A Broken Family Ch. 08

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Author’s Note: Sorry it’s short. I needed a chapter break before the next one, which is three times longer. Thank you for reading and commenting!

“Eli,” I whispered as I slipped into his room that night. I heard him shift in bed and saw the shadow of him sitting up.


“Hey, um…” I crawled onto the other side of the bed. “Alex and I are going camping tomorrow.”

“I know.” His arm draped over me and he moved closer. I put my hand on his bare chest to stop him, but he just pulled my hips closer. “Come on. I wasn’t trying anything. Don’t be like that.”

“I needed to make sure that you’ll be okay here with just JT this week, then I was going to go back to my room.”

“Do I have a choice?” I didn’t answer and he rolled onto his back. “Yeah. Whatever.”

“Eli…” I struggled with what to do and finally scooted over and lay my head on his shoulder. I let my hand fall on his opposite arm and stroked the skin there. “You’re my best friend.”

“That’s just great, Holly.” He didn’t even bother to put a sarcastic tone in his words and I wrapped my arms around his waist.

“Please stop being mad at me. I love you.”

“I’m not mad at you.”

“You’re upset with me.”

“Yes.” I went to lift up my head and he put his hand on it instead, smoothing my hair down my back. “You rejected me multiple times and have a double standard concerning me and JT.”

“It’s not like that and you know it.” I rested my hand on his chest in front of my face and brushed my thumb back and forth.

“So tell me how it is, Holly.”

“You’re my little brother. It’s immoral.”

“Having sex before marriage is immoral. Every sin is equal.”

“It’s illegal.”

“You don’t tell the police.” I squeezed my eyes shut. He was acting like me and I wanted to smack him for making me a hypocrite. “Come on, just a chance. Pretend I’m JT if it helps.”

“You’re not JT. I don’t want another JT in my life.”

“Then I’m Eli. But see me as more than your little brother who keeps all your secrets.” I sighed and scanned down his body, trying to do as he said even as I internally rolled my eyes.

“What the hell?” His hip was exposed and I jerked my lower body away from him. “Are you naked right now?” His only answer was to take hold of the hand on his chest and move it down. I tried to twist my grip away, but he held me so I couldn’t use the aid of my other hand.

“I might be.” I curled my fingers in as he slid my hand over him, but he pulled my fingers out and wrapped them around him.

“Eli, stop,” I said even as I began to wonder at the organ underneath my touch. He wasn’t as thick as JT and Alex.

He shifted onto his side a little and leaned into my ear. “You’re not fighting me anymore.” He pressed a kiss behind my ear and trailed more down my neck. “What’re you thinking?” He took his hand from mine but I didn’t remove mine as he turned my face to his and pressed his mouth to mine. He smiled as I unconsciously kissed him back, tightening my hand around him.

He wouldn’t stretch me as much is what I had going through my mind and felt the flutter in my stomach again. Of course, I told myself, I should have expected him not to be as thick since in mass he wasn’t as big either. But, as I slid my hand down more, I started to think he just might be a little longer.

I jerked away as his hand slid under my shirt and over the skin of my stomach. “Don’t.” I pulled his hand away and tried to move away, but he pulled me back and under him. “Eli…” I felt like Alex must in our relationship right then.

“Chill out, Holly.” He kissed over my collar bone, down between my breasts despite my squirming, and to my bared stomach as he pushed my shirt up. He continued his way down, though, canlı bahis and my squirming got fiercer.

“D-Don’t. You-you can’t. Please stop.” The fear in my voice must have stopped him because he looked up at me. I didn’t want to be thinking of him, too, whenever Alex went down on me. Especially since with Eli it would be more than just sex, unlike JT.

“What’s wrong? I won’t hurt you.” He stroked my thighs and pressed another kiss to my stomach.

“I can’t.”

“I know you’re scared. It’s your first time, but,” I blanched at that, “you don’t have to be scared.” He pulled himself up a little to look at my face better in the glow of his alarm clock. “It is your first time, right?”

“Is that all I am? A girl to take the virginity of?” I tried the defensive, but he wasn’t having it, narrowing his eyes.

“Who did you screw, Holly?”

“No one. Get off me, Eli.” I tried pushing him off me and he took my hands, pinning them beside my head. “I’m not kidding. I can’t do this.”

“I’m not going to take your virginity, if you even still have that.”

“I know. I can’t do that either.” I squirmed under him, feeling his warm dick pressing against my thigh.

