A Caring Mother Ch. 03

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Chapter 3

Joanne handles both son and dad


When Joanne woke up the next morning she decided to test how Chris would react if she was totally open with him about what happened the night before. She wasn’t upset that her son had been spying on his parents as they made love in their bedroom. She thought that sort of curiosity was normal in an 18 year old. But their love making last night wasn’t exactly conventional — her husband John had given her ass a thorough pounding in what was their most intense anal sex session ever.

If Chris had seen that through the crack in the bedroom door what would he think of her? Would he think she was some kind of slut? Joanne was concerned how Chris regarded her. After all she’d masturbated her son to orgasm just before her anal sex session with her husband. Would Chris still respect her as a mother?

She really wanted to help Chris get over his extreme shyness. She and John had decided that if she helped Chris get over his sexual hangups it would build up his confidence and he’d start going out with girls like a regular 18 year old boy.

She got out of bed and went to her closet. She thought her husband had been right last night just before they went to sleep when he suggested she wear more revealing clothes in front of Chris. If Chris was to break out of his shell he had to see his mother as a sexual woman who loved him, not just as a provider and carer.

She had a long shower, scrubbing her back to get off the cum that had dried on her ass and legs. She got the razor and shaved carefully around her pussy. She had a little line of hair on her pubic mound, and for the umpteenth time she pondered whether to shave that off too. She kept it because she had this feeling she looked like a little girl if she was completely bare. She knew John wanted her absolutely hairless. She wondered what Chris would like. But she still kept that little landing strip as the women called it. The important thing was to shave carefully around her pussy. Then she reached around and squatted so she could shave her ass crack. Difficult spot that. Wished I had some help, but she couldn’t imagine anyone volunteering to shave her ass.

Standing naked and fresh she looked through her clothes. What to wear for Chris? Not the Victoria’s Secret see-through frilly underwear. That would look like she was trying too hard. Not the transparent nightie. He’d seen her in that last night. Maybe the tight little tank top. No. Too little girlish. It has to look natural. Like she just threw it on without knowing how revealing it was.

Joanne pulled on a loose white singlet. It had deep scoops under the armpits so it showed a fair bit of her breasts from the side. It had a deep scoop at the front so if she bent down her nipples could be seen easily. Perfect. Next she pulled on some loose black satin shorts that were small and rode high up her hips. Chris will be wondering all the time if I’m wearing anything underneath, thought Joanne. She brushed her blonde hair and put on a tiny bit of make up to look fresh for her men.

She left John to sleep in — after all it was a weekend — and went down to the kitchen. No one else was up, and Joanne made herself a muesli breakfast with fruit. She took it outside and sat on the back deck where she’d sunbaked the previous day. It was a beautiful sunny morning. Joanne listened to birds singing as she ate her muesli. She felt good with the world. She heard noises in the kitchen.

“Is that you John?”

“No mom, it’s me.”

Her son sounded decidedly nervous. Joanne knew she had to do something now rather than wait.

“Get yourself some breakfast dear and come out and sit with me in the sun.”

“OK mom.”

Joanne adjusted her singlet so that it hung low. She knew from the side she was showing an almost complete profile of her breasts. She pulled up her shorts a bit so that it was tight in against her crotch and bare right to the top of her hips.

Chris noticed immediately he walked on to the deck betist giriş that his mum was revealing a lot of flesh as she sat in the sun eating her breakfast. He didn’t know how to react to her after what she’d done to him in his bedroom and what he’d seen her do with his father last night. He didn’t know regular women took cocks in their ass. He thought it was only porn stars who did that sort of thing. Certainly he still couldn’t believe his own mother willingly took dad’s cock deep into her asshole. How could he react normally with her after what he’d seen?

Chris shuffled along carrying his bowl of corn flakes. He didn’t dare look at his mother, looking down at the ground. He sat and continued avoiding looking at her, eating silently.

“How are you feeling this morning Chris?” she asked softly. Her son was in T-shirt and shorts. She thought he looked very handsome.

“Fine mom.”

He still didn’t look up at her.

“Chris, please look at me. It’s rude not to look at people when you talk to them.”

Slowly Chris raised his eyes to look at his mother. She looked so hot. He could see the side of her right breast almost completely exposed by the loose singlet. Her thighs were exposed right to the hip, and he wondered if she was wearing anything underneath. He wondered if her ass was sore after what she’d gone through last night.

‘Oh God, how can I keep thinking about my mom like this’ Chris thought to himself and he looked down at his breakfast once more.

