A Business Affair Ch. 01

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This piece is autobiographical. I’ve not listed names or places to protect the identity of the people involved. All of the events you will read are true. It was a surprising and exciting start to a what I can’t really call a relationship – it was fun, but couldn’t ever have been more. I hope you enjoy the memories as much as I have enjoyed writing about them. – Author


Early in my career, I worked for a company for some time that pretty much owned you, body and soul. It was a good place to work, my co-workers were great, the job was fun, and you were well compensated. Still, it wasn’t unusual to find out that you’d be traveling to some far-flung corner of the globe on a moment’s notice and with no regard to your own plans.

We were working on a project for a massive multi-national company. I had been hired to help the company get the project and once we got the project, it was contractually required that I was present at any meeting between my employer and this company.

I was working in my office one Friday afternoon in February when the company president came into the office to tell me that I would be flying to the UK with the sales director. The client was having problems with our product that they needed us to help resolve. We’d be flying out that evening. I wasn’t particularly enthusiastic about a mid-winter trip to the UK with the damp and cold, but that’s just the breaks. I went home to pack and we rushed to the airport to make the flight with minutes to spare.

We flew into London and then on to our destination. We spent the weekend doing not much of anything (very little was open) and completed our work at the customer’s facility on the Monday morning. Our return trip was already booked for the afternoon to fly back to London where we’d stay at an airport hotel before flying home late Tuesday afternoon.

The sales director told me on the flight back to London that we had a dinner meeting planned with Ms. O; the European buyer for our client. I was asked if I remembered Ms. O as she’d apparently visited our facility, but I didn’t remember her or if we’d even met.

While I was looking forward to dinner, it was primarily a sales meeting and would need little input from me. I’d been thinking of a swim in the hotel pool, but the meeting pretty much spoiled that idea.

A passing snow squall had delayed our departure for London and we had to rush a bit to get to the hotel. We had just enough time to get to our rooms and get freshened up for dinner.

When I started for the company I had some suits I’d bought in college that the boss decided needed an upgrade. Technical guys like me aren’t known to be notorious fashion hounds, so my boss had me fitted for some Armani suits when we were in New York so that I looked the part for the business we were in. It was a business that was very much about perception and impressions. Putting modesty aside here, I looked damned good in that suit.

I grabbed my folio for the meeting and rushed downstairs, meeting the sales director in the lobby. We walked into the restaurant a few minutes late. Ms. O was already seated at the table with a drink going over some notes. She put them aside to and stood to greet us.

If I had met her, I definitely would have remembered her. She was a petite redhead with straight shoulder-length hair tucked behind one ear. The hair was bright red and her eyes were a pale sea-green. She stood just over 5 feet tall. My first impression was that she was very, very pretty with delicate features, but overall, just darned cute.

Her complexion was fair with a sprinkling of freckles across the tops of her cheeks and nose. She was wearing a crisp white blouse with a dark green jacket over it. A tightly fitted grey hound’s tooth skirt, hose and some low heeled black patent leather pumps completed the ensemble.

She had greeted the sales director first with a soft Irish lilt and then turned to shake my hand. Our sales director introduced us referring to her as Ms. O. We lingered a bit on our introduction holding our grip a bit longer than usual. “Please call me F.”, she said.

We sat at the table and F sat with a very upright posture trying to make every inch of her height count. I was struck by the thought that F looked awfully young to be in the position of responsibility that she held. The waiter came with menus and took drink orders for the rest of the table.

From that moment on at the meal, I was an accessory at the table. F and the sales director did all the talking except for a few items where they asked me questions. I had little to add to their conversation over the meal which was almost entirely sales business. I made a few notes about things that affected what we were doing, but that’s about it.

After dessert, we adjourned to the lounge for coffee and they talked a bit more about our visit to their facility up north. I was asked a few things about the visit, but again was the third wheel. I can remember thinking that I isveçbahis would have liked to have excused myself and gone to the pool. Eventually, business was concluded and we said our goodbyes and parted company.

