A Caring Mother Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Son spies on parents’ anal play

Joanne walked back into her bedroom after masturbating her son, her right hand covered in his cum. Her husband John was lying on the bed where he had been waiting impatiently for her. John saw his wife’s cum-soaked hand glistening in the light.

“You did it then? How was he?”

“Oh honey, it was amazing. I’ve never seen so much cum. The poor kid, the first spurt hit him on his cheek. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.”

Joanne held out her arm and showed John her sperm covered hand. It was just about dripping off. She didn’t want it falling on their bed so she raised her hand. The goo ran in little streams over her wrist and down her forearm.

“I better go wash this off before it gets everywhere,” she said and went into the bathroom which ran off their bedroom.

As she washed her hands John came up behind her and hugged her close. He leaned in and smelled her hair, kissed her cheek and reached his hands around to cup both her breasts.

“Jo, you are an amazing woman and I love you so much. And you are an incredible mother. I can’t imagine many mothers would do what you did to help their son. But I think you have helped him enormously tonight.”

“You think so dear? I don’t know. All I know is that our son had an enormous ejaculation when his mother masturbated him in his bed. I’m no psychologist, but I think that would happen with just about any young man. Have I really done the right thing?”

“I’m sure you have sweetheart. He’ll feel so much more confident now. I reckon after this experience he knows how fantastic sex is and he’ll be rushing to go out with girls. You know that’s why we agreed to do this.”

“Yes I do, but will he just see me as a sex object now? It’s a pretty big taboo we’ve just broken. You know after you left he asked if he could feel my breasts?”

“Really? Did you let him?”

“Well, yes. He’d just seen you do it before you left the room and he asked if he could feel them too. I said only through the nightie, like you had done.”

“Was he satisfied by that — did he try to go further?”

“No, he was pretty excited that I was jerking his cock and he was feeling my breasts. I think that’s pretty darn exciting for one day don’t you?”

“Well, yes, I suppose so. But I wonder if it could do him harm if we refused him permission to feel your body after you’ve jerked him off.”

“Oh John, I don’t know. I don’t know how we are going to act with him tomorrow over breakfast. Do we pretend nothing happened? Do we say it was just that once and no more? What if he wants to do it again?”

“I don’t know either Jo. We’ll just have to see how he is in the morning. But I tell you what, I really want to have you now.”

With that John leaned down and in one motion lifted up her nightdress and pulled it over her head so she stood naked in front of him. He picked her up and carried her to the bed.

John was rampant, his cock hard. Whether it was knowing his wife had just pulled off their son, or whether he just had the hots for her, neither of them cared. He drove his cock into her pussy, and pounded hard and furiously. Joanne loved it, spreading her legs as wide as possible. In her mind she could see the hard young body of her son lying naked before her, her hand caressing him and gripping his hard cock. She knew a taboo had been broken, and once broken couldn’t be put back the way it was before. As John thrust into her, she imagined if Chris’s cock would feel even better inside her. He sure had a beautiful cock, and those balls were wonderful.

That thought shocked her. ‘NO, I can’t think like that. That is too much. I can never let that happen.’

John had other thoughts while he was pounding his dick into Joanne. He was very excited that his wife had just masturbated their son, that she had allowed him to feel her breasts as she jerked him to a monster ejaculation. He wished he’d been able to watch. Maybe next time. He was surprised that he wanted his wife to go further with Chris. Would she really do it? Maybe if we stepped it up around the house, just became more open about sex, if Jo exposed herself more then she might feel open enough to do more with Chris.

With that thought he knew betist giriş he was going to do what he could to get Jo to open up sexually even more around Chris. He looked down to see his cock slamming in and out of Jo’s mostly shaved cunt. Would Chris like to see that? What would Jo look like Chris fucked his mother? The thought excited him even more, and he whispered to Jo: “I want your ass honey, where’s the lube.”

“Oh dear, I left it next to Chris’s bed.”

“I’ll go get it.”

“No honey, don’t disturb him. He’ll be sleeping after that monster cum.”

“I won’t wake him. Don’t go away.”

John got up, his hard cock waving in the air as he strode out of their bedroom across the corridor and opened the door to Chris’s bedroom. He looked inside. It was dark but from the light of the corridor he could see Chris lying flat on his bed. He looked asleep. John went in, saw the tube of lubrication on the bedside table, picked it up and walked out. But as he left he left Chris’s door slightly open. He crossed into his bedroom and left their door slightly open too. John knew that if Chris was awake he’d be able to hear his parents making love, and that thought turned him on.

Chris was indeed awake. He saw his dad sneak into his room with a full erection, grab the lube and go back out. He was still reeling with shock and excitement that his mother had given him the most intense cum of his life. Now he’d seen his father’s erect cock. He realized his dad hadn’t closed the door properly, but felt too sleepy to get up and close it.

