A Conversation Online with Rachel

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It was around Christmas. The weather in the UK was awful. Very cold and icy. Then I got an e-mail from a young lady in California.

Hello Sarah

My name is Rachel. I’m a slim eighteen year old, 5’6 with hazel eyes. I’ve been reading some of your stories which gave me courage to write to you. My feelings are all mixed up at the moment and I would like to exchange some thoughts with someone who might be able to help me sort them out. I find my mom very attractive and your stories suggest that’s not as unusual as I thought.

Hi Rachel

I’d love to chat with you, and perhaps share some thoughts, maybe give a little advice, and even chat on line. Which story persuaded you to email me? Where in the time zone are you? I’m in the UK. Would you like me send you a pic sometime? You are clearly interested in making love with other women in your family – what about guys? – are you still a virgin? – have you had any other girlfriend? How sexually experienced are you Rachel? – a frequent masturbator I guess!! Lol.

Look forward to hearing from you again.

Much love

Sarah xx

Hello Sarah,

Thank you for writing, I would love to talk to you more, I am also on Yahoo IM so we could chat there if you like? 🙂 I added my picture for you, you sound fun and sexy. I live in California so it is early morning here on Sunday. Whenever you have time to talk would be great, I have a lot of thoughts and fantasies going through my head right now and would love to talk about them with someone, I think older women are SO sexy, like my Mother. She’s beautiful.

I am a virgin still and I have dated a few guys but they are real jerks. Just seems women know best how to treat other women. I have kissed a girl once recently, a girlfriend of mine, and loved it. So soft. I want to experience more. I’ve even noticed my younger sister – she’s gorgeous :). I love to get myself wet, do you? I read your story about a Mom looking at her daughter and it turned me on so much. Then I saw your other stories about women with women so I thought I would contact you. Look forward to hearing from you again.

Love, Rachel

Oh Rachel!

What a lovely portrait. Thank you for sending it. You are really beautiful Rachel. I’m eager to get to know you better. And YES, I’m usually damp and easily get soaked pants just thinking about it!

Sarah xxxxxxx

I would LOVE to kiss those lips! Yummy!

Hi sweetie,

I would love to see a picture or two of you. I have already got myself very wet thinking of you. You sound so nice and someone I can get to know well, mmmmmm, look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Love, Rachel

Hi Rachel

Here are a couple of pics. Hope you like them. I have even ruder ones – but one step at a time! Nice to know you were getting wet. I wish I could sneak my hand inside your pants to find out just how much, and slip a finger or two in the wettest, deepest part! Perhaps play a little with your pussy, labia and clit. Then finger fuck until you tremble. Mmmmm. Sorry Rachel. You sound so sexy and eager. Are you familiar with other pussies, or just your own? If you want to know more about me, read The Vicar’s Real Wife among my stories.

Sarah xxx Kisses and licks.

Hi halkalı escort Sarah,

Thank you for the pictures, you are very pretty. I would love to see more pictures of you. Look forward to chatting more and the thought of you kissing and tasting me really turns me on 🙂

Love, Rachel

Yes. I think I shall have to seduce you Rachel.

Mmmmm, really Sarah? 🙂 I’ll see if you’re available.

‘Are you there Sarah?’

‘Yes Rachel. How lovely to have you on line. How are you? Still in bed I guess.’

‘Yes. It’s only 7 in the morning here. I’m in my nightdress. I’ve just been into my sister’s room. She’s asleep.’

‘You feeling horny, eh?’

‘Yes. Very. My sister’s lying on her side facing the door. The sheet had slid down to expose her left breast.’

‘Has she got lovely big breasts?’

‘No – not too big – but her nipples are very tempting. I bent down to touch them with my lips.’

‘Oh yes! Wake her with a kiss.’

‘No. She didn’t wake up. After rubbing my lips over the soft nipple, I got scared and left.’

‘Shame. She was probably enjoying it.’

‘But I got myself wet through and came back to finger myself.’