“Chris we have to talk about last night,” Joanne said, leaning closer to him. “In case you’re worried, I’m certainly not upset at what happened. I think it was a beautiful thing we did, and I did it to help you. I hope it teaches you not to be afraid of sex.”

Joanne reached over and put her hand on Chris’s thigh.

“Chris we are all sexual beings. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. Your father and I are very proud of you. We both agreed that if I helped you get over some of your inhibitions it might build your self-confidence.”

Still Chris said nothing. Joanne stroked her son’s bare thigh, her hand reaching up to within six inches of his crotch.

“Chris you were magnificent last night, and I loved seeing your cum spurting over your body like that.”

Chris was stunned. He thought his mom would just pretend nothing had happened. He looked up at her. She was smiling at him. Love filled her eyes.

“Really mom, you’re not mad at me.”

“Of course not. I’m not even mad at what you did later — in the corridor outside our bedroom.”

“Oh mum.” Chris hung his head in his hands. “That was so embarrassing. I just blacked out. I didn’t even feel hitting the floor.”

“You fainted dear, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Chris, we know you were listening to us through the door. And you were masturbating weren’t you Chris? I found the sperm stains on the wall and on the carpet.”

“OH NO” Chris cried in shame. He tried to shrink away from his mother, but she kept a grip on his thigh and made him stay in his seat.

“Chris, Chris, it doesn’t matter. We’re not angry or upset.”

“But mom, what you were doing with dad, him in your ass, didn’t it hurt?”

Joanne sat back stunned. So the door had been open. Chris had watched John fuck her in the ass. It just happened to be their most intense anal adventure ever. She still felt a little bit sore. Joanne knew this was an important moment. How she handled this could affect Chris for life. She had to make sure he realized anal sex was just a natural part of some people’s sex life.

“Chris, that’s OK. I said we’re not upset and I mean it. No it doesn’t hurt. Well, only at first. We both like it and it’s part our sex life. We don’t do it all the time, which makes it very special when we do do it.”

Chris burst into tears and got up and hugged his mother. Sobs wracked his body. Joanne held him tight. Chris was about six inches taller than his mother, and his muscular arms encircled her. Her breasts were pressed into betist yeni giriş her son’s chest. His groin ground into her flat hard stomach. Joanne could feel the bulge of his cock pressing into her. He wasn’t erect, but he wasn’t totally flaccid either. She didn’t move. She just kept her arms wrapped around her son, comforting him as he continued to sob, his head buried in her neck.

John came out on the deck at that moment. He stopped when he saw his wife in a tight embrace with his son. He saw that her barely covered groin was pressed in against her son’s thigh. Her loose singlet had pushed to one side and her right breast was now completely bare, pressed against her son’s chest.

After a while Joanne stepped back. She saw John standing nearby.

“It’s alright John. Chris was worried how we would react to what happened last night. I’ve assured him everything is OK and we’re not upset.”

“No Chris, we’re not angry. No need for you to be crying like that.”

Chris nodded and looked down again. He still wasn’t convinced his parents had forgiven him for spying on them.

Joanne noticed a small tent had appeared in Chris’s shorts. The close hug had obviously got to him. Amazing how that thing could grow under any circumstances.

“There is one thing you have to do though Chris.”

“Yes mum?”

“Get a wet cloth and go and clean up that mess you left on the wall and carpet outside our bedroom door.”

Chris turned red. “Oh, sure mom.”

When Chris left, John sat down with Joanne. She told him what had been said, and that Chris had admitted watching them while she had a cock in her ass.

“I tried to make him see it was a part of our normal sex life, but I think he sees me as something really weird and that normal mums don’t do that sort of thing.”

“Maybe we’ll have to make sure he understands the things normal people do in their sex lives. That there is no such thing as normal. Look, I think what you and I do is fantastic, but I know some married couples swap partners, go to orgies and the husband loves watching his wife having sex with total strangers.”

“I’ve heard that too John, but you don’t want to do that do you?”

“Well, now that you mention it…….”

John gave his wife a quizzical look.

“No way John. I won’t do that. I’m helping our son, and I think I’m very broad minded doing that. I didn’t even get upset when I found out he’d watched you fuck me in the ass. I’ve masturbated our son, for goodness sake, so don’t you go thinking I’m a prude.”

“Not dressed like this you’re not,” John said approvingly, reaching his hands under Joanne’s singlet to feel her breasts.

Chris returned at that exact moment and stood watching his father fondle his mother’s tits. His parents hadn’t seen him. He watched in wonder as his mom kissed his dad passionately, her hand reaching down to fondle his cock through his shorts. Chris ducked back behind the door. He wanted to see how far this would go.

