3 M’s, My Many Mothers Ch. 10

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This is a story I can finally share. It is a tale that covers many years so if you are looking for a quick read you can stop here. Like I have mentioned many times I am not a true writer but so far my submissions have been well received.

This story is the one that truly started it all, even though it is not the first story I submitted. It is about a real person I was introduced to through a close friend. I met Daniel years ago having purchased a home from his grandfather and years later Dan himself.

I learned his story first hand and since then have documented much of his life for you to share. Daniel is his real name, the others have been changed for their protection. I offer you his story that has been updated just this year, 2016.

Enjoy and vote if care to.


Chapter 10

I pulled in the parking space and turned off the car. We were early so I hopped out and opened Lizzy’s door. Looking around I saw Ivan’s car a couple rows over.

“Give me a call, I’ll come get you.” Lizzy kissed me. She looked stunning standing in the sun. A light wind flapped the hem of her dress as she stood straightening my tie.

“Dan! Good to see you!” I turned to see Mike and a lovely young lady with him. He approached with his hand out as he closed the short distance he was now from me.

“Mike! Good to see you.” I greeted him. “This is my wife Elizabeth” I introduced Lizzy as we shook hands. He glanced quickly at the young lady with him. She grinned back. Something about Lizzy meant something to them.

“Lizzy please!” My wife offered as Mike shook her hand.

“Dan, Lizzy, this is my daughter Molly. She is working the summer before school starts again. Lizzy shook her hand Molly couldn’t take her eyes off of her. Suddenly she realized I was waiting to shake her hand.

“Sorry but…Dad…?”

“Uncanny I agree.” Mike replied. He seemed to give her a look letting her know that she shouldn’t explain what it was that was so intriguing about Lizzy.

“Dan please, when you’re ready. Take your time Carl is running a bit late.” Mike looked at us both. A big smile crossed his face. “You’re welcome to come inside and wait Lizzy.”

“Thank you sir but I have some errands to run.” Danny call me and I’ll come get you, she reminded me.

I gave her a quick kiss. I grabbed my briefcase and some files and walked with Mike and Molly to the office. Ivan greeted us. Introductions were made and we went into a small conference room.

We talked generally for twenty minutes before Carl showed up. I thought Mike was truly impressed with us however the mood change dramatically when Carl arrived. We had done our homework and they had done theirs. We presented three properties we felt would fit their needs to start with.

The first was a large parcel situated beside a tract of land we owned. The problem was it had no access without our property and everyone knew it. The second problem is the owner was a bit eccentric and insisted on cash. Carl was sharp but greedy. He wanted us to cut our commissions, take deferred payments, and no commissions on tenants.

Ivan let me talk helping only when I needed financial support to back up my figures. Mike spoke rarely preferring to do what I did as a kid, sit back and observe. We had talked about a half hour when Carl talked about how he could bring crews in and build for less than local crews.

He was full of shit and Ivan and I both knew it. This is Florida the land of low wages. This was 2010 the worst recession in eighty years was just starting to turn. Unemployment was high, and northern builders don’t know shit about hurricanes and tropical storms.

I gathered my papers up and put them back in my briefcase as Ivan explained the return on investment. He finished and I looked at Carl with a glare.

“Thank you gentlemen! I appreciate you allowing us to come but we will not take up anymore of your valuable time.” I put my hand on Ivan’s shoulder. “Pop’s let’s go.”

Carl was flabbergasted. He thought we were either stupid or desperate. Mike stood up and looked at me.

“Dan are you really prepared to walk out?” He asked. Mike knew I was. I could tell he was doing this for Carl’s benefit.

“Mike with all due respect to you and Carl, we came here to help you make money. Helping you helps us. We bring qualities no one around here can offer.”

“How so?” Mike asked.

That was the real question. He wanted to know how we could help him where others couldn’t.

“Ivan and my grandfather have done business here years. We know the people. We know the trades and we know the suppliers. We know the small brokers. They trust us and we trust them. Carl here wants to go big with some XYZ Associates. Big money, bigger overhead.” I said passionately.

“The problem is they won’t negotiate and they won’t deliver. Every time they do a deal the small brokers get shafted. Well those small brokers live here. Their relatives run these towns and counties. Before you know it the red tape is three betsobet yeni giriş feet deep and then when you build they will not come and neither will their friends.” I tried to explain.

