3 AM in the Morning

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The beautiful women in my life are divided into three groups; The first group is my six ex-wives with whom I have better relationships with divorced than married. Our sexual relationships are more seductive, erotic, and spontenous. The second group is my mistresses which is limited to four. Two mistresses live in Europe and two live in Dallas. The third group is my lovers who are expected to be available 24/7 and scattered around the U.S., Europe, and Asia. My insatiable sexual appetite is never satisfied so I always pursue hot sex with a variety of beautiful women. My preference in women is Asian since they are petite and have very tight pussy and asses.

Karen is one my ex-wife’s, she has finished the 2 am news show and I ‘m waiting to take her for coffee. As I’m standing by her desk in her office, Karen reaches out to grab her purse, she brushes against my crotch. She feels my semi-hard bulge, at this point Karen is so horny, and so needs to be fucked. We are the only two people in the building except for night news staff and technicians. Karen decided she would probably not get this opportunity again very soon. She decides to go for it. Before I had the chance to oppose, she has my pants unbuttoned and unzipped dropping around my ankles. My cock is now rock hard standing at attention and pushing hard against my briefs. Karen lowers the briefs to see my long thick hard cock. It is just as perfect as she remembers it. The head is huge. She loved the feeling of my big head pushing into her tight slit. My shaft is thick with ugly veins snaking around it. Seeing my monster cock again makes her dripping wet.

She cupped my balls in her hand while she licks the tip of my head. I leaned back against the desk as she took the whole head in her mouth. Karen slides my cock deeper into her mouth She looks directly into my eyes. My green eyes are filled with desire. She slowly takes all of me into her mouth, my breathing starts to get faster. Slowly pulling me back out of her mouth paying special attention to my head. She swirls her tongue around the top, sliding it into the slit and swirling it around some more. I moan in pleasure as I grab the back of her head to guide her movement on my cock. I move her slowly up and down at first allowing her time to play with the head with each thrust. After a few minutes I’m banging her face against my pelvis while thrusting my cock down her throat.

Karen tastes the salty cum escaping from my head. She continues to cup my balls in her hands, starting to roll them around in her hand. I pull my cock out as my load releases, it came so fast and hard it got all over her face. She quickly takes me back in her mouth to get the remaining drops. It tastes so good. Karen wishes I would have let her drink it all. My hand grabs the collar of her blouse. With one quick jerk, I tear it off of her. All that is covering her is her lace bra. That too is gone in a matter of seconds. I shove her up against the wall kissing her. Hard, on the mouth as my hands roam over her tits, Squeezing and twisting. Karen tries to squirm away, I’m to strong for her. I push one of my knees between her legs forcing them apart. I’m pulling up her skirt with my free hand. Karen is fighting me. She feels something cold and sharp against her neck.

“ If you’re nice, this will be over with in a little while.” I say in a thick voice. Karen knows there are no options and she encouraged me to meet her so she complies with my wishes. I hike her skirt up to her waist. I use my knife to cut off her panties. Karen feels the cold steel against her mound. She feels my fingers tugging at the small tuft of hair there. As I pull, she lets out a low scream. ” Please John, it hurts.” My finger slides down to between the folds of her pussy. Finding her clit I start rubbing it roughly. “ I know you like that, Karen.” I growl. Karen can’t find her voice to answer me. I grab the hood twisting it around. “ I asked you a question Karen”. The pain is so intense that she feels as if she is about to pass out.

Karen nods her head. She knows if she tells me what I want to hear, I will not stop. Suddenly I slide my finger deep inside of her. I bend my head down taking one of her nipples into my mouth. I roll it around in my mouth. Biting it and twisting it. My finger is deep inside of her sliding in and out. Karen wants to cry out but she knows not to. She feels my huge hard cock rubbing against her leg. Then she feels another finger go inside her. I’m finger fucking her hard and rough. My other hand is in the back of her hair. Pulling it so her head is arched back. I bite her neck at the tender part just above her collarbone. My fingers continue moving in and out of her like mad. Karen suddenly feels me touching her ass. Then she feels the same fingers that were in her pussy, being shoved in her tight ass. Karen has never travestiadresi.com felt this before. She is wriggling away and I wrap my hand in her hair tighter. Again, she has no choice but to comply. Just when she thinks she can’t stand anymore, I spin her around bending her over the desk. I shove my cock inside her pussy so hard that she thought the thickness had split her in two. My hand reaches around playing with her clit while I’m slamming into her like a pile driver.

