A Break in My Routine Ch. 04

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I was several months in recovering from my accident. My arm actually recovered fairly quickly but the leg was slower or so it seemed. The doctor warned me against putting stress on it until he said so in that I might either reinjure it or cause it to heel improperly. During that time Carol and I refrained from sex of any time. Maybe it was because there weren’t any excuses for us to fall into it. I was able to clean myself without help. Or maybe it was because we both felt a little guilty about what had happened. I know that was true for me and Carol being a lot like me, well, I suspect the same was true for her.

She was ever the attentive daughter and loving. She came over every day until I really didn’t need her like that any more and that happened fairly quickly after our encounter. But our encounter had fully awakened my dormant sexual needs. Prior to the skiing accident my social life hit a new low, zero. It seemed that every woman I dated had some sort of an agenda going. One actually wanted to see my financial portfolio and another my various college degrees. I never saw either after they asked for those things. I could easily have satisfied their requests but there was something untrusting in their requests. I blamed the guys they had seen them before me for that but still it showed their general lack of trust and that is something I feel a necessity in a relationship. If you can’t take me at my word then we can’t have a relationship.

I had started to notice a young lady who lived next door to me. Her name is Cindy and she had been Carol’s best friend at one time. But while Carol was away at college they had become distant. Cindy, Carol had told me, had gotten herself into a relationship with a very controlling guy so that had been the end of things. But now I was seeing Cindy fairly regularly going in and out of her house.

Cindy isn’t nearly as pretty as Carol, she’ll never turn a head. Still, I always liked her because she was always extremely polite and nice when she was visiting us. Cindy was about five foot six and I’d say about 20 pounds overweight although to her credit she carried it very well and always wore clothes that flattered her. She’s a brunette and now wears her hair short. She does have large doe brown eyes that have that bedroom look to them in an innocent way if you know what I mean. She has an upturned nose and pouty lips. Personally I always thought her lips were begging to be kissed. Cindy wore a part of her weight in her breasts which were large and full.

One day as I was going into my house I noticed Cindy getting out of her car and called out, “Hi there Cindy, long time no see.”

“Oh hi!” She replied with a big smile, “Yeah, I’ve been busy and stuff. I saw your gimping around a few weeks ago. Is everything okay now?”

“Yeah, I’m healed. I got a good witch doctor to put a hex on the terrorist tree that tried to take my arm and leg and at the same time he gave me a quick heal potion.”

“Very funny! So how’s Carol? I haven’t seen her in forever.”

Cindy had changed her path and walked across her lawn and mine to where she was standing right in front of me now. I was standing on the first step going into my house so I gazed down upon her and as I did I got a clear view of her ample cleavage down the halter top she was wearing. I wondered to myself if she was even wearing a bra as none was evident. “Carol’s good. She’s working in a law firm here in town now you know.”

“No, I didn’t. When did that all happen?”

“Well, she just graduated from law school last year and passed the bar exam late in the fall but already had a position at Hamilton Adams and Whitman.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard of them. Aren’t they the guys who represent like half the Red Sox?”

“Well actually I think they’ve got only one such client but yeah, they’re pretty prestigious.” I was telling myself to look Cindy in the eyes and yet my eyes kept drifting down to her chest.

“You don’t have a beer do you?”

“Well, yeah, I do. Come on in and I’ll get you one.” Cindy followed me into the house and sat in the living room as I went off to the kitchen to fetch her a beer. “Here you go, Tuborg, imported. Hope you like it.” I said smiling.

“Well yeah,” she said holding the yeah a little longer as the kids do these days. “That’s good stuff.” Cindy took the beer from my hand, took a sip and put it on a coaster she found sitting on my coffee table.

“See that picture album on the coffee table?” I asked and not waiting for her to answer I continued, “There pictures of Carol in there at her graduation from law school.”

Cindy leaned over and started to page through the album. As she leaned over I was once again afforded a very good view of her ample breasts. As her halter top fell away from her chest it became more evident to me that she wasn’t grandbetting giriş wearing a bra and I desperately wanted to change my position so I could get an even better view down her top. I restrained myself however.

I must have been staring a little too intently because suddenly I heard Cindy say, “Like what you see?”

