A Bit Of Christmas Candi Ch. 1

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(Belated, indeed. But I’m uploading this on Jan 7th, which I believe is Christmas Day according to the Julian calendar… Or, it’s really really really early for next year.

Yes, Virginia…There is a Literotica…)

* * * * *

It was unseasonably warm here in the northeast, especially for the middle of December. Whereas normally, we’d have snowdrifts and below zero temperatures, for some reason this year, we had day after sunny day with temps in the sixties and even the high seventies on occasion. Someone had mentioned something about the “Arctic Oscillation” being in a positive tilt, which was truly something that I cared very little about hearing… Rather than the cause, I was more immersed in enjoying the effect. No snow shoveling, no heavy clothes, and actually more sunny days in a row than we experienced during many summers!

Anyway…it was warm. And it was during this wonderfully tilted Arctic Oscillation that we were gearing up for a Christmas reunion with my uncle and cousin from Hawaii. It was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I counted off the days, but when the time came around to pick them up at the airport, my mom, dad, older brother and I all piled into the van to make the long trip…

When I first saw Candi at the airport, I was truly amazed. It had been close to seven years since I’d seen my cousin. She and my uncle lived in Hawaii and the rest of my family lived, for the most part, in the northeast. This Christmas reunion had been in the planning stages for months and for all of those months I’d been reluctant to participate. I had friends and plans of my own and it was the Christmas break, for christ’s sake! What I really wanted to be doing was spending as much time as humanly possible with my girlfriend, Meg. In addition, most of the people constituting my ‘family’ were of the type that held no interest for me at that time. Call it growing angst or whatever, but I had my own life to live. But that all changed that day at the airport…

Since I was with my parents, and the rest of my family, I had to actually concentrate on keeping my mouth from dropping open when I saw Candi walking down the concourse beside her father. I was probably in the fifth grade the last time I’d seen her, but I recalled her as having short, uncontrollable, mousy-brown hair, coke-bottle glasses and long spindly legs that looked like toothpicks. She was a year younger than I, so naturally, at that time, I didn’t have the time of day to give her. I was entirely engrossed in Hot Wheels and skateboards and, even thought she relentlessly tried to butt in, I was relentless in my attempts at rebuffing her. I noticed my uncle John first. I was more familiar with him since he periodically stopped in our neck of the woods when he was in the area on business. His wife had died in a tragic Vegas tour bus crash before he’d moved with Candi to Hawaii. It took him a long time to recover, but supposedly was doing quite well on his own now. Tall and muscular, with long blond hair, he was the sort of person that one does not miss. With his powerful, heartfelt smile, he was an easy target to pick out. And the long red, ‘elf’ hat on his head wasn’t exactly a disguise… But my eyes opened wide when I realized that the young woman walking next to him was Candi, and my mouth dropped open for the first time that day. In a word, she was drop dead gorgeous. (:))

Candi was only a few inches shorter than her father, with matching deep blue eyes and long-to-her-waist hair that was now deeply sun streaked with wide, flowing blond panels. She was grinning broadly as she strutted beside her father, her stride matching his easily since her legs seemed to go on forever. She exuded the island mystique with open strap sandals on her feet and light tan, low-waisted shorts that accented her deep tan and showed her belly button nicely. The fact that she was wearing shorts at all was quite a surprise, but obviously they’d been made aware of our unusual weather. And, in fact, my dad and I were both wearing shorts today, as if to say to the Hawaii folks that we had a little warmth here too! Okay, so we were suffering just a bit when the wind blew, but we really didn’t care… We grinned at each other as we braved the ‘mild’ temps…

Anyway, Candi’s shorts weren’t too short to appear indiscrete, but they accented her perfect ass wonderfully. On the other hand, the cotton, button-front t-shirt she wore was damn close to indiscrete. It hugged her curves gracefully, but also accented her wonderfully noticeable nipples as she walked towards us. It may have been warm for us but, compared to Hawaii, I’m sure the two of them were now thinking twice about their choice of clothing. I really didn’t care. I was enjoying the results of the chill of my cousin’s breasts… I lost the battle I was fighting almost immediately and sensed, rather than willed, my eyes to drop to her tits. They swayed and jiggled so deliciously I had to stifle the groan that began in my belly. isveçbahis And the three inches of her exposed belly looked muscular and tanned like the rest of her.