John crossed to where Jo was lying naked on the bed waiting for him. The bedside table lights were on as both John and Jo liked to be able to see each other during sex. Jo saw John had the lube in his hand and rolled over on to her stomach. She liked anal sex, and she knew John always got more excited when they did it this forbidden way.

John squeezed the tube into his hand and spread the lube all around Joanne’s asshole, slipping a finger through her sphincter muscle. Joanne squirmed and let out a little cry.

“That’s my girl, just relax your ass and let it open up for me,” said John, a little louder than he needed for Jo to hear him.

Across the corridor Chris heard what his father said and was instantly wide awake.

“What the fuck!” he said to himself. He looked over at the door and realized his parents’ door must be open too. There was a faint glow of light coming from their bedroom. He got out of bed and peered through the gap in his door. His heart leaped as he realized he could see into his parents’ bedroom across the corridor. He couldn’t see them, but just then he saw a naked back reflected in the mirror above his mother’s dressing table. It was his father doing something to his mother. She was obscured, but Chris could guess what was happening as he heard his father say:

“That’s two fingers Jo, do you want more?”

“Yes, try three, no four. I can take it tonight. I feel so open.”

“My God Jo, that’s four fingers in your ass. You’ve never taken that many before.”

“Just fuck me honey, fuck my ass.”

Chris couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He watched intently as he saw his father stand up higher and then lower himself so he seemed to be squatting.

“AAAuuuggghh,” he heard his mother cry.

Chris was frustrated he couldn’t see what was going on. In the mirror he could see his father’s bent back, and he must be hunched over his mother, but he couldn’t see anything below. Chris decided to risk getting a closer look. He eased open his door and, as quietly as he could, crossed the corridor. He slid up against the wall next to his parent’s bedroom. Their door was open by about two inches. He stuck his head around the corner. It took a split second for his eyes to adjust but what he saw through the gap took his breath away. His mom was on her knees, her head buried in a pillow. Her ass was sticking up in the air and his dad was crouched over her, his dick planted deep in her asshole. As Chris watched, John lifted his cock out of Jo’s asshole and rammed it in again. Chris grabbed his erect cock and started jacking off to the action playing right in front of him.

“UUUggghh,” she cried. “Faaarrrkkk.”

John repeated the move over and over. betist yeni giriş Jo’s hands were spread wide on the bed, gripping the sheets. Chris was frozen in awe of what he was seeing. He looked intently at where his father’s cock was pounding his mother’s asshole. His dad’s cock was shiny with lubrication, and small dollops of the clear gel rolled out of his mom’s anus, rolling down her cunt lips. Chris was thrilled to see that his mother’s cunt and ass were absolutely hairless. She looked just like the porn stars he secretly watched on his bedroom computer.

John was thrilled at the openness his wife was showing in their anal play tonight. She’d never taken four fingers in her ass before, and he loved the way she was pushing back against him as he pounded into her. Normally she lay on her stomach with a pillow under her, letting him fuck her ass as though he was fucking her cunt. Tonight she was right into it, kneeling to give him deeper access and he could tell she was building to an orgasm. Could she have an anal orgasm? I fucking hope so.

John looked up as he readied himself to pound her even harder. His eye caught the dressing table mirror. Hold on! Is that Chris peeping through the gap in the door? It was dark in the corridor, but John was sure he spotted Chris’s eye looking through where he’d left the door ajar. Holy shit! He’s watching me fuck his mother in the ass! This stirred John on even more, wanting to put on a good performance for his son. He lifted up his legs higher so that Chris would have an unobstructed view as he squatted over Jo. John had his hands on Jo’s shoulders to steady himself, and he used that leverage to come in at an even deeper angle into her ass. He increased the speed and started really pounding his cock hard into his wife’s ass, slamming deep into her rectum. He made sure his cock pulled out almost all the way, leaving just the head inside her sphincter, before he drilled into her again. Chris would like that, seeing how hard he was drilling his mother’s ass.

Jo was in a total state of surrender. Her ass was wide open for her husband and she didn’t care how hard he slammed into her, she could take it all. It was as though she was in another world, a world where her anus was the centre of everything. She wanted John to go on slamming into her ass forever.

Chris stood transfixed, his mouth hanging open. His hand on his cock was flying furiously up and down. There’s no way this is real. He had to be dreaming. His kind, wonderful mother, the beautiful blonde who had every kid in school drooling over her, the mom he’d punched other kids for saying would be a good fuck, and here she was taking dad’s cock deep into her ass!!!

John was close to cumming. Should he cum deep inside his wife’s ass, or should he put on a show for Chris and pull out to splash all over his mother’s ass? Maybe he’d pounded Jo hard enough for her ass to gape wide open when he pulled out. Yes! That would be a fantastic finale for Chris to see. John thought he’d have to pull up high enough so that Chris could get a clear view of his mother’s asshole the instant he pulled out his dick and started spurting. Yes! The sperm would run down her ass and cunt like streams. That would be a great sight for Chris.