I must have blushed a thousand shades of red as I immediately realized I had been caught. I searched for the right words but could only peep out, “Busted,” I paused and then continued, “I’m sorry.”

“Oh, that’s all right. Guys are always staring at my tits. I kinda like it if you know what I mean.”

I knew exactly what she meant but I still didn’t know what to say next. Cindy solved that problem for me by saying, “I think they’re a little big, don’t you think?”

“Um, no, not at all. I think they’re just right.”

“But guys are always saying that anything more than a handful is a waste and they do hurt my back some times. I dunno, sometimes I think I’d like to have those high perky tits some girls do.”

“No no, you’re breasts are perfect just the way they are.”

“How do you know, you’ve never even seen them.” I was about to object when Cindy crossed her arms in front of her and pulled her halter top over her head. “See, they’re huge and they sag too much.”

I was awestruck with Cindy’s lack of shame in showing me her breasts. Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off them. They did sag as she had said but they were also very full and large without being too large where I was concerned. Cindy got up from the sofa and came over to me.

“You wanna touch them?” She asked and I didn’t even flinch. I reached out and squeezed one of her breasts. It was quite firm and as my palm passed over her nipple I felt it harden in my palm. Then I reached up with my other hand and squeezed her other breast. I was mesmerized by them. I continued to squeeze and caress her breasts and as I looked up I noticed that she had closed her eyes. Then she let out a slight moan. Then she opened her eyes and looked down at me. I let go of her breasts and without taking her eyes from mine she reached down and slipped off her shorts and panties. Cindy was standing stark naked in front of me and finally I took my eyes from hers and gazed down at her pussy. It was very neatly trimmed. Half way down her pussy lips she was totally clean shaven. I reached out once again and touched her pussy lightly with my finger tips.

Cindy shivered and said, “What do you say we go upstairs.”

I felt spellbound. I nodded, got up and led her up to the bedroom. I started to undo my shirt but Cindy said, “Let me do that.” And expertly unbuttoned my shirt and removed it. She unbuckled my belt and then got down on her knees as she unbuttoned my pants and pulled them and my underpants down to my ankles where I stepped out of them. My hard cock sprang up right in front of her face as she pulled down my underpants. Cindy simply leaned forward a little and took my cock into her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirl around the tip of my cock and her lips then pull on my cock. She put her hand at the base of my cock and went up and down on me several times before letting go of it.

“Let’s get a little more comfortable.” I felt totally under her power and fell onto my bed pushing aside the covers on it. Cindy jumped into the bed next to me, kissed me longingly on my lips, pushed back, giggled a bit and then pulled the covers over both of us. I figured she’d want to cuddle up next to me but instead she snuck down under the covers completely and slowly started sucking on my cock again. I could feel her large beasts pressed against my thighs as she bobbed her head up and down on me. Then I felt her come up off my cock and lick down the side of it and then down to my balls. She took one of my balls into her mouth and gently sucked on it and then took them other. Then she did something that had only happened to me once before. She took her tongue from my balls and lick down my scrotum and towards my asshole and although she never made it all the way the sensation of her licking my scrotum was exquisite.

Just then I heard a voice say, “Hi daddy, are you hiding in here?”

I looked up and there stood my daughter Carol in the doorway and she was totally naked. “I wanted to surprise you daddy. I did something just for you.” The she took her hand from her breast and caressed is down over her pussy, her now totally shaven pussy. Carol, somehow, had failed to notice I wasn’t alone in the bed but then she did. “Oh, I’m sorry, I . . . I thought you were alone she stuttered.”

The next thing I knew the unimaginable happened and Cindy popped up from under the covers and said, “Oh, hello Carol. How’ve you been?” I couldn’t believe how nonchalantly she said it as though her being there grandbetting yeni giriş were the most normal thing in the world. She was sitting straight up and not doing a thing to cover her nakedness. Carol, however, had a totally shocked look on her face.

“How’ve I been?” Carol yelled incredulously, “What the fuck are you doing in bed with my father?”

“Gee Carol. Nice to see you too.” Cindy seemed as cool as anyone could possibly be. I couldn’t believe how brazen she was. “So you’re here stark naked in your father’s bedroom showing off your shaved pussy?”