I watched as if she were moving in slow motion, my eyes wide and my mouth open. When I saw her meet my gaze and smile, I nearly melted into the concourse carpeting. Her smile grew as her eyes met mine and she waved excitedly. I tried with all my might to keep my eyes on hers, but it was a hopeless battle as they slowly moved lower, again sweeping over her body. In my slow motion view, I watched her breasts swing and bounce in time with her steps and I felt my cock beginning to swell in my loose shorts. I had to force myself to tear my eyes up and away as they walked up to stand in front of us. I had no underwear on, and it wouldn’t be a good thing to greet my cousin with a tent in my shorts. Thankfully, I was able to will the swelling away. For now…

The perfunctory greetings were shared between all present and, for a brief moment, I kicked my own ass back into reality mode, shaking hands and giving my younger cousin a proper “cousinly” hug and kiss. Stepping away though, I saw a devilish look in her eyes that made my heart skip a beat. She’d obviously seen my reaction to her appearance and was pleased. I had a feeling that it wouldn’t be the last time I saw that look…

After the necessary wait for luggage and awkward conversations, to say nothing of the new, more stringent security measures in the luggage area, we all piled into my parents new van. My dad and his brother sat up front, laughing and joking around like teenagers. My mom and older brother Bob sat in the middle row, and I was lucky enough to be relegated to the rear seat with Candi. She grinned at me as she fastened her seatbelt, and we took off towards our town, which was nearly an hour from the airport. During the trip, we all tried to talk together, but as everyone knows, that is nearly impossible inside a moving vehicle. Eventually, conversations settled into their own little cells…my dad and Uncle John talking in the front, my mom and brother pretty much dozing off, and Candi and I sitting in the back….

I spent a lot of time avoiding eye contact, nervously staring out of my window as the tires hummed below us. But, as I was soon to learn was her penchant, Candi took the initiative, instigating conversation by asking about a particular landmark or commenting on something or other. Forced to respond politely, I found my attention ultimately returning to her. I had to seriously concentrate on keeping my eyes fixed on hers…a plight that seemed to amuse her. Whenever her eyes would return to her own window, I let my eyes move over her body. Her seatbelt settled wonderfully between her tits, pulling tightly against her chest and pulling her t-shirt closer. I found myself staring at her tits and her very prominent nipples. I wondered if they were always that hard, or if it was the cooler temperatures…and truly wondered what they would look like exposed… Again, I felt my cock growing inside my shorts and turned my attention back to my own window. Candi, though, continued to interrupt my attempts to behave. Each time my silence extended beyond her acceptable limit, she would make another request or comment, drawing my attention back to her.

She had asked me about some grain silo or something and I turned to respond. She was smiling slightly and looking out of her own window, her head turned away from me. She pointed out the window at something ahead of us, and I was required to lean towards her to see just what she was referring to. The heady smell of her perfume caused the blood to flow ever swifter to my growing cock as I began to answer her question, then my voice unconsciously trailed off as my eyes returned to her breasts… I didn’t recall the top three buttons of her shirt being undone before… I’m certain I would have noticed, given the attention I’d paid to her tits. But maybe it was just the closeness…maybe the angle…maybe the way the seatbelt settled between her breasts… Who cares…? The bottom line was that at the moment, the glorious swells of naked breasts greeted my eyes. The only thing holding her shirt closed was the tight seatbelt, but it appeared to me that she’d even moved that lower. My words stopped in my throat and I simply stared…

Ten or fifteen seconds must have passed…Candi staring out the window and me staring down her shirt. I could see the tan lines on her tits and if she’d leaned even slightly forward, I could have seen her nipple. My cock was now a rock-hard pipe in my shorts, tenting up obscenely as I stared at my cousin’s tits. I tried to be nonchalant as I reached into the back for a pillow and placed it in my lap. Candi continued to stare out her side of the van as her lips curled into a smile. She must have known that I was looking at her and that only made my cock harder. I stopped even the pretense of conversation, looking into the front of the van to make sure everyone isveçbahis giriş was occupied, then back at Candi as she turned to face me with that playful ‘look’ I’d seen earlier.

“So…I’m guessing it’s another grain silo… Right, Ted?” , she said, innocently.