John reached down and undid his pants allowing his cock to fling out of the shorts. Joanne kept on kissing him, both hands pulling on his hard cock. She opened her eyes and saw Chris looking at them from the kitchen door. Not again, she thought.

“Chris, don’t hide,” she said “Come out here. Dad and I are just having a bit of fun.”

Chris stepped out nervously. His mum hadn’t stopped pulling on his dad’s cock and his dad was still fondling his mum’s breasts.

“Sit down here,” Joanne said, patting the chair next to her. “You can watch us openly. No need to hide anymore. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You’ve seen us having anal sex anyway, I don’t think a morning fondle is going to hurt.”

Chris sat down nervously. He was only a few feet away from where his mother was fondling his father’s cock. His eyes were glued to the way her hands moved up and down the shaft. It was just like she’d jacked him off last night. His hand moved down to hold his own cock through his shorts.

“Come on John, get these off betist güvenilirmi so I can feel you properly,” Joanne said, tugging down her husband’s shorts. John was thrilled Joanne was doing this in front of Chris. He lifted up his hips and tugged down his shorts. His cock sprang up. He spread his legs wide so Joanne could get to that magic spot beneath his balls. Chris was fascinated. He watched as his mom used one hand to jerk his dad’s cock, while she used the other to hold and fondle his balls. Chris was surprised when Joanne’s hand dipped below his dad’s balls and started stroking that stretch of skin below.

“Wow mom, you did that to me last night and it felt fantastic,” Chris blurted out.

“Ah, but I didn’t do this……” Joanne said to her son.

John raised his pelvis a bit higher and Joanne’s fingers dipped even lower and started circling her husband’s anal ring. Her other hand jerked his cock faster. Joanne brought her fingers up to her mouth and licked them thoroughly, spitting on them. She returned her now slippery fingers to her husband’s asshole, circling them around and around the hole.

“Oh God Jo, that’s wonderful, please do it, you know…..” John cried.

With that Joanne smiled at her husband and looked sideways at her son. She saw he was fondling his cock through his shorts.

“Best get them off or you’ll have to do some more tidying up,” she said to him.

Chris dropped his shorts real quick. Joanne looked at her son’s cock and was pleased to see it hadn’t diminished despite his ejaculations last night. That’s a teenager for you.

“Just watch this Chris. Learn something new.”

Her finger touched her husband’s sphincter, patting it gently. John gasped and thrust his hips forward. He knew what was coming, but Chris had no clue. Bit by bit Joanne slowly slipped her largest finger into her husband’s anal hole. John uttered a cry. Chris wasn’t sure if it was pain or joy. Then as John continued to undulate his hips, Joanne slipped another finger into his asshole.

“Oh my God, Jo,” John squealed, his face contorting.

Joanne picked up the speed of her hand on John’s cock. She tried to time her finger’s thrusts into his ass with the jerking of his cock. Beside her Chris was leaning in even closer to see what his mom was doing to his dad. He didn’t know a man might like to have something in his ass too.

John was shaking, his hands gripping the arms of the chair. Suddenly his cock spurted cum all over his chest, running down Joanne’s hand and over his balls to her other hand that was playing with his ass. Joanne felt his sphincter muscles squeeze her fingers as he came.

As he was slowly drained, Joanne withdrew her fingers from his ass. John collapsed in the chair. His sperm was all over her hand. She looked to Chris who was furiously whacking off beside her.

“Here baby, let me help.”

Joanne pushed Chris to lean back. She moved closer and gently caressed his hard cock with both her cum soaked hands.

“It’s a beautiful cock, you know that? You can cum for mummy honey. Just get it all out of these big balls.”

John was astounded. He never believed his wife would go this far. He looked on in wonder as Joanne once again masturbated their son. This time he got to watch.

Chris didn’t need the added stimulation of a finger up his ass. He was ready to cum after what he’d just seen. As his mom pulled on his cock with two hands he erupted, squirting a foot or so into the air before it splashed down on her hands.

“Holy shit,” cried John. “That’s a heck of an ejaculation son.”

Joanne continued, determined to get every last drop out of her son’s balls. Chris’s sperm ran all over her hands, wrist and forearms. After about half a dozen spurts Chris too collapsed in his chair.

“Hmmmm, not as much as last night,” said Joanne. “I’ll have to give you longer to recover in future.”

“Oh mum, that was wonderful,” sighed Chris.

“Honey, you are truly amazing,” said John.

Joanne looked at her cum soaked hands. The sperm from her two men was dripping down to the stone floor below. She looked at both of them slumped in their chairs, completely drained from her manual ministrations.

“Yes, I suppose I am,” she laughed, and got up to go and clean herself up.

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