Chris felt faint. The blood had drained from his head in shock but he couldn’t take his eyes off the incredible scene in front of him. He saw his father increase his speed and then was astounded as his dad pulled out of his mum’s ass, lifted high and started spurting his cum over her ass. Chris heard his father give a huge grunt and as he looked closely and he saw with amazement that his mother’s asshole had a black hole open about an inch across. His dad’s sperm squirted right inside the hole, and it was flowing down her ass and hairless cunt.

Chris felt his own cum spurting out of his cock. He hadn’t time to catch it as it splashed on the wall and on the carpet. Suddenly everything went black inside Chris’s head, and he felt himself falling. He crashed to the floor outside his parent’s bedroom in a dead faint. Both John and Jo heard the crash of the body hitting the ground. Jo was the first one up and rushed to the door. She opened it and was stunned to see her son lying on the floor in front of her.

“Oh betist güvenilirmi Chris, are you alright?” she cried as she knelt beside him cradling his head.

John was beside her in an instant. He guessed what had happened, and he didn’t want Jo to know he’d deliberately left the door open so Chris could see inside their bedroom.

“It’s OK Jo, he’s just fainted. I’ve seen this before during parades in the army. He’ll come around in a second or two. Just get some water will you?”

While Jo went to get a glass of water, John gently slapped his son on his cheek to stir him. Chris groggily opened his eyes.

“You OK son?”

“W-W-What happened?”

“You fainted son. What were you doing out here. We thought you were asleep.”

“Oh, er, I was just on my way to the bathroom.”

Joanne arrived with a glass of water. With a start she realized both Chris and John were naked, and of course she was too. Ah well, this is an emergency. She lifted Chris up and gave him a drink. She felt something wet on the floor under her hand. She rubbed the sticky goo between her fingers and smelt it. It was cum. Maybe it dripped off her ass when she was down helping Chris. She looked at the wall next to their bedroom door and there it was again. Thick globs of cum dripping down the wall. No way that was from her. Joanne knew then that Chris had been sneaking a look at his parents in their bedroom.

Oh no! Joanne thought. Chris must have seen John fucking me in the ass! That’s what happened. He was standing here masturbating as he watched us and fainted as he came. Oh shit. What should we do about that?

John helped Chris back to his bed and Chris curled over and went straight to sleep. When John came out, Joanne showed him the sperm stains on the wall and carpet.

“He was watching us!” she hissed at her husband as they went into their bedroom and closed the door. “Could he see everything we did? Wasn’t the door closed?”

“I don’t know dear. I thought I closed it.”

“Oh no, not tonight of all nights. John we were doing all that and he was watching!”

“Honey, we don’t know if he saw us. Maybe he just heard things and after what you’d done to him that was enough for him to whack off.”

“What, in the corridor? He’s never done anything like that before. And don’t think he did that because of what I did for him. You thought it would help him, but now he’s spying on his parents.”

“But remember why we agreed you should help him. We wanted him to be more confident with girls. I think what you did was a great first step. Look, if we come down hard on him for what just happened it could really set him back even further.”

“So what should we do?”

“I think we should shrug it off. Just treat it as part of normal sex life. Maybe even make a joke of it. What about if you make like it’s nothing serious, and just ask him to clean up the mess he left on the wall outside our bedroom. After all it’s not the first time. Let’s not forget he whacked off while watching you masturbate on the deckchair.”

“Yes, I suppose you’re right. Oh John, I don’t know where all this is going with Chris. If anybody knew what I’d done with my son they’d be horrified.”

“Who cares what other people might think. This is our family, Chris is our son, and we are doing what we think is best for him. You’re not going to back out of this now are you Jo?”

“No, I don’t regret any of it. I don’t even really mind that he was spying on us. I just wish that he didn’t feel it was necessary. I want him to be out playing with girls his own age. He just seems to lack the confidence to approach them.”

“So maybe we ought to be even more open with him. Let him see that we are sexual people and not hide it from him.”

“What, like make love in front of him?”

“Well, I don’t know about that.” John was thrilled Jo had brought up that possibility. But he suspected Jo wouldn’t agree to it if he suggested it.

“Maybe not that far, not now at least. We can’t have him fainting all over the place can we?” he laughed.

Jo laughed too. They hugged and cradled each other before they dozed off. Sleepily, John asked his wife one last question.

“Tell you what Jo, why don’t you wear a little less around the house in front of Chris? He’s obviously fascinated by your body, and I must say you look absolutely fantastic naked.”

Joanne smiled at that idea. She snuggled up to her husband and drifted off to sleep wondering how Chris would react if she started going around the house nearly naked.

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