Once back in my room I took off my jacket and tie along with my shoes to relax a bit while I finished preparing a trip report at the desk.

While I was working, there was a soft knock at the door. I was a bit confused. I’d called down for a wake-up call, but hadn’t asked for any hotel services. The sales director never bothered me in my room. She would have called on the phone. I padded to the door and opened it.

F was standing there with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a leather bag in the other. “Can I come in?”

“Uh, sure.” I stepped out of the way to let her in.

She removed her shoes and jacket and put the bag on the luggage rack before heading to the desk for glasses and pouring two large measures of the amber liquid, handing me one.

She held the glass up and said, “To courage.”

We touched glasses together and sipped the whiskey standing there in silence for a few minutes. She took my glass from me and set them on the desk before wrapping her arms around my waist and tipping her head up for a kiss. I obliged and we shared a soft, lingering kiss. She gently bit my lower lip as we broke the kiss.

She stepped back and shed every stitch she was wearing, save her stockings. She then wrapped her arms around me and proceeded to whisper to me all the things she’d like me to do to her and those things she’d like to do to me.

“You’re pretty direct, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I usually get what I want, too, but that’s just business.”

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing? You know nothing about me and I live a whole ocean away.”

“We’re going to learn about each other tonight.”

She started to unbutton my shirt, pushing it down my shoulders and running her hands up and down my chest.

I stopped her and held her hands for a minute. “Do you do this often?”

“Never. It’s bad business and I’d get sacked if they knew what is going to happen here tonight.”

“Do I get a say in this?”

She looked down at the bulge in my pants before looking me in the eyes and smirking at me. “Haven’t you made a decision already?”

“Well, apparently part of me has. Are you OK with what this could mean for your job?”

“Yes. I made my mind up during the appetizer course.”

She walked over to the bag and opened it up taking out a package of Skyn condoms and dropping them on the nightstand. She stood at the side of the bed and waited. “Are you joining me?”

It didn’t dwell on the thought and soon I was standing there in just my briefs. We embraced again standing by the bed and kissed, more passionately this time, she parted my lips with her tongue and began to let her tongue explore mine. It was a bit awkward because she was so short. She was on tip-toes and I was leaning down. As I looked down, I noted that her chest and shoulders were sprinkled with freckles as well. Her creamy complexion was offset with pale rose-colored nipples on small firm breasts.

As I stood, she wrapped her arms around my neck and I picked her up cradling her butt as she wrapped her legs around my waist bringing our bodies together. She was light as a feather. The heat that was between her legs was incredible and I could feel it warming me as we resumed kissing.

I managed to kneel on the edge of the bed and lower us onto it while she stayed wrapped around me until her back hit the coverlet. She reached between us and grasped my hard cock through my briefs giving me a squeeze. She then reached for the waistband and started to push it down. I rose to my knees and pushed them down finally having to contort a bit to get them off. Leaning down over her again, she reached down to grasp my freed erection and started to stroke me gently, pulling on me.

I reached between her legs to touch her and found that she was clean shaven. “You’d better appreciate that. I stopped in the lobby bathroom to shave my minge for this.”

She was wet and I ran a finger along her lips before pushing it up insider her. She was incredibly tight and I had to work to get it in her. As my palm cupped her clit and mons, she moaned her approval. I waited a bit with my hand held steady to let her accommodate me a bit better before continuing to fuck her with the finger.

Once I began to move again, she began to moan some more, releasing me from her grip as she focused on the pleasure that I was giving her. I nibbled on her earlobe and then kissed my way down her neck to her collarbone and across to her shoulder. Moving lower, I licked around her nipple before finally sucking it into my mouth and flicking with the tip of my tongue while I sucked. I switched nipples giving it the same treatment while I continued to work her pussy with my finger, pressing on her now apparent clit with my palm.

Her moans of pleasure were becoming louder and more isveçbahis giriş intense. I pulled up from the nipple, teasing it through my teeth and tongue. The freckles across her chest were disappearing into the flush that was appearing across her chest and her ears were bright red along with the tops of her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Her eyes were closed as she focused on the feelings she was enjoying. He breathing became ragged as her moans rose in pitch turning into a cry that finally cracked and her body contorted in orgasm, her back arched and her head and pelvis thrust against the bed as her legs shook and her body rhythmically grabbed at my finger as she became even wetter than before.