Mike looked at Carl hoping he understood what I was saying.

“Ivan has been here forty years and everybody trusts him. You need these local people to embrace, better yet to be part of your projects. If Ivan and I had the cash to buy the one property we could develop it ourselves. But we will not go into debt to do it, and even if we wanted to the banks aren’t loaning money.”

“Ivan is too close to retirement to risk his future on another bullshit terrorist attack or something. We need a company like yours. You have one hundred million in cash setting around.” Carl looked at Mike like he told us something. Mike was as shocked as Carl.

“You buy the one property and in two years with the property we own as partners we will both have the land cost covered. I can have you four fortune five hundred brands on the property in less than a year.”

Mike sat down and indicated I should do the same.

“How can you do that?” He looked perplexed.

For the next twenty minutes I went on to explain our proposals. Mike seemed interested but with years of selling behind me I could see Carl turned off. My guess is he had already made a decision before he arrived.

“Dan can I have a minute with you privately?” Mike asked.

“Sure!” I replied. He walked me to the counter where Molly was sitting.

“How long are you down for?” He asked.

“Just until Sunday maybe sooner. Kind of miss the kids.” Molly looked up quickly when I said that, I was taken back at first by her shock.

“Sorry. Lizzy is my second wife! We are technically on our honeymoon right now.” Mike grinned. He looked at Molly I saw the look they shared back in the parking lot.

“The birthday girl?” Mike asked. He had remembered.

“The same.” I smiled.

“Oh my goodness! Dad told me about that!” Molly laughed.

“Yeah well that was a unique couple of days. Let’s not go there now.” I sighed.

“Dan I would like to invite you and your wife Lizzy to my son’s wedding next Saturday at home?” He asked then looked at Molly. “Actually it was Molly who suggested it, but I feel the same way now.”

“Well I should ask Lizzy before I commit.” I replied.

“Great call her up and have her meet us at the Crow’s Nest. She should know where that is. It’s just down the road from your condo.” Mike gave me another grin letting me know I wasn’t the only one that did his homework. “Molly I’m going to go wrap this up. Honey why don’t you get ready. We don’t want Lizzy to spend any more time away from her husband.”

I rode to the bar with Mike and Molly. I waited in the parking lot for Lizzy to pull in. I removed my coat and tie she kissed me. I told her how much I missed her. She asked how it went. I told her I really didn’t know. Less than fifty-fifty if I had to guess. I led her to the high top Molly and Mike were setting at. She ordered a drink and I ordered the same beer Mike was drinking. The waitress check our ID’s.

“Well happy twenty-first and six days birthday Elizabeth!” The waitress said.

“Thank you!” Lizzy blushed.

The conversation stayed on general subjects. The girls talked about college. Mike and I talked sports and general business concepts. It seemed neither one wanted to talk about families at this time. I was happy to keep some things private for now. I looked at my watch. Sally was at home we needed to get back. Mike saw me look.

“We should let them get going Molly. This is a special week and Sunday will be here soon enough!

“Actually I was going to ask Danny if we could go home early!” Lizzy announced. “I miss his kids so much and I know they miss him!”

“You miss his kids?” Molly looked at Mike as she asked.

“Well I’ve been babysitting them part time for the last five years. They are so special.” Lizzy said.

Mike looked at me in a strange way then snickered. It suddenly hit me. He thought I seduced her. Lizzy saw the same look and realized what she had said.

“Mike! You should be ashamed of yourself! It wasn’t like that. Daniel was a complete, and I mean COMPLETE gentleman the entire time. Even when I didn’t want him to!” Lizzy scolded him. “Nikki and I are still best friends! And we didn’t make love until he was divorced. Shame on you!”

I thought Molly was going to fall of her stool she was laughing so hard. When she calmed down she turned to Mike.

“They have to come. Daddy you need to make sure they come!” She was still giggling.

Mike asked Lizzy to attend the wedding and of course she readily accepted.

“And Dan just so you know, you will be sitting with my second wife. I’ll be with my first wife, my son’s mother. Molly will send you the details.”

We said our goodbyes. All of us laughing at Lizzy’s outburst, well maybe not Lizzy so much.

Lizzy was very excited about the betsobet güvenilirmi wedding. We talked about how the day went in detail. Sally had cleaned the whole condo and had dinner started. She insisted Lizzy and I sit on the patio and she would serve us. She kissed Lizzy then kissed me. I could feel something was wrong. Sally was scared. I could feel the conflict deep inside.