Karen is feeling sensations that she does not want to feel. My monster cock feels so good deep inside her. It has been so long since she has felt my monster cock stretching and filling her. It feels really good being stretched and filled to the brim. She starts to rock back against me. Taking every inch of me inside her. She can’t believe how wet she is. She being raped by her ex-husband and she is liking it. Without warning I pull out of her dripping pussy ramming my cock into her tight virgin ass hole. The pain is almost unbearable. Karen has never done this before and the feeling is immense. She feels an orgasm building up inside of her. I’m slamming into her harder and harder. Just as she is going to explode, I let out a “ YES!!! Oh fuck yes. Take it all Baby” Karen cums so hard and so much that it shoots out of her. It’s running down her legs and she feels my cum seeping out of her ass. I pull out, leaning against her as I whisper in her ear “ We are not done yet.”

Karen is left standing there dripping with both our cum dripping out of her, no blouse, no panties, and it has been a long time since she has felt so satisfied. I return with a coat and she puts it on. We go out the backdoor to the car. I open the backdoor of the car, grabbing her and pushing her in. Karen is lying on the seat on her back, I push her legs apart and slide between them.
I begin fondling and sucking her nipples. I’m grinding my half hard cock against her dripping wet pussy. Karen needs my cock slammed into her again right then. It felt so good feeling my hard thick cock deep inside her, it has been so long and we needed to be relieved tonight. I raise up, kneeling before her pulling her legs further apart. I run the tip of my tongue along her wet slit. I’m slowly pushing past the lips licking from the top to her pussy. Each time my tongue hits her clit she bucks with pleasure. She holds her lips apart and run my tongue around her clit. I’m running my tongue in a circular motion on her clit.

I push my finger in and turn it up pushing it right against the underside of where her clit is. As I rub this spot and circle her clit I have her squirming and moaning uncontrollably. Karen knows no one has ever hit both her g-spots at one time except me, it drove her crazy before. I’m sucking on her clit and it is all she can take. She came so hard she is screaming so loud she is afraid the others would hear her. I wipe my face as I raise up. ” You know you just came hard again,” I said surprised. ” You are surprised that I came with the way you were working it,” Karen asks. ” No,” I said. ” I know it has been to long since I come that hard.” She said. I lean forward kissing her passionately. My kiss hypnotized her. At that moment there is nothing in the world but the two of us. Karen feels my body, running her hands across my back, she realizes how long it has been since she has caressed my body. My stomach is pushed up against her and she feels my hard cock pressing against her mound. My lips are so soft and inviting, as I lightly kiss her neck. Karen wraps her legs around my waist and gently guides my cock into her pussy.

I slide my hands under her ass and start thrusting in and out of her again. It had been so long since she has had my cock inside of her and tonight I have fucked her three times. She opens her eyes looking at me as I slam into her like a stallion, she feels another orgasm already. Karen is riding my massive cock with all of her might taking me as deep as I will go. Every nerve in her body is tingling with pleasure. Her body is shaking as she starts to come. ” Fuck me hard,” She whispers in my ear. I did as she asked and she rising up to meet my thrusts.” Yes, it feels so good, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” She yells in pleasure. She lost count but she had orgasm after orgasm, she didn’t think she was ever going to stop cumming. ” Oh yes you are so hot,” I groan in her ear. ” I have wanted to fuck you again for so long, every since the first day I saw you again. When I walked in here and seen your nice ass, I knew tonight would be the night.” I admitted.