“It’s not what it seems.” Carol desperately countered.

“It isn’t? Then what is it?” Carol’s lack of an immediate explanation allowed Cindy to continue. “So you two’ve been fucking huh?”

“No we’re not!” Carol protested.

“Yeah right. Twenty-five year old daughters are always showing up naked in their father’s bedroom.”

I could see Carol starting to lose her composure and I wanted to get control of the situation but was finding it impossible to think of how. But then Cindy seemed to grasp things and said, “You did a good job.”

“Huh” Carol said looking more than just a little confused.

“I like it. You did a really good job of shaving your pussy. Here, look how I shaved mine.” With that Cindy threw off the covers and displayed herself to Carol. Carol seemed to be having difficultly looking at us and yet she looked down at Cindy’s pussy and held her stare there.

“So how long you two been fucking?” Cindy finally asked. I had always known Cindy could be a little crude but combined with her absolute forwardness it was like she was someone I didn’t really know and I guess on a few levels I really didn’t.

“Well,” I started slowly, “We haven’t been.” Cindy looked at me disbelievingly. “I mean we did a couple of times but we haven’t in a few months now.” I didn’t know how much or how little to say so I stuck with the basics.

“So why’d you stop?” Cindy seemed unfazed.

“I ah, we ah,” I was stumbling looking for the right words. “I guess, no, I know I was feeling a little guilty about what we had done and when Carol, well, we just sorta stopped and I thought maybe she was feeling a little guilty too.”

“Did you?” Cindy asked as she looked towards Carol. Carol was actually nodding her head in agreement as I had spoken.

“Yeah, a little.”

“Yeah but you’re naked?” Cindy asked.

“I um,” Carol was now fumbling around for the words.

“You were horny for old dad,” Cindy said chuckling.

“No I wasn’t!” Carol protested strongly.

“Sure you were. Hell, I’ve been horny for your dad since I was like fourteen or fifteen.” I looked a Cindy shocked. This was a revelation to me.

“You were?” Carol asked.

“Yeah,” Cindy started, “I started developing when I was just 11 and by the time I was 12 boys were already trying to cop a feel. At first I hated it but then I kinda liked the attention if you know what I mean. Anyways, your daddy was always so nice to me and no one was ever that nice to me so I guess I kinda had a crush on him.”

After a bit of silence Carol asked, “So how long have you two been um . . .”

As Carol’s words trailed off Cindy attempted to fill them in, “Fucking? How long have we been fucking?” It was difficult to get used to Cindy’s forwardness but there it was again. “We haven’t. I mean, this is the first time and so far I’ve only sucked his cock and he has even come yet.”

The room became dead silent again and it was then I started thinking that there I was with two beautiful young naked women in my bedroom and all we were doing was talking. I wanted to invite Carol into bed with us but I first of all didn’t know if she’d like the idea or if she liked women.

“Well,” Carol said as she turned, “I’ll leave you two alone.”

“Don’t go,” Cindy responded quickly.

Carol stopped and looked at Cindy. The only question I had running through my mind was “now what?” Cindy answered that question pretty quickly. “Do you mind if I look at your pussy close up like?”

“I guess not,” Carol replied and she took a step so she now stood right next to the bed. Cindy moved over on the bed a bit and looked closely at Carol’s clean shaven pussy. Then a bit hesitantly she reached out and touched it. Carol shuddered and closed her eyes. Cindy then ran her middle finger up and in Carol’s pussy, took it out and put it in her mouth. “I’ve always wondered what another woman would taste like.” She paused briefly and then said, “I like it.” Then Cindy put a hand on Carol’s butt and pulled her forward just a bit. Cindy stuck her tongue out and flicked it over Carol’s pussy. Then she slowly licked down Carol’s pussy. “This is pretty good.” Cindy said with a bit of a chuckle, “I think I’m gonna like pussy almost grandbetting güvenilirmi as much as I like dick.”

Cindy scooted back on the bed a bit forcing me to move backward as well. She took Carol’s hand and pulled her down onto the bed next to her. Cindy looked up and down Carol’s body and then placed her hand on Carol’s leg. From there she dragged her hand over Carol’s pussy and up to her breasts. Cindy was like a child discovering a new toy only this toy was moan beneath her touch. My answer to Carol’s liking woman had come quickly.