I change into shorts and a shirt. Lizzy wore shorts and a bikini top. The sun was setting behind us the ocean glowed in the golden light. Lizzy brought out a beer for me and two glasses of wine for her and Sally. She curled up in my lap her slender body felt great against me. I whispered to Lizzy. She listened then whispered back. The conversation was heated. I thought it was too soon. Lizzy didn’t want to let her dangle any longer.

Sally came out wearing shorts and a tight tee shirt with no bra. Her big tits stretched the material. Carrying some snacks she asked if she could talk to us both. I knew at that moment Lizzy was right.

“Daniel. Lizzy I want to talk to you about something that’s bothering me.” Sally looked nervous. I could feel she was trying to let us down gently. “The last two nights have been a dream come true. Actually every night with Danny is, but now with you Lizzy…AMAZING. The two of you together get me so excited… I want to pinch myself to see if it really is a dream.” Sally explained.

“I want to be your pet in the worst way. But it isn’t right that I stay in your bedroom. When we get back I’ll move to Danny’s room. You can have the master suite.” I looked at Lizzy we knew this moment would come.

“We are the same you and I.” Lizzy explained as she nuzzled deeper against Sally. “I want it all too. You will need to teach me! I need you there with me. Danny needs you!”

“Are you sure?” Sally asked looking at me now.

“Mom the day may come when you decide to leave us but Lizzy speaks for us both.” I assured Sally.

Lizzy kissed Sally then took her and led her to me I stood up and kissed Sally then Lizzy.

“Ladies I need to fuck someone and now!” I teased.

We went to the bedroom and stripped. Lizzy offered Sally up to me, but I had a better idea to start the night. I ate each of them to an orgasm then positioned them on the bed with several pillows. Sally was facing up and Lizzy lying face down was on top. I fucked them both alternating between them. They ground their pussies against each other kissing the whole time. The tightness of Lizzy was a stark contrast of Sally’s smoothness. They both came multiple times before I unloaded in Lizzy’s pussy.

We finished the night with Sally cleaning Lizzy’s cunt while I filled her pussy from behind. The subject of Sally’s place in our hearts and bed was decided that very night.

I was up early and actually went for a run. I had a good feeling about the day. I knew the meeting didn’t go well yesterday. Mike was maybe sold but Carl wasn’t, I could feel it. I trusted my instincts in the past and had no reason to doubt them now. They weren’t the only clients interested but they were in the best position financially.

I started the coffee and took a shower. Drying off I looked at the girls just now waking up.

“Danny we want to go home early!” Lizzy pleaded “We miss your babies!”

“Sally why don’t you see if we can change our flights to tomorrow morning. I have some things to handle today. Later I have something to show the two of you.” I explained. “I’m going to take the car if you need to go out get a cab or call me.”

“Sally and I’ll be fine. We are going to lay out and work on our tans!” Lizzy teased

“Well just don’t burn any sensitive parts I am not done with the two of you yet!” I teased back.

I called Nikki and told her we were thinking of coming home early. I was talking to Kat when another call came in. It was Ivan. I said goodbye to Kat and answered Ivan’s call.

“Dan can you come to the office this morning?”

“Was just getting ready to leave.” I replied.

“See you shortly.” He said happily.

I arrived at the office Ivan met me at the door.

“I received a call from some woman, she asked for you by name. Refused to tell me what she wanted, said she will be here at 9:30.” Ivan explained. I could tell there was another problem troubling him. “I talked to Carl this morning they’re going in another direction.” He added.

Suddenly my morning didn’t look so good. It was a tough pill to swallow, but hey, we did our best.

“Sorry Ivan. Maybe if Charles was still here…”

“Dan you did a great job. You even had me sold! Maybe we should look at this ourselves. I have some savings.”

“Ivan, we’ve talked about this, we’ll be fine. Besides we still have our properties. Our day will come.” I consoled him.

I made a few calls. At the appointed time a woman came in the office and asked to see me. She was tall for a woman. I am guessing in her mid to late fifties. Impeccably dressed and made up, and she was black. betsobet giriş

“Good morning Ms. Patton. I’m Dan.” I introduce myself.

“Please call me Winnie, Dan.” She smiled nervously.

“Well Winnie how may I be of service to you?”