” Oh yes, ride my cock,” I yell. Every muscle in my body tightened as I shot my seed deep inside of her. Karen starts to kiss me again. She didn’t want to stop kissing me. Karen has never had a man make her feel the way I did. My kisses are rough demanding kisses she has known. My cock stretches and fills her pussy. It is just what she loved, a long thick shaft and a thick head. As my shaft starts to go limp, she feels my cum running down her legs. I suck her nipples gently as I pull her back out of the car. ” You are so beautiful,” I told her as I run my fingers through her hair. ” I am glad you worked late tonight and finally called me to meet you,” I told her. I run my fingers along her breasts, and down her stomach. My touch sending chills down her spine. I push her legs apart to look at her pussy, I softly rub her mound. ” You really are beautiful,” I said again. I pull her close and wrap my arms around her and we begin kissing again. I hold her close. We put our clothes back on and got ready to go. Karen took her panties sliding it in my pocket. ” These are to remember me by,” Karen told me with a smile. ” I always remember you,” I said. ” I hope we can do this more often,” I said with an evil grin.

Karen opened the door to her car and put her belongings inside. I run my hands across her ass as she is bent over onto the car. Chills run through her again. Every time I touch her this happens. Without noticing she spreads her legs open. I took that as a sign that she is still in the mood. I came up close behind her reaching my hand around to the front of her shoving my finger in her pussy. I begin massaging her clit as I bent over and start kissing the back of her neck. This is driving her wild. Karen throws her ass against my crotch. I’m hard again and ready to go. We both have been too long without seeing each other because we are acting like animals tonight. I unzipped my pants again taking out my monster. I slammed it deep inside of her while rubbing her clit with my finger. Her clit is so swollen that my touch causes her body to shiver uncontrollably. Karen rests her head on her car seat holding her ass as high in the air as she can while I ride her from behind. Feeling my long thick hot rod drilling in and out of her wet swollen sore pussy made her head spin. Karen feels as if she is going to faint from the pleasure her body is experiencing.

Karen knew her orgasm is again drawing near. I start groaning louder, and that is it. Just knowing I’m coming made her cum with me in unison. She uses her pussy to suck every drop of cum out of my big shaft buried deep inside of her. Karen wants all of my cum inside of her. ” Thank you for the best night,” She told me. ” So are we going to have a few more of these,” I asked. “God I hope so,” She said. We kissed one more time for what seems like forever. Karen watches me walk to my car. Karen wishes she would have accepted my sex addiction and my need for sex multiple times a day a long time ago. As I got in my car I turn pulling her panties out of my pocket, rubbing them on my face. Karen called me ” Follow me home, John. I need to be with you tonight.
We arrived at her house, going to the bedroom and stripping our clothes off. My cock had recovered and is rock hard.
My hand pushes down against her spine, holding her flat to the mattress. As Karen turns her head to look round at me I thrust downwards, pressing her deeper into the mattress. Karen’s heart thudded heavily. For a moment she is so intently aware of the air against her exposed skin, the shock of cool hitting wet makes her shiver. It drew a groan from me. A low primal sound,

Unseen she hears the pop of a plastic lid. It drops softly against the carpet. Then the wet slurp of ointment being scooped out. Her body tingles all the way to her toes. Fear, sharp and sudden blossoms, this is going to hurt. All our time married Karen always refused to try anal sex. She always talked of how dirty and taboo anal sex was and there seemed no arousal. She feared the possibility of pain. Her breath choked in her throat as she fights for a way to phrase a refusal. Words that would decline but not kill the headiness of arousal. I slap her buttocks stealing her thoughts. Leaving only the heat and sting across softly jiggling skin. Her breath stops. Her pussy wept. Her brain whips wildly between wanting and not wanting. When she had adjusted to the rhythm of my slaps, waiting I press my cock to her tight virgin ass hole. Karen’s body is lost in the rough and tumble of restrained force to voice her objection. Her fingers digging into the quilt below her. Karen is wrestling with the idea of twisting, turning and rolling out from under me but I rest my weight on her, pinning her firmly.