Cindy got down between Carol’s legs and began licking her pussy. After about a minute she looked up at me and said, “I never imagined it would be this good.” She paused, got a quizzical look on her face and then asked, “Have you tasted her?”

I blushed and when I didn’t answer right away Cindy chuckled as she said, “You have! You have tasted Carol’s pussy! You horndog you! So does that mean Carol’s sucked your cock for you?” She looked towards Carol and when Carol blushed she had her answer.

“Carol, suck his cock.” Cindy said unexpectedly.


“Oh come on. I’d love to see you sucking your dad’s cock.” I actually kind of liked the idea myself. Then Cindy asked, “You like me licking your pussy?” Carol nodded and Cindy said, “I’ll lick your pussy while you suck your dad’s cock.”

Carol paused briefly and looked over at me. I shrugged my shoulders and moved on the bed so my cock, hard from having watched Cindy go down on Carol, was where Carol could lean over and get to it. Carol leaned over and took my cock into her mouth. I could see Cindy watch for a few moments as Carol started to get into sucking my cock and then she got back down between Carol’s legs and started licking her pussy again.

That only lasted for about two minutes when I sort of yelped out, “I think I’m gonna come.”

“No!” Cindy said suddenly. Carol jerked away from my cock and looked at Cindy. “I want to see him fucking someone when he comes.” Cindy had Carol on the bed with her legs spread but far enough down on the bed so she could bend over and lick Carol’s pussy. It was obvious what Cindy wanted and once she started to lick Carol’s pussy I got behind her and started to fuck her. I was staring at Cindy’s ass as I pushed my cock in and out of her pussy slowly. I wanted to bang into her harder but I thought if I did Cindy couldn’t eat Carol very well and that’s when I looked down at Cindy’s mouth on Carol’s pussy. Watching another woman licking my own daughter’s pussy was just too much for me to take particularly since I was already highly aroused.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna come!” I yelled. The last word no sooner got out of my mouth when I felt myself explode into Cindy’s pussy. I came about as hard as I can ever remember and I’m certain that it was in no small part do to the fact that as I continued to fuck Cindy I could see her licking my daughter’s pussy.

As I finishing coming Cindy lifted her head and said, “Don’t stop fucking me I’m almost there.”

“So you like me fucking you while you eat Carol’s pussy.” And from Cindy I heard a muffled grunt of agreement. I was afraid that my post coital erection would disappear but I still found the scene intensely erotic and now I could also hear Carol moaning beneath Cindy’s ministrations. It was at about that moment that I felt Cindy’s pussy grasping at my cock as I pulled it from her pussy. She briefly lifted her head to say she was about to come.

I decided to help her a long a little and said, “Oh yeah Cindy, doncha just love feeling my cock banging into your cunt while you eat my daughter’s pussy. Oh Cindy, you’re such a slut and I adore your sluttiness so much. Come on Cindy, show me how much you like fucking me. Come all over my big hard cock. Show me what a cum slut you are.” As I said these words my cock actually swelled once again as my own words aroused me. The I started repeating over and over, “Come on Cindy, come for me. Show me just how much you like me fucking you. Show me just what a slut you are.”

Cindy couldn’t hold it any longer and she lifted her head and yelped, “Oh yeah honey, I’m coming. Fuck me harder!” So I did. I slammed my cock into her pussy with all the force I could muster. The noise of my hips slamming into her ass gave a very loud slapping sound and Cindy gushed all over my cock as she came.

Cindy is a very noisy person when she comes. She kept yelling my name and telling me that she was coming and to fuck her harder. I couldn’t fuck her any harder but I pounded my cock into her as hard as I could for as long as she kept coming.

Then suddenly Cindy screeched, “Oh I’m gonna come again!” As I continued to slam my cock into her pussy sweat had started to drip from my forehead and onto her ass. I absolutely love fucking when it gets that way and it aroused me even more. I could feel my own juices beginning to rebuild and for an old man that’s a rare and really good feeling. But Cindy seemed to feel things had come to an end even though I was still fucking her and she fell away to the bed right beside Carol. She wrapped her arms around Carol and closed her eyes.

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