25th Wedding Anniversary

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It was a beautiful warm sunny day for the time of the year, it was the 9th September and it was my 25th Wedding anniversary to my first husband, Ben.

I had booked a hotel in the Lake District, and had paid extra for a room with a four poster bed and a Jacuzzi, I was really looking forward to this weekend together, and I was hoping that I was not going to be disappointed in two respects. The first one being the room, as we had paid quite a large sum for it and secondly I was hoping for some good sex, as our marriage was definitely short of that in recent years.

At last we arrived at the hotel, it looked wonderful from the outside, now I was really eager to get inside and see our room. We got the luggage from the boot of the car and made our way inside.

The receptionist saw to us straight away and told us where to find our room.

Well the room was superb, even better than any of my expectations, firstly there was a small sitting area with an archway to the bedroom where there was the most beautiful four poster bed, with gorgeous net curtains around that matched the beautiful cover on the bed, then you walked into an enormous bathroom with a large sunken Jacuzzi built into a marble floor. As I looked around I was really excited at the thought of what we could do in that Jacuzzi.

As I stood there thinking this, Ben went to the windows where the sun was streaming through and closed the curtains. Then he walked into the bathroom and started to run water into the Jacuzzi. “Well, I think we ought to try this out straight away” he said with a horny look on his face, and a bottle of champagne that he had bought as a surprise, in his hand.

So it looked like I was not going to be disappointed in this respect either.

Ben moved swiftly over to me and grabbed me tightly into his arms and started nibbling at my neck, I could feel his hard cock trying to burst out of his jeans, and I immediately got a wet pussy. As he was kissing my neck, he started to undress me, first of all taking off my top, isvecbahis so that he could suck my breasts, which were hard and ready for him. The feel of his hard cock against me and the fact that he was sucking and biting at my breasts, were making me feel hornier than I had probably felt in years, and I could hardly wait for him to finish undressing me.

As he continued to suck my tits, I started to undo the buttons on his shirt, and then I swiftly removed it. My fingers then went down to his flies, which I immediately started to undo, which was no easy feat as his cock was that hard that there was barely any room for manoeuvring. Ben breathed in so that I could get my fingers around the button at the top and then gently I undid his flies, revealing his undies which were full and tight from the enormous erection that he had.

By now we were both breathing really heavily, his hands were all over me, and he almost tore off the rest of my clothes. With his mouth still firmly on my tits he slid his fingers down to my sopping pussy and started to gently play with my clit. I was so aroused that I felt I was almost dripping onto the carpet. I had his cock in my hand gently wanking it up and down, and I could feel the pre cum on the end of it.

He then grabbed me and pulled me over to the bathroom and we both got into the Jacuzzi still wrapped around one another, licking at one another’s bodies, and I knew it would not be too long before he had his cock deep inside me.

The bubbles from the Jacuzzi were really arousing, I could feel them massaging at my whole body, and I could feel that I was shaking in anticipation.

Ben then grabbed the bar of soap and slowly and gently started rubbing it all over my body; I then got the soap from him and started to soap him at the same time. I could not believe just how hard his cock had got and I could feel it throbbing between my fingers as I started to rub suds around it.

His mouth was round my tits once more and I wondered just how much longer we could go without isveçbahis giriş him entering my pussy with his cock. The thought of this was making me even hornier, and I felt as though I could barely breathe.

Ben’s fingers were deep inside me now, and I could hear myself moaning with sheer pleasure, I knew it would not be very long before I came. With his mouth nibbling at my nipples and then teasing them with his tongue, and his fingers rubbing faster and faster around my clit then in and out of my pussy, I came within seconds, my moaning echoing around the bathroom. God that was so good I was still writhing around the tips of his fingers.

Caressing his neck and chest, I started to rub his cock slowly to start with and then faster and faster as his breathing got faster and faster. God I felt so horny all over again. As I played with his incredibly hard cock, he sucked on my tits more and more, the water in the Jacuzzi bubbling around and massaging at us all the time. I knew I was going to come again at any moment, and when his fingers slid into me once again going deep, deep inside me, I writhed around until I almost exploded, I felt as though I was being sucked under the water as I came once again, I called out his name and held him tightly to me, enjoying being loved so much.

With 2 glasses and the bottle of champagne next to the Jacuzzi, Ben reached over and poured us both a glass, we immediately drank it and then he poured us another each and we started to sip this, the glasses went down and his mouth was on my tits again, God I was in sheer ecstasy, my hand once again reached for his pulsating cock and I was now rubbing it harder and harder.

Ben stood up, his cock sticking out at a right angle and dripping soap, suds, I gently rubbed the soap away and started to lick it, gently at first round and round in circles, up and down. I could hear his heavy breathing, and feel the throbbing of his cock against my lips. I then put my whole mouth around it and started to suck at it, very gently at first, isveçbahis yeni giriş but then getting it deeper and deeper into my mouth, then faster and faster until I knew he could barely take any more. He gently pulled me up from the water and started to nibble at my tits once again. He then pulled at two towels, wrapped one around me and then one around himself, and dragged me from the Jacuzzi and into the bedroom. With the towel still wrapped around me he literally threw me onto the bed and jumped on next to me, his hands were everywhere fondling my tits and fingering my extremely wet pussy. My hand was back onto his swollen throbbing cock, rubbing it really furiously now, and I knew it would only be seconds before his thrust it into me.

Biting at my tits, Ben moved swiftly on top of me and got his hard cock deep inside me, we were fucking furiously, passion had overwhelmed us both. With his cock moving faster and faster deep inside me, I could feel myself coming again, holding onto him so tight he could hardly breathe I writhed to get his cock even deeper inside, and then with an almighty gush I came again.

Ben by now was overwhelmed with passion and before I could barely regain myself from my orgasm he had turned me over, and had his cock once again inside me, doggy fashion. He was fondling my tits really roughly and ramming his throbbing cock deep inside me, both of us moaning together. As his ramming got faster and faster I could feel that it would not be too long before his spunk would be inside me. He started nibbling at my neck and tweaking my nipples really fast, all the time his cock was going faster and faster deep, deep inside me. As my moaning got louder and louder he shouted out my name as he shot his spunk inside me, his excitement and coming making me come at the same time. He then held tightly onto my body writhing his cock inside me whilst it was still spurting out his lovely warm spunk.

We then both fell onto the bed, wet with sweat and the warmth from the Jacuzzi, we cuddled one another tightly and fell into a deep sleep, holding onto one another.

It was a great 25th anniversary, and the best present that Ben could have given me was our frenzied love making. Needless to say I had not been disappointed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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