My cock head pulsing against her ass hole. One, twice, she begins to shake her head, no, I thrust downward. So hard and so sudden, my cock so greased, that her body opens for me in a way it never has before. Thick, thick, hard meat fills her tight virgin hole, so thoroughly that she yelps in shock. Her tight anal muscle rings hot with the force. Karen gasps, too shocked to travestilist.com interpret any sensations. My cock is thicker than it has ever been, feeling more like a ball bat. It sits deep inside her, pulsing with forbidden promise. Her muscles are stinging. Her body jerking under me in an attempt to reject my invasion. I groan and hiss through my teeth. Shockingly my cock seems to grow thicker. It pulses and thickens even further. My thighs shuddering as they press against hers. Just when she thought I’m in as deep as I can go I press down opening her up another inch, then two. Karen gasps. I groan. Karen has thoughts to push me off, the shock so encompassing, then she breaths out and realized that though it hurt it is not the hurt of her fears.

Her ass does hurt, it burns and pulses with the abuse of the invasion, the heat moistened her cunt beyond regular slickness. Karen feels her arousal sliding down her thighs. Karen makes a soft helpless sound, trapped between her pain and her desire. Unable to decide. Karen didn’t have to. I chose for her. With a roar of primal masculine need I pull back a fraction, grazing my cock against the sensitive wall of her ass, then I shove down with my hips with a ferocity that overwhelms her. My cock spearing deep into her ass. It feels like a baseball bat and not my cock is fucking her. Her hole is so narrow, so tight, that my cock is magnified proportionately. It delves like a punch that kept coming until it feels like an unending length of cock is ploughing all the way to her throat.

The sensation is so strong, so wrong, that she cries out. I stop, hold myself still so that the only movement is the thud of my pulse. My pulse is so strong, so deeply buried in her, that she moans and stretches beneath me. Rolling her spine so that her buttocks pushes upwards towards me, a small encouragement that didn’t unnoticed. I take advantage of her raised hips slipping my hand between her legs. Two fingers sliding into her wet pussy. Her orgasm hit like a sledgehammer. She rocks and groans, helpless beneath me. With a growl I add two more fingers, stretching open her pulsing cunt force-feeding her body with sensations. My heat surrounding her, invading her, and coaxing her. Whichever way she turns she is assailed by yet more. Arching upwards would rasp her shoulders with my chest hair, straining away from my fingers forced my cock deeper into her aching ass, and peeling away from my cock impaled her on my fingers.

Karen rocks in sensational oblivion. Her body so alive to every touch that she can only shake and tremble, her mouth too disconnected from her brain to form words. I wait until her climax subsides. Until she is shivering weakly, and panting. Karen feels the tension of my intention but lacks the awareness to prepare for it. A fingernail grazes the hard bud of her nipple and as her body jerks in reaction I pull away from her. My cock seems to stretch her ass on its way out as much as its entry. The feeling so unexpected that she had barely registered that when I thrust back in. Stiffening beneath me at the fierce lunge, her muscles tensing in protest, my fingers bunched inside her cunt spreading her wide open, stretching those muscles from within.

As Karen grows accustom to the feeling of being stretched so taut the pain lessens and is replaced by the sensation of me sliding my greased cock along the walls of her ass. It was somewhere that had not been stimulated before and feels something like a blow to the funny bone, painful and strange all at once. With the understanding that this is not true pain, not unbearable, she relaxes more deeply and is assailed by the sensation of my cock rubbing the length of her tight, tight space. My breathing deepens and that triggers another sensation. The knowledge that her body is going to make me cum is so erotic. Karen feels the tension in my thighs, the hardening of my cock, the burrowing of my fingers and the rasping of my breath on her shoulder.

” Dirty little bitch.” I hiss. Karen smiles at the words, can’t stop herself. They are not erotic ones but from my lips they are the highest of compliments. Worth more than all the goddesses in the world. Better still Karen feels dirty, my fat hard cock pumping deep into her ass. It didn’t matter how liberated she is it feels wrong. And when something feels this wrong it had to be right. Karen grinds down against my hand, demanding, urging, my fingers to probe deeper inside her, ripping another orgasm from her. It is too much for me; I give a bellow, one of triumph. With a painful grinding of my hips I pump thick streams of hot cum into her ass while she shook beneath me, her own pleasure heightened by mine.

Karen sighs stretching her arms above her head, her body shaking with satisfaction. ” Ok you were right. I did enjoy anal.” I growl slapping a palm across her ass. ” I don’t know why you didn’t try it before when we were married, we haven’t found anything that you don’t like yet.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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