“I would like to buy some property. You come highly recommended!” Winnie’s smile broadened.

“Well lets’ go in here and see what we can do for you.” I ushered her into the conference room. “I’m going to ask Ivan to set in with us. He’s my partner and has extensive knowledge on current properties.”

I seated Winnie and asked Ivan to set in with us.

“Would you like any refreshment before we start? A coffee maybe?”

“Thank you for the offer but I’m not staying long.” She grinned at me. “You see Dan I’m here to buy three pieces of property. Actually I want to buy the options to three properties.”

I looked at Ivan he looked at me.

“Ok Winnie, which properties do you have in mind?” She opened her satchel and pulled out three purchase contracts for options on the three properties Ivan and I talked to Mike and Carl about yesterday. Clipped to each one was certified check made out to the property owners.

“Can you help me with this?” She asked me as Ivan was reading the contracts.

“Well we’ll sure try Winnie.” I grinned back.

“Good now you need to get this done today. The first property is this one. If you don’t secure this one, the others are off the table.” Ivan handed me the contract. It was the property beside ours.

It was a sizable piece right along I-95 at an exit. The problem is it had no access to any existing road. That and the property to the west was wetlands. Without our property it was land locked. In good times it could bring upwards of 1.5 million. Today it was worth maybe half of that. Old man Baker was asking 1 million and he wouldn’t budge. Their contract was an offer for nine hundred thousand. Starting with a one hundred thousand dollar option for 180 days.

“Winnie I know the owner on this property. He’s pretty stuck on his figure, however Ivan and I’ll go see him.” I looked at Ivan he was still reading the other contracts. “If we secure this one we have your permission to pursue the others?”

Winnie smiled.

“You get that one and the others you may negotiate as you see fit” She handed me her card. It just said Winnie and her phone number. “I expect you will call the bank to verify funds. Ask for Miss Hawkins.”

“Danny this all looks good. Standard contract. Every property is discounted ten percent. Baker will be the problem as we know.” He handed me the other contracts. “You know Winnie on at least one of these we may be able to get you a better deal. Maybe both.”

“Ivan that is the maximum we will spend whatever you save us we will compensate you accordingly. Now if you don’t mind I have more business to attend to.” Winnie stood to leave. “You have my number. I’ll be available if you need me. You have until five today. I suggest you use your time wisely.”

Standing she shook Ivan’s hand and then reached for mine. I took her hand then put my other hand over the back of hers. I could tell she was terrified. Winnie was no real-estate buyer, she was a front man for someone else…and I knew who.

“Winnie tell Mike we will call you as soon as we know something.” Her reaction was priceless.

“You knew?” She asked stunned.

“Tell no one what we have talked about. We will be in touch.” I let her hand go. “You did a great job. Ivan and I appreciate what you are doing.”

We made a stop then headed to old man Baker’s. Ivan was on the phone with the other listing brokers. As I suspected they had already been contacted. Ivan negotiated over the phone, they knew him and trusted him. We pulled into the dirt drive at old man Baker’s.

He lives in a sorry looking shack he calls home. I waited for Ivan to finish the call. We removed our suit jackets and ties before we exited the car. Mr. Baker was on the porch as we started walking up the gravel drive.

He released Rusty. He was just a year old but almost full grown. The big golden lab bolted in our direction. Ivan braced for the attack but he headed to me instead. I reached in my pants pockets and pulled out the treats we had just bought. The big brute jumped up, his muddy paws landing on my once clean shirt. I teased him then handed him a couple of treats. He licked my chin as I bent down then headed to Ivan. Ivan was spared the paw prints. He just dropped the treats.

“Thought I might see one of you two.” Mr. Baker said. “Glad you both came.”

“How long ago?” I asked.

“About an hour ago. Never made it to the porch. Just yelled from the car.” The old man laughed as we both shook his hand.

“Got a minute?” Ivan asked politely. Rusty came back for another treat.

“Sure take a seat. Guess you two want to talk real estate?”

“Bill we have come with and offer!” Ivan wasted no time on small talk. Mr. Baker looked at me.

“Your grandpa talked highly of you son. Sorry to see him go. When your mother died, done broke his heart.” I was surprised he knew Eve was my mother. I don’t even know if Ivan knew. “You got kids?”

“Yes sir, three with my first wife, planning on more with my second.” If Ivan wasn’t surprised before he was now.

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