‘What about you Mom?’

‘OMG I really want to make love to her Sarah. You’ve no idea. Last night I heard her moaning in bed. Muffled, but our beds are against the same dividing wall.’

‘Was she alone?’

‘Yes. I thought she might be feeling ill at first, then I realized she was masturbating. The bed was creaking. Lol.’

‘Perhaps you should have joined her.’

‘I wish I wish! I’m rubbing myself hard thinking about it.’

‘You want me to caress your thighs and groin? Pretend it’s mom?’

‘Oh yes please. I want to feel your fingers dabbling in my wetness.’

‘There! My finger tips are exploring your vulva. Mm – it’s so hot and dripping wet. I can feel your belly fluttering. There – can you feel mom’s two middle fingers pushing deep inside? Nice and tight.’

‘OMG – yes yes yes. Don’t stop. It’s awesome.’

‘You want me to make you come?’

‘Ooo pleeeease. I’m nearly there already. Fizzing! Come on mom. Do it!’

‘Feel her head between your soft warm thighs. Inhaling your young sweet scent. Kissing your clit and pulling your labia with her lips as she drives her fingers in and out. Faster and deeper. Oh god! You’re trembling. Thighs throbbing. Back stiffening and arching from the bed. You’re moaning and panting.’

‘Make me come. Ooooo yes. That’s wonderful. Don’t stop.’

‘Kissing your face and mouth. Moaning in your ear. Murmuring how much I want to feel you coming. And wanting you to feel me. Feel your mom.’


‘Yes darling. Come for mom. Come … come … come. Fingers deep inside you. Kissing your neck and breasts. My other hand rimming your tight bottom. Middle finger pressing inside the little rosebud.’


‘You have a lovely young body. I adore it. Worship your pussy. It’s so gorgeous. It’s there to enjoy and give you pleasure.’

Oh fuck fuck fuck …. AAAAAARRRRR.’

‘You’re shuddering. Flexing. Convulsing. Wow Rachel. GO FOR IT.’


After şişli escort a few seconds silence.

‘You’ve flopped on your back. Breathing hard. I can tell. What if your mom was to come in now, and see you – all tousled wet between your thighs?’

‘OMG Sarah. I’m breathless.’

‘She might come to join you and kiss you and start all over again.’

‘Awesome. That was mind blowing Sarah. Oh yes! How I needed that. I was so tensed up and horny. You are brilliant.’

‘You’re pretty good yourself Rachel.’

‘Will you come to chat again?’

‘Yes of course. I’m soaking here myself. But I have to dash – people arriving. Must clean up! Bye for now.’

Hi Rachel

Sorry I had to dash away yesterday. I’ve been thinking about what you said about kissing your sister’s nipple. I think she was enjoying it and was sorry you didn’t kiss it for longer. We all like to wake up to feel soft lips on our nipple! Yummy! But she didn’t open her eyes in case you’d stop! And you did!! I hope you try it again, and really lick, suck and kiss it. If she doesn’t want it she’ll soon tell you to stop.

Then the next move is to stroke the other breast at the same time. Then let nature take its course!

And I’ve thought of a possible way into your mom’s bed. Climb in at the side of her early one morning and say you’d a terrible nightmare and need her protection. Tell her you’re scared and need her to cuddle you. Then see what happens.

I believe it’s quite likely that both your mom and your sis might be as interested in your body and you are in theirs, but daren’t say or do anything in case it embarrasses you. Be brave! Take the initiative, but always leave space to pull back if you think you’ve gone too far. At least, show them that you’d welcome their advances in a subtle way. Show your breasts as if by accident. Stroke their arm a little. Touch and smile.

Mmmm you’ll get there darling. Just tell me when you do.

Sarah xxx

Thank you sweetie, I was thinking about that same idea with my mother, now I just need to get enough nerve to try it :). I saw mom come out of the shower room in her see-through this morning. I went weak at the knees. She has a fantastic body. Her nipples were all stiff. She looked at me and smiled, before going to dress.