She finally sagged back to the bed breathing heavily. Opening her eyes and looking at me with a twisted smile on her face, she simply said, “Lovely.”

I rolled to the bed beside her and she rolled to face me as we resumed kissing. She would tease sometimes, working with mouth open, her tongue curling and dipping to just touch mine, as our breath mingled before plunging back for a deep, heated kiss. She reached down to grab my erection again, stroking it and squeezing while looking me in the eyes. Her attention was getting me worked up and I was worried that I wouldn’t last. I stilled her hand with mine. “Wait. Please. Are you ready for me to be inside you?”

“I’d love nothing more right now.” She rolled to the night stand and I could hear her tear open the box and the crinkling of the wrapper on the condom as she tore the packet open and rolled back facing me. She grasped the tip of the condom in one hand, placing the tip at my cock and using the other to roll the condom onto me, giving me a squeeze once it was in place.

She kissed me again. “I like to ride.”

I rolled to my back and she straddled me. I placed my erection and the tip of the (thankfully!) lubricated condom at her pussy and she settled onto it, netting just the tip. A flash of pain was visible on her face as she did so, followed by a look of bliss.

“Are you OK? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I’m fine. Give me a minute and I’ll positively flatten you. ” She smiled and the corners of her eyes crinkled and the bridge of her nose crinkled. So damned cute.

I felt like my dick was in a vice. If I hadn’t been hard as a rock, we’d never have managed. It took a few minutes, but she finally settled onto me fully.

She took a breath. “Jaysus.”

She finally started to move on me while I held perfectly still for fear of hurting her. Her back was curved and her head tipped back with her mouth open. Her breasts were so firm that they barely jiggled when she bottomed out on me rocking her hips to grind on me at the bottom of each stroke.

Her nipples were standing out from her breasts, a darker shade of pink. I was holding her hips as she rode me and just enjoying the view and the sensation. I couldn’t believe how tight she was. I could feel every contour of her rippling over me.

Her ears were turning red again and a flush was appearing across her chest. I now knew this meant she was getting close. Her body was amazingly responsive. I took one hand from her hip and brought it up to stroke her clit which elicited a moan.

I continued to follow her clit as she rose up and down, stroking it as I could and getting my finger mashed as we came together. Her cries began to rise in pitch and she suddenly stiffened as she bottomed out on me. Her muscles gripped the root of my cock and she sort of fell forward onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her and I could feel her stomach rippling on mine as her orgasm washed over her. We lay in silence for a few minutes with my hard cock still in her tight pussy.

She tipped her head to look at me. “Didn’t you jip?”


“You know, cum. Get off.”


“Well, we can’t have that, now can we?” She started a roll to one side and I rolled with her as she pulled her knees up when she was on her back. “Have at me, love.”

I raised myself on my arms as I began to fuck her. It was easy to withdraw from her, but I had to use my weight to force my way back into her. She was enjoying the view and I could see her green eyes darting from my face downward to where our bodies met to see me disappear into her again and again. She began to use her hands to cup her breasts and to pinch and pull at her nipples.

I could feel my orgasm building and bent down to kiss her and nibble at her earlobes. My breath coming in short panting gasps, she whispered in my ear, “Give it to me, love.”

I couldn’t hold back any longer thrusting as hard and deep into her as I could with my cock jerking as I filled the condom. The sound of blood rushing in my ears as I came drowned out the sounds in the room as I collapsed on her. She wrapped her arms around me and rubbed her legs up and down my sides as we lay there.

I could feel myself softening and the condom starting to slip, so I wrapped my hand around the condom at the base of my isveçbahis yeni giriş shaft to keep from losing it as I pulled out of her.

“Give me a sec.” I climbed off of her and went to the bathroom, discarding the used condom in the trash and getting a damp washcloth to clean up a bit.

