his weapon against her puckered little brown orifice.

She felt intense pressure for a moment, and then his cock head popped past her anal ring. He slid all the way into her in that first thrust and she felt searing pain. She cried out and begged him to wait until she got used to having him in her ass, but he ignored her pleadings and began fucking her ass with vigor. She’d had cock in her ass before, of course, but they had always gone slow at first to allow her to adjust to having something that big back there. But not Kevin. In fact, he seemed to enjoy her whimpering.

After a little while the pain lessened, but just seemed to compensate by ramming it in harder and harder. Then he grabbed a fist full of her hair and pulled back on it hard, making Sharon cry out again.

“Fuck you have a tight little ass!” He gasped. “You are going to make me cum you fucking slut. Tell me you want me to cum in your ass.”

“Oh yes, cum in my ass.” Sharon begged, hoping to help bring an quick end to her ordeal. “Dump your load in my slutty little ass.”

A few seconds later he slammed his cock one last time into her quivering ass and held it there as he pumped his hot cum into her bowels. He let go of her hair and kind of slumped over onto her back. He stayed that way for a half a minute before withdrawing his cock from her ass and backing off the bed. Sharon was just glad to get him out of her ass. And even though it still felt like there was something in there, the pain was down to a dull ache. When he was finished getting dressed, Kevin left the room for a few seconds and returned with a damp hand towel.

“You need to clean yourself up, slut, before you can go back downstairs.” He said as he tossed the towel at her.

Sharon did the best she could to clean up all the cum that was leaking out of her pussy and ass. She knew she wouldn’t be able to get it all, but that was acceptable just a long as she didn’t drip all over the carpets. When she was finished she followed Kevin back downstairs.

Still buck naked, Sharon felt a little strange as she entered the living room. She noticed that one couple had already left. The remaining guests were clustered around Tim near the bar area and that’s where Kevin led her.

“You have one hell of a hot slut here.” Tim said and gave Sharon’s ass a little slap.

“Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed her.” Joe replied, the pride in his voice evident.

The party broke up shortly after that, but Joe would not let her put her dress back on and she was forced to leave in just her coat. On the short walk to the car he forced her to carry her dress and then lay it on the seat so that she didn’t leak all over the leather. During the drive home Sharon told her husband that she was a little surprised that Ron and/or his coworker did not want to fuck her.

“They were already pretty fucked out. When you went upstairs with Norm the talk turned to sex. That’s when the other couple left. I don’t think they were comfortable where things were heading. Then Ron said something about getting a turn with you. That’s when Nancy said that she had always fantasized about a threesome with her husband and another guy. She looked at Ron and asked him if he was interested. He said, “Hell yeah!” and off they went to one of the other bedrooms. I was feeling a little left out but then Diane dragged me into Tim’s home office and stripped off her dress. We did a little 69 action on his little couch and then I fucked her good and hard. Her tits bounce almost as nice as yours do. When we came back out Norm was back and Tim was gone. The other three returned just a few minutes before you did, so I suspect they had all gotten their fill.” Joe explained.

Sharon still felt a pang of jealousy when Joe had sex with other women, and she thought she probably always would. When they got home she told Joe all about her time upstairs with Norm, Tim, and Kevin. By the time she was through he was hard again and fucked her for a good half hour. For her it was the best sex of the evening and she went to sleep satisfied.

It was pretty uneventful for the next couple of weeks. She worked a few days and was busy shopping most of the others. Then came her family Christmas get together.

It was held at Sharon’s mother’s house once again. Her sister and brother in law were there, and her Uncle Herman. His wife was not feeling well, so she stayed at home. It started out as a pretty normal Christmas for her family. Jeanne flirted with everybody except her mother and Herman was a lecherous old man as usual. The one difference this year was that Joe had instructed Sharon not to resist his advances. Herman didn’t pick up on this right away, but when he did, things heated up quickly.

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