I tried to smile as I nodded to her. “Uh-huh…just like the last ones… We’ve got a lot of silos around here.” My heart was beating hard inside my chest because it was so damn obvious that all the conversation she was trying to create was meant to draw my attention to her. And it was also obvious that she knew that I knew that she knew, etc. Her grin reaffirmed my feelings, and then my heart stopped as I watched her stretch her hands behind her neck… surreptitiously stretching and yawning…

“It is soooo good to be off that cramped plane!!”, she yawned.

Her breasts swelled out against the cotton fabric of her shirt and, to this day, I swear I saw a hint of aureole. I simply stared…trying desperately not to shoot off inside my shorts… when Candi turned her head to me. She held her pose as a huge smile spread over her beautiful face.

“You have some great views around here…” she said, slowly letting her arms fall to her sides. Her eyes met mine as her smile grew even wider.

“Uh…yeah…I guess so…” I stammered, “I’ve…uh…never taken the time to look so closely before…” She grinned, seemingly pleased that I was understanding the direction of her conversations….

“Even though it’s put Aunt Claire and Bob to sleep…” She grinned again as she motioned me to look into the middle seat. My mom and brother were fast asleep, their heads lolling against the seat backs in time to the movement of the van. Candi grinned again and put her finger to her lips.

“It’s been quite a while, hasn’t it?”, she whispered. I returned her smile and nodded my head.

“A long time, Candi…” I replied, “You’ve sure grown up a lot. Last time I saw you, you were just a gangly, pain-in-the-ass kid who kept wanting to play with my skateboard! Now you’re…you’re…” Again, my words withered on my tongue, which seemed to please Candi greatly. She smiled and leaned back into her seat, her hands in her lap as she looked me over. Her lips curled upwards as her eyes paused for just a moment at the bulge along the loose leg of my shorts, before returning to mine.

“And you’ve grown quite a bit too, Ted…” she said, making sure her double entendre was not lost on me. “I mean you must work out quite a bit, huh?”

I truly didn’t know how much of this I could stand, but I did my best to remain ‘proper’, just in case it turned out that I was mistaken about the meaning of all this banter and teasing. Self-doubt had me wondering if maybe I was just lost in my own fantasy.

“Nah…” I replied, “I used to, but it was hard finding the time. I guess I’m just pretty active. I still skateboard quite a bit. I came in forth in the regional X-Games last summer. I probably would have done better but I took a pretty nasty fall in the last heat. I got a wicked scar on my thigh instead of a trophy…” Candi gave me her best “I’m impressed” look, then smiled sincerely.

“You’ll have to show me sometime…” she said with a chuckle. “Actually Meg told me all about the games. She and I have been e-mailing each other since I found her address last year. She says you two are a pretty hot item this summer…”

I actually felt my face flushing and turning red at the mention of my girlfriend’s name. I had no idea that she and Candi had been in communication, and the thoughts that I was thinking right then about Candi created some instant ‘guilt’… We used to all be ‘close’ when we were kids, but I’d only ‘re-met’ Meg about two years ago when her family moved back to our town. She had also magically transformed over the years and we’d started dating at the end of senior year. And for the past few months, they had, as Candi put it, become a ‘pretty hot item’… I wondered just how much Meg had shared with my cousin, but resigned myself to the fact that I would probably find out soon enough. As soon as it came on me, my guilt left me, and my mind returned to the fantasy at hand…

“Yeah…Meg and I have been having some fun this summer.” I said, trying to keep the conversation going. My mind though, was going a million miles an hour. If Candi and Meg had been interacting through the internet, just what had they been conversing about?? Just how close had these two gotten over the past little while? As Candi turned her head to look out her window once more, I leaned back and let my eyes travel slowly over her body. My cock was still hard in my shorts, pumping blood into my memory banks as I thought of my girlfriend… And the slow, even rocking of the van as it traveled down the highway seemed to hypnotize me…making my eyelids heavy as I stared at my cousin…

When I first ran into Meg at school, after a lot of years, I have to admit that I was intrigued immediately. isveçbahis yeni giriş It’s not like I was blown away, like I was when I saw Candi. The ‘change’ wasn’t that great. At first, getting to know Meg was ‘comfortable’… She was an old friend, whom I knew, and who knew me. In high school, no matter what you say, that’s a very comfortable situation. Bottom line, it was a very good thing to run into Meg then. And, as our friendship grew, so did my awareness of the sexy subtleties that surrounded her.