He dropped one of my hands and I tried to pull at his hand that reached down, moving underneath my panties. All I ended up doing was holding him there as he rubbed me just as I would to myself. The gasp that came out of my mouth had him smiling and I closed my eyes so I wouldn’t have to see his gloating. “It seems that you can.”

His hand shifted and I felt one of his fingers slide into me. “E-Eli…”

“Relax, Holly.” I shuddered as he slipped another finger in me. There was no reason he should be able to play me better than Alex, I reasoned, but his touch seemed to know exactly how I wanted everything. “I love how wet you are,” he murmured into my ear and I achingly tried to tug his hand away again. “Are you sure?”

He pressed something that made me go weak and I dropped his arm to grip the blankets. It was suddenly very clear to me that he would probably be a perfect first time since he seemed to know just exactly what I wanted—his ex must have taught him exactly what she wanted I reasoned, which was probably why it hurt him when she left him.

“Yes, I’m sure. Stop,” I managed to get out and his hand pulled away. I felt like crying at the loss of his touch as the need to reach climax slammed against me with vigor. But the reason I didn’t want him was jealousy, jealous that he’d had sex before me and already knew how to play me like a piano.

I kept my eyes closed as I felt him hover above me, not wanting to see his muscles straining. “What’s wrong?”

“Not wanting my little brother touching me doesn’t necessitate something being wrong, Eli.”

I heard him sigh and roll onto his back beside me. “You’re infuriating.”

“I’m infuriating?” I looked over at him. “You are the one who flaunts your knowledge of sex to me as if I wasn’t already pissed you did it before me.”

“That’s why you stopped me?” He seemed incredulous and reached for me, pulling me on top of him despite my protests. “You are ridiculous, Holly.”

“Stop it.” I slapped his hands that slid up my thighs and tried to pull at my panties.

“I cannot believe that’s why you’re acting like this.” He settled for holding my legs right above my knees and I glared at him.

“I’m acting like this because you’re my brother and we shouldn’t be in this situation.”

“I’m starting to feel that you’re trying to convince yourself as much as me now. Am I getting to you?” He slid his hands back up my thighs and didn’t stop when I smacked them again.

“Just because you’re able to work me over easily doesn’t mean you’re getting to me.” I struggled against him as he started pulling me bahis siteleri towards his face. “Don’t you dare, Eli.”

I held myself up despite his hands trying to pull me down towards his face and jumped whenever he swiftly pushed my panties to the side and lifted his head to me instead. His tongue alternated between pushing up into me and flicking my clit as he sucked it into his mouth. My body trembled and I wasn’t expecting it when he slid his two fingers in me. He pulled them out as quickly as they went in and his thumb replaced the spot as I felt a wetted finger press against my anus. He jostled them inside me, biting gently on my clit at the same time, and I gasped. Another finger started to wiggle its way up my ass and I trembled.

“Eli…” I could feel all my muscles tightening up and his mouth left me a second.

“Let go.” His sucked hard on my clit and I gripped his headboard for support as I got so close the feelings felt like they were too much. He suddenly started flicking his tongue more and I came undone.

He picked me up and put me on my back, moving his fingers and thumb in and out quickly, sparking off a second peak before the first one was done. “Stop, stop. It’s too much,” I gasped out as I started coming down and he paused all his movements.

“I’ll be right back.” He kissed my forehead and got off the bed; I heard the water turn on next door a few seconds later. Just as I was catching my breath he came back and pulled me under the covers and into his arms. His hand slid under my shirt and he rested it right under my breast.

“That can’t happen again.” He pressed a kiss to my neck and let a finger trace the underside of my breast. “I’m serious.”

“I know you are.”

“Maybe it’s best I’ll be gone this week. Maybe you’ll stop entertaining these thoughts in your head.”

“Not a chance. Your reactions are too adorable.” He slid a leg between mine and pressed his thigh against my pussy. “And I know you won’t let it stop after that.”

“You’re wrong. Your ability to do that fuels my anger more.”

“My ability to make stars behind your eyes and drive you crazy in the best way?”

“Fuck you.” I moved his hand down to my stomach.

“That’s an offer I’d love to take you up on.” He let his hand continue down and underneath my panties, pressing his fingers against my clit. It was still sensitive and I shuddered, jerking my hips.

“Stop that.” I pulled his hand away and he finally rested it innocently on my hip. “I’m not staying in here anymore and I fully plan to leave once you’re asleep.”

“So you can go sleep with JT?”