Returning, I saw she’d pulled down the covers and settled under them, her head leaned up on her hand watching me as I returned from the bathroom. I pulled back the covers and climbed in with her.

She flipped the switch on the headboard darkening the room except for some light coming in around the edges of the curtains. I reached for her and kissed her again, embracing, her short pubic hair tickling my stomach. Then we talked. We talked for hours. We talked about who we were, where we were from. We talked about friends and family. We talked about what we were hoping for out of life.

With the clock reading “3”, she finally said, “I’m shattered. We need to get some sleep.” She crawled on top of me, draping herself over my body and kissed my chest before putting her head down on my chest to sleep.

We were both startled by the ring of the phone. She was spooned against my chest with her back to me and my arm wrapped around her. Her body seemed made for me in this position.

She stretched for the phone, putting it to her ear. “Thank you.”, she said, returning the handset to the cradle. “Wakey-wakey.”

I was glad that this morning wasn’t going to be rushed. I’d planned to meet the sales director for a very late breakfast- as late as the hotel served it. It would be a while before we needed to head over to the terminal, and we were still going to have time to kill before the flight.

F relaxed back against me. “I love a good cuddle.” She pulled my hand back to her breast lacing her fingers through mine and pulling her knees up a bit. I enjoyed the feeling of her body, soft and warm against mine.

“What are your plans for the day, F? I know you were supposed to be here just for the dinner meeting.”

“I was supposed to catch a plane last night. I had a meeting scheduled in Dublin for later today. I rescheduled the meeting and re-booked the flight for tonight. My expenses will look funny, though – there’s no receipt for a hotel for last night. I need to figure out how to deal with that today, but it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“So I guess that means there is plenty of time for mergers and acquisitions today.”


“Well, we’ve got enough time for me to lick you until you scream and then fuck you silly before we need to get a hot shower together.”

I could see the edge of her eye crinkle with the smile that must have been on her face. “I’ve never done it in the shower.”

“I’m happy to oblige.”

“Before any of that, I’m desperate for a pee.”

She released my hand and got out of bed to head for the bathroom. I was glad she was on the far side of the bed – it gave me longer to watch her walk to the bathroom and to give me a better look at her physique than I’d had the night before. She was a tiny, well-toned woman. I was unabashed about watching her and she blushed as she watched me watch her. For a woman with so much confidence and power in the boardroom, she seemed to still be working on her confidence in the bedroom.

I decided that I’d better go, too and climbed out of bed to lean on the wall by the bathroom to wait for F to finish. I startled her when she opened the door as she wasn’t expecting me there. We exchanged a kiss in passing.

Returning from the bathroom, I got the same treatment from her that I gave to her – watching me walk to the bed. I took the long way around to the far side of the bed and climbed in as she held the covers up for me.

I climbed in and kissed her before starting to kiss my way down her body, finally settling myself between her legs and planting a kiss on the inside of her thigh. From my position between her legs, I was able to reach one of her breasts and roll the nipple between my thumb and forefinger until it became erect. I licked her pussy lips from back to front and began working on her with lips and tongue.

She sighed. “Most guys can’t be bothered with that, they just get drunk and expect to get a quick shag and then they’re done.” I’ve always been a fond fan of oral – giving and receiving and told her so before going back to my efforts.

“Can I keep you?”

I looked up at her across her belly, grinning, “You can try. Make me an offer I can’t refuse.” I inserted a finger and licked and sucked at the hood of her clit.

She moaned her approval. “I’ll see what I can draft for an offer.”

I kept up my pleasuring of her for some time before starting to use my finger to rub up against the front wall of her pussy in a come-hither motion. Her moaning increased and I could feel her belly tense as her shoulders lifted slightly from the bed.

“More of that, please!”

I obliged and began sucking harder at her clit stopping to lick up one side with my tongue pointed. Her breath caught and she grabbed for my hair grabbing a fist-full and pulling me down. I could feel her thighs shaking a bit as I pressed on and sucked hard on her clit. Her grip on my hair was becoming painful as it tightened.

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