Meg was not a knockout, in the classical sense. But what Meg had was the ‘attitude’. The ability to carry herself in such a way that transcended her lack of classical beauty. God, listen to me! I sound so sexist! Don’t misunderstand me. Meg…absolutely….knocks me to my knees. She is the sexiest girl I’ve ever known. The most intense, knowledgeable eyes I’ve ever seen. With an incredibly sexy smile that is pure Sheryl Crow. And her body is as close to perfection as I can imagine.

It had actually been Meg who had instigated things. She was the one who asked me out on our first real date, and she’d done everything in her power to get me hooked. And boy, did I get hooked quickly! Meg had a way of teasing a guy that, looking back on it now, was a talent the belied her age. The girl was simply a natural at saying and doing just the right things, in just the right way, to drive a guy crazy. And that, combined with the fact that she gave me an incredibly erotic, slow hand-job on our very first date had hooked me completely. Her simple love of sex, for the simple love of pleasure was a wonderful thing.

My first date with Meg started out pretty tame. Just a movie at a mini mall and pizza afterwards. Even our conversations were docile, about school and friends and such. But there was something about the way she laughed…the way she smiled just the right way…her playful side was very evident.

Anyway, after the pizza, I figured I would simply take her home and head home myself for another evening of video games and cruising the Internet, but Meg suggested we take a ride through Grant Park. Grant Park is the main park in our town, with trees and two lakes and a series of roads that run through it. It’s quite busy during the day, but at night it’s populated mainly by kids looking for a private place to be alone. So, her suggestion came as a pleasant surprise to me. All through the evening, Meg had shown no signs of being overly attracted to me, so my heart began to beat a little faster as she slid across the front seat to sit closer to me. And my apprehension must have been obvious, for she looked up at me and smiled reassuringly.

“Is this okay with you?”, she asked in a hushed tone. I kept my eyes on the road as I drove slowly through the park, but nodded my head as I smiled back.

“Actually I like it, Meg…” I replied, putting my arm around her shoulder. “I’ve been kind of hoping we could do this someday…” Her smile grew and she leaned closer to me, letting her head rest on my shoulder.

“Me too, Ted. The movie was nice and all… and the pizza was great, but I was kinda hoping we’d end up here tonight… I’ve liked you for a really long time…” She had to have felt my entire body tense up when I felt her hand move softly onto my thigh. I still kept my eyes on the road, but my mind was totally focused on her hand on my leg. I heard her sigh as she cuddled closer, her fingers moving sensuously on my thigh. I stifled a moan as she moved past the half way point and my cock immediately went to full staff. I wondered if she was simply teasing me, but at that point I really didn’t care. And if she were indeed teasing, she was doing so in a serious way as her hand moved steadily higher, stopping just below my now throbbing balls.

“And is this okay with you, Ted?” she breathed, her fingers just barely moving on my thigh. I released a huge lungful of air, trying to relax, and settled further into my seat.

“That feels great, Meg…way great…” I was nearly panting as I tried to form the words. I quickly glanced down at her to see her smiling up at me. Then her hand moved higher…lightly teasing my balls, then higher yet to cover my raging hard-on. “Is this okay…?” she whispered, her fingers teasing me. She wasn’t looking for an answer…

We moaned in unison as Meg’s fingers closed around my cock, squeezing it lightly and caressing it from the tip to the base, then back again. Her touch was exquisite…just the perfect about of teasing pressure to drive me crazy, and with a level of confidence that told me she may have done this before…

“Just keep driving slow…” Meg breathed, “And let me do this…” Her fingers moved up to find my belt and she quickly undid the buckle. Without missing a beat, she undid the button of my pants and pinched her fingers on the tab of my zipper. “I’ve been thinking about this all night…” she panted, pulling my zipper down. I rarely wear underwear, and tonight was no exception. My hard cock sprang out, throbbing hotly against her hand as she drew my zipper all the way down. I looked down to see her staring at my cock as her fingers curled around it. “Actually, I’ve been thinking about this for a long, long time…”

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