My heart jumped into my throat. “No I miss my own bed. I want to sleep in there.”

“Sure. You will fall asleep before me anyways.”

“Wake up.” Someone shook my shoulder and I blinked my eyes open with a yawn. Alex was standing beside my bed and I smiled. That slipped though as he glanced beside me, and I came to realize there was an arm across my stomach.

“Eli,” I groaned and pushed him off me. He snapped his eyes open and I glared at him. I’d woken up in the middle of the night and had snuck into my room without him. But now he was here again. “Get out of my bed right now.”

“I’m not hurting you.” He rolled over and I flicked his shoulder. “Just get packed and I’ll go back to my room before you guys leave.”

“Just let it go,” Alex said and tugged on my hand to get me out of bed. “Get your clothes packed and I’ll go get everything else ready. Don’t forget your one piece this time,” he told me sternly but added a wink. Something told me swim suits wouldn’t matter this time. He left the door open and walked downstairs.

“What are you doing in here?” I flicked Eli’s shoulder again and he rolled back to face me. “Get out of here so I can bahis şirketleri get ready.”

“Okay.” He tossed the covers back and my eyes widened. “It’s a good thing you didn’t make me get up a minute ago, huh?” I took him in, now positive he was longer than Alex and JT.

I hurriedly jerked the covers back over him and got off the bed, pushing the door closed. “Are you crazy?” I picked up my partially-packed bag from beside my closet and sat it on the bed. I rushed around grabbing clothes from my dresser and closet.

“I didn’t think you’d mind.”

I stopped and glared at him. “Not happening again.” He grinned and I turned away so he couldn’t see my blush. “Check the hallway before going back to your room.”

“I think I’ll stay while you change.” He crossed his hands behind his head and kicked the covers off to cross his legs. I looked at him through the mirror on my wall and he caught my eyes. “I think you like looking at my body as much as I like to touch yours.”

“I do not.” I stepped to my closet and reached for a dress that was light and cut off mid-thigh.

“You’re a terrible liar.” I grabbed a bra from my drawer and ducked behind the closet door to change. “Feel free to look anytime you’d like, Holly.”

“Zip this up,” I told him, coming out from behind the door and stepping up beside the bed. I turned my back to him and felt his arms encircle my waist before kissing up the expanse of my back that was uncovered. “I said zip it up, Eli.”

“You’re so grouchy in the morning.” He slowly zipped it like I’d asked, but grabbed me before I could step away. “I like you in this dress.” He turned me around and took hold of my thighs, pulling me closer until my legs framed his where he sat. He widened his legs, making me move mine as well until I had to hold onto his shoulders to not fall.

“Can we not play this game this morning?”

His hands slid higher and he pulled me down to sit awkwardly with my pelvis pressed against his naked one so I wouldn’t fall in the space between his legs. “It would look great without a bra, but I don’t want other guys knowing that.” His hands held my ass and rubbed me against him. My dress had gathered at my waist and the only thing separating my pussy from his hard cock was the thin fabric of my panties. I unconsciously pressed harder against him as my clit began to swell from his hands being on me. His smile let me know he noticed.

“Alex could walk in again.”

“He won’t because he thinks you’re changing.”

I wasn’t at liberty to say that didn’t matter so I tried to stand up again. All that did, since I had to stand so close with his legs still spread, was drag my crotch against his and level my cleavage with his face. He worked well with the change though and leaned forward to kiss along the V of my neckline.

“How about we not do this?” I pushed his shoulders away and he looked up at me, his blue eyes slightly darker with his arousal. “I don’t want my dress all rumpled,” I added so he wouldn’t continue simply because I was still opposed to it all.

“That can be fixed.” He lifted his hand to the zipper at my back, but I stepped forward and into him more.

“No don’t.” I brushed my hand through his hair, trying to play nice. “Alex will want to leave soon, and it wouldn’t be good to have him find you and me locked in something.”

He let his hand drop back down to find its way up my dress. He was good though and just grasped my thighs and pulled me back with him onto the bed. I braced myself on his shoulders and he finally returned his hands to my waist outside my dress. “Lay here with me until he comes back. You’re all packed, right?”

“I just need some things from the bathroom.” I scooted forward so I wasn’t brushing against his hardened member and let him pull my head to lie on his shoulder. I was thoughtful enough to pull the sheet up over his sleeping body a minute later, so that whenever Alex came back about five minutes after that he wouldn’t see something I never should have saw.

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