‘Are you there Sarah?’


‘It’s just after 6am. I’m so turned on thinking About what you wrote. I’m going to try it. What do you think?’

‘Go for it Rachel. Your mum can’t be angry with you. Just say you’ve had a bad dream and need a cuddle. Snuggle in to her. Then, when she puts her arms round you, nestle your head between her breasts and lay your thigh over her belly. Hold her tight. See what happens.’

‘Deep breath. Wish me luck.’

‘Good luck darling.’

And that, dear reader, was the last I heard from Rachel! I waited with baited breath for her to come back to me. She never did! She even cancelled her email address, so that I couldn’t get in touch with her. I can’t think what or why. So I just imagined what might have happened when she went to her mom. This is the email I hoped for. What do you think?

OMG Sarah.

I’m delirious with ecstacy! Light-headed. I’m sarıyer escort in heaven! We both came three times. And I’m going to come again right now! I really must.

Mom was asleep when I crawled in beside her. She woke up and asked what was wrong. So I told her and said I needed a cuddle. She put her arm round me and drew me to her. She held me close and I got my head between her breasts. The scent was incredible. My leg was across her belly, my groin pressing against her thigh bone. I wriggled against her, stimulating my clit. Then I just suckled her nipple, like a dummy. Awesome! I couldn’t help it! I couldn’t help the orgasm either! I just so het up. I exploded against her. After a minute or two she gave a little laugh and said ‘Did you just come?’

I was a bit ashamed and just nodded. ‘That’s good,’ she said. ‘It’ll make you feel a lot better.’ and then her hand brushed over my furry groin and cupped my pussy. ‘My! You certainly are wet!’ I was blushing furiously against her breast, holding her tight, wondering what she was going to do. I soon found out. Her hand started to rub my pussy and clit. ‘How’s that feel?’ she asked. I didn’t reply. I was just dumbfounded. My belly was shaking and my buttocks flexing. I just got her nipple between my lips again as I suddenly came a second time. I couldn’t avoid it. After a short silence whist I recovered my breath, mom took my hand in hers and guided it between her own thighs.

Sarah! That was UNBELIEVABLE. She worked my hand over her pussy for a bit until I started to do it without her help. I was gasping with amazement. I was actually stroking her pussy. Then I started to really explore her wonderful goddess with my fingers. I searched her labia and clit and, eventually I slid my middle two fingers into her vagina. She was so so wet. I felt her thighs starting to throb and her bottom jerk. Time stood still for me. I’ve no idea how long I was exploring her pussy. But she gave a low moan and gasp. Shaking hard. And she came in my hand. She was breathless. It was just incredible.

‘Is that what you were after?’ she gasped. ‘It was lovely. Now I’m going to do it properly for you.’ And she rolled me on to my back, threw back the sheet, opened my legs wide, and got her head between them. I can’t describe the extraordinary feeling. The next thing I knew, mom was kneeling low astride my face, her pussy pressing and rubbing my lips and chin. Her whole pussy was there in front of my eyes. Her Goddess of love and passion. It fascinated me. I studied every detail as she used my face to stimulate it. The floppy labia. The auburn curls around them. The stiff clitoris. That exciting entrance to her center. I have no idea how long we were licking and kissing each others pussy, but we both came at about the same time, my mouth full of her juices. She rolled off me.

‘Thank you Rachel,’ she said eventually. ‘Now we have to get up.’ I watched her beautiful body leave the room to go to the bathroom.

Back in my own room I couldn’t believe what had happened. I just had to masturbate again. I closed my eyes and recalled the events of the past few minutes. As I came for the fourth time, I opened my eyes to see my sister in the open door watching me, eyes wide. She must have been there some time because she had her hand between legs, playing with herself. As I flopped, she came over to me.

I can’t relate the rest, dear reader, because the sister is only sixteen! But having written that, I feel in need of some relief myself. I’m going to lay on my bed and have a lovely orgasm.

